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Biden Campaign Ad Calls Attention to Trump’s Felon Status
  • FFS, I'm not actually advocating for eugenics.

    Perfect, then we're on the same page. So in the future, when you don't mean it, just don't say it. The more civil we can keep the conversation, the more likely we are to have any kind of useful discussion and actual understanding.

    Also, this part:

    I'm saying those people are dumbfucks and probably spreading their dumbfuckery to their kids.

    That's still doubling down on the previous statement... It's not really more productive.

  • It's Time to Start Using the Term 'Palestinian Civilian' Correctly
  • How exactly do you fight a terrorist organization who uses children as both soldiers and human shields without any sort of civilian casualties?

    Probably with more nuance than bombing entire neighborhoods...

    Seriously, there is absolutely no possible ethical excuse for what Israel is doing. Right now the IDF is pretty indistinguishable from the SS. Genocide is genocide and Israel has come all the way from victim to perpetrator. The irony and reality of it is making the rest of the world sick, the only question is, why isn't it doing the same to the people of Israel?

  • SpaceX's Starlink May Be Keeping the Ozone From Healing, Research Finds
  • Why would you think that?

    When I fire up the grill, I don't do calculations on how much weight in CO2 I'm putting into the air and then extrapolate that to find the total mass of CO2 that grills generate globally. I usually just make burgers.

    That space engineer made sure that they were on the right side of the rocket equation and they made it to orbit (which is hard on its own).

    I agree that thorough environmental studies really ought to be happening, but I'm not surprised that aspects got missed.

  • SpaceX's Starlink May Be Keeping the Ozone From Healing, Research Finds
  • As opposed to acting before you understand the effects of your actions? Neither seem like good choices.

    Probably the best option would be to research harder. Make the polluter fund a much larger scale research program to understand the problem and viable solutions as quickly as possible.

  • Wild New Study Suggests Gravity Can Exist Without Mass
  • I've always wondered why people treat dark matter as a concrete fact. "Dark force" would be a better name, since we don't even know that there's matter there! We only presume it's gravity keeping galaxies together and we only presume that it's gravity due to matter. We also only presume that space is homogenous and that gravity has an equal effect across all regions of space.

  • SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • So you're doubling down? You do know what other people are thinking? Must be nice.

    My entire point was that it doesn't make sense to judge someone for something they absolutely didn't say.

    Feel free to judge them on things they have said, that's fine. And musk has in fact said and done a bunch of awful things, which is exactly why you just don't need to make shit up.

    Edit: Hey look, I'm not expecting you to agree with me (this is the Internet, people don't just change their minds), so I'm just going to drop it.

  • SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • But you do know exactly what Elon would say?

    Your projecting because by injecting your own assumptions into his motivations, you're turning Elon into the villain you want him to be. It's a natural thing to do, people are complicated and they're easier to imagine as black and white, good or evil, hero or villain. It's just not real.

  • SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • Well, I can tell you for sure they aren't foot rests... There's 2 reasons for that, first, the crew dragon capsule that actually carries people isn't left to burn up in reentry, it renters, deploys parachutes and it's recovered (preferably with astronauts). The second reason is that the dragon doesn't use that kind of foot rest dragon capsule interior.

    The pieces look to me like they're all part of the fairing. This makes some sense because the fairing has to walk a very fine line. It's whole job is to protect the payload and not burn up in ascent, but then it's supposed to totally burn up on descent. In practice, it doesn't always work out that way.

    Also in the photo, look at all that gross looking black fiber coming off of it. I think that's all partially burned carbon fiber composite. I know the fairing is made of carbon fiber, so that fits pretty well.

    As for rocket launch timing, spaceX launches almost twice a week. If this is from a fairing, it could be from almost any of those launches (excluding the manned missions, because they don't use a fairing).

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