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GOG Summer Sale has arrived
  • Many solid deals after doom scrolling the pages.

    edit: actually im not even half way and I feel like every notable old game ever is on there at a huge discount, with some I am suspicious of with only the title to go off filling the space, except there is no space and its just packed. I need to sleep but I keep scrolling.

    The witness 80% off working out to 10.89 irks me. significantly better games with more content are like 6 bucks. I guess when there are no achievements hinting at something being missed, you aren't compelled to find and do the most bullshit timed challenge in any game I can remember, which increases its value... ?

    disclaimer: I enjoyed the first 15-30 minutes or so of the witness then suffered through the slog of completing every last thing. Even my autistic friends that unintentionally did 100% speedruns didn't like it which gave me the echo chamber I had desired the whole time playing.

  • ‘Will I ever retire?’: millennials wonder what’s on the other side of middle age
  • in the article someone with a successful business is worried about home affordability and retirement. elsewhere someone with an unsuccessful business is worried about both of those things plus the business bleeding money. I'm referring to myself. I ended my so called business, quitting while I was behind because there is no getting ahead of the explotative big players without drowning in stress and never having time to relax or enkoy life.

  • Hi-Rez CEO Claims Valve Is Overpowered | Cold Take (11:38)
  • even if I search 'zoom platform' its like the 7th result after zoom the video conferencing software. just the sad state of the internet these days. anyway I found it now and I'll check it out after work.

  • 80% of Americans say grocery costs have notably increased since the pandemic started, survey finds
  • maybe a regional thing. The second closest one to me has stuff about the same if not cheaper price but consistently better quality. The other two have more interesting and unusual things but more in line with your price expectations for a farmers market.

  • Anon goes to the gym for the first time
  • I can't do the standard gym but bouldering gym is recommended. I used to have a membership to climb whenever at any location of that gym and found people are super happy to give advice and discuss the 'beta'.

    Disclaimer: I had taken a class like a decade earlier and gotten somewhat used to responding non-akwardly to people unexpectedly talking to me by the time I started going to the gym. I also went almost every day, sometimes to multiple locations. Some days I spoke to nobody, other days I got roped into group discussions on technique and posititoning. The climbing related strength training stuff people just recommended youtubers to me for the how to instead of giving potentially harmful advice.

  • Hi-Rez CEO Claims Valve Is Overpowered | Cold Take (11:38)
  • unlike nearly every other company in existence in any industry, they actually earned their position. It would be nice if they gave a bigger cut to devs, sure, but literally nothing is stopping devs from going on multiple platforms. I am also more forgiving of that due to their contributions to linux gaming, especially now that windows is continuing to go bonkers even after they reached the point that I could no longer tolerate it.

    I only buy off steam, gog, and for some indie stuff as the rest are a terrible experience. And there's the other part, other platforms need to be good for anyone to want to use them, because nobody will leave steam for a worse platform unless gabe dies and the supposed fuckery prevention plan fails and they go corporate and get an EA approved ceo. Even then it would likely be a slow burn like twitter and reddit. gog and itch have the minimalist store covered so even that is a hurdle. Maybe epic execs can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and figure out how not to suck, then people might use them for more than just hoarding free games they will likely never play.

  • [Other] AI chatbots aren't just for lonely men
  • It still scares the hell out of me. I appreciate that has helped people but I would be more worried about it saying things it shouldn't with that type of user base. I guess humans are about as much of a mixed bag for being able to be counted on and trusted as a support pillar though...

  • The effect of safety attire on perceptions of cyclist dehumanisation (open access)
  • I just want netherlands style infrastructure across canada. then this totally wouldn't matter. Its not that big of an ask... you would have to give a free gun and slave to supporters for the us to have any chance of it it seems but surely we aren't that bad here right?

  • ID help

    Saw these while looking at apartments but have no idea what they are. they were found mostly on carpet, but some were in other parts of the unit.

    edit: after looking up the suggestion of carpet beetle I am fairly convinced that it is indeed what they are. I also saw a few adult beetles that look like one of the species found in photos online. thanks everyone.

    Reverse emmc/microsd adapter

    So I used something like these some years ago to recover data off a phone, but I was wondering if the reverse is possible in having a bga soldered adapter with a microsd slot on top. Or if PCBs can even be soldered together like that. I've never actually checked if bga chips have raised pads or something. The purpose would be for rapidly testing custom firmware for shitty old devices that were designed to be replaced without removing the emmc to flash it separately.

    Companion plants

    Its been a decade or two since I've had any sort of plants growing but when I was last trying to grow I was looking into companion plants. There are some that are pretty much ancient standards like beans corn and squash, but does anyone know plants that have a similar beneficial relationship with cannabis?

    Is there much performance difference in ad blocking options?

    I'm currently using the blocklists included with unbound in opnsense on a mini PC and I have used pihole on a pi which now operates my 3d printers instead. I haven't tried any of the other network wide options. Has anyone made any blog posts or similar detailing performance testing of different options?

    I have an 8 person household with each person having at least a phone and computer and probably some consoles or something. I haven't noticed any obvious differences but whitelisting seemingly can't be done in bulk efficiently with my current setup.

    We are all going to be moving in the coming months so I am revisiting different aspects of the home network and trying to figure out what can be improved and if anything is irritating enough in it's current state to tolerate a potential performance loss.

    Scroll/slide sensitivity and button touch precision.

    Would it be feasible to increase the minimum movement to start sliding a post left or right? I keep accidentally initiating the slide when trying to scroll up or down.

    I also find some menu navigation requires what feels like too much precision or touching the text bounding box and not a space/button with the text in it. I mostly find this when navigating the long press to block a community from a post. It has taken as many as 3 tries and a different thumb attempt to have the press registered.

    Does anyone know what to call this sort of fan optimization or have any reading material on how it works or how to design them?

    I'm trying to find out what purpose this type of design serves and how they are designed but have hit a wall with knowing what to even look for.

    This piece of the voron stealthburner is the only example I can think of off the top of my head but I have seen them before in some sort of fan duct or funnel thing.

    !other side

    I've been doing modding on the deck with just the deck.

    So I've run mods on a bunch of different games which were downloaded and installed with the deck alone. No man's sky, lethal company, Subnautica, etc. with generally no problems but some modding software run through wine had visual bugs but the games worked as intended.

    So I thought I'd try something bigger and install fallout ttw. I installed the base games from gog without issue, and MO2 ran fine with my overridden default of wine-ge. Even the ttw installer seems to work... slowly. I started it two days ago and the picture is now. I guess some mods you really are better off using a beefier computer and transferring the final product.

    Seven ringed fingers on hand, wow on just one single hand!

    Dall e 3 via bing. The only way I could get it to all consistently plain rings not reminiscent of LOTR was making it Sonic's hand... with too many fingers?

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