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  • Why would I make two profiles and when do I post which image to which platform?

    When? Anytime you want.

    Why: Because they have different databases they access, it's the same reason you cant log into with a account.

  • It's the beer, I knew it!
  • At this time of year?

  • Google might rebrand 'Assistant with Bard' before launch
  • Change it to assistant with Barb", then just have a nice middle aged aunty do it's voice.

  • What’s up with the terrifying creepers in the background
  • The longer you stare the more questions you ask yourself.

  • Wrestler Hulk Hogan helps rescue teenage girl trapped after Florida car crash
  • Did he tell the journalist this or is there viable witnesses? I mean, it is Hulk Hogan were talking about.

  • Players still don't feel "comfortable" with game subscription services, says Ubisoft+ boss
  • Why won't these idiots pay a subscription for my shitty game!

  • Meta admits using pirated books to train AI, but won't pay for it
  • One of the founders of The Pirate Bay.

  • When do we get to skip using money?
  • Why would you check that, just wait for the checkout to tell you you're broke.

  • Klingons are allies.
  • I love his shit eating grin when the other Klingon sees Jadzia.

    Don't you remember the great Kurzon Dax?!

  • Not Me
  • And that's why I'm not allowed anywhere near the back dock unattended.

  • Torture that not even the Cardassians would commit.
  • And I'm sure there's a way to make that unnecessarily sexual, too.

    You weren't about to put your member away were you?

    No I wasn't.

  • You know there’s a pregnant man emoji?
  • That's specifically for when you need to mention the 1994 Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger cult classic comedy Junior.

  • Oh my child
  • She's been traumatizing generations upon generations, mentioning nurse Ratchet to boomers and order and they will react in a similar way to us being asked about Kai Winn.

    Edit: she deserves as many awards as she can handle for her acting skills.

    It's easy to play a villain, it's not easy to play a person so utterly detestable and vile that the simple thought of her causes a physical reaction.

    I can never hear the words "my child" and not think of her.

  • New server policy. Lemmites who misbehave get sent to Disney land with a bus full of Disney adults.
  • Have you hear about our Lord and saviour Mickey Mouse?

  • Why the hovercraft's time might have arrived
  • I read the title as Lovecraft's Time might have arrived and got kinda terrified for a second.

  • Times change while people stay the same.

    I also like the possibly unintentional connection between O'Brien being tortured and Keiko being home.

    Fried bacon and egg flowers

    Inspired by that post of the fried egg flower I saw on Lemmy.

    And a happy full rotation of the sun!

    I did not ask for Kermit to be so buff, just a happy little accident.

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