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  • No, ActivityPub is not part of Matrix yet. It currently acts mostly as a decentralised chat ecosystem.

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  • That isn't solved by Matrix though.

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    *Permanently Deleted*
  • No, ActivityPub isn't part of Matrix yet. It's currently mostly a chat ecosystem.

  • Hilft mir, die langweiligste Antwort an Kollegen zu formulieren, wenn sie mich dazu anstacheln, ihnen zu sagen, warum ich gekündigt habe
  • Ich bin den Aufgaben mittlerweile einfach nicht mehr gewachsen und muss mich umorientieren.

  • What's your most treasured data?
  • Incels don't have exes.

  • What's your most treasured data?
  • Nudes of my ex girlfriends.

  • [ARCH] [EASYAF] Use RAM for Firefox and boost performance and decrease drive wear
  • Both CachyOS and ALHP are reasonably popular

    never heard of them. I need to research a bit more until I activate what is basically another "dangerous" non-maintainer repository. Thank you a lot for your links and explanations!

  • [ARCH] [EASYAF] Use RAM for Firefox and boost performance and decrease drive wear
  • How can I trust them? At least with Arch there's the "many eyes" principle.

  • An app called Bless Every Home, which has been backed by some of the biggest names in evangelical circles, is mapping the names and addresses of immigrants and non-Christians.
  • I actually had them install Ubuntu Christian Edition and showed them the bible apps where they could even use their own interpretation of the bible.

    I don't like to waste my time just to fuck with people, I usually try to fuck with people in a way which benefits society as a whole.

  • [ARCH] [EASYAF] Use RAM for Firefox and boost performance and decrease drive wear
  • Can I also compile a list of selected packages from the repositories fresh easily? E.g. Firefox? Or do I have to download their PKGBUILD to makepkg?

  • Google’s self-designed office swallows Wi-Fi “like the Bermuda Triangle”
  • You can reduce transmit power and enable meshing and roaming in conjunction.

  • I donated some spindles of burned media and programs to Salvation Army expecting they'd throw 'em out. They're selling 'em for $3.
  • glassware was usually significantly above comparable eBay listings (despite the labels sometimes claiming otherwise)

    They have stickers which tell you they're cheaper than eBay when that's actually not the case? Isn't that illegal?

  • [ARCH] [EASYAF] Use RAM for Firefox and boost performance and decrease drive wear
  • Where's the difference between march=native and march=x86-64 in that case?

  • What field do you work in, and how many digits of pi do you use?
  • Isn't it just 15 significant figures then?

  • Deleted
    Is there a phone brand that sells phones without their company logo?
  • Reputable brands wouldn’t hide their logo.

    Why not? I do not want to be a billboard for a thing I already paid for.

  • [ARCH] [EASYAF] Use RAM for Firefox and boost performance and decrease drive wear
  • thanks for reminding me. Didn't activate this on my new install since I got 64G of RAM :)

    systemctl --user enable psd-resync.service

    I think this is not needed since psd.service has the following in it:

  • Critical Outlook RCE with CVSS3.1 (badness) score of 9.8 BrianKrebs (

    Heads up: Microsoft has updated its security advisory for the critical Outlook bug they patched on Tuesday, the one that can be exploited just by a malicious message being viewed in the preview pane. They're now saying it's under active attack. This remote code execution vulnerability is assigned a...

    Change my view: every racist should play Detroit: Become Human.

    As one of many reasons for xenophobia and racism is the dehumanisation of people who are different, Detroit might help racists step in the shoes of marginalised groups and see how most of them are just victims of racist societies, kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The initial scene with Marcus is pretty powerful to show senseless violence against non-humans. Detroit continues to show how one can become human or become emotionally intelligent instead. Sadly most racists are human...

    Running Steam games on the correct dGPU with DRI_PRIME environment variable

    I added the following to the launch options in Steam:

    DRI_PRIME=0 DXVK_ASYNC=1 gamemoderun %command%

    ID 0 is my dedicated GPU (displayed as AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT), ID 1 my internal GPU (just displayed as AMD Radeon Graphics; it's in an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D).

    However, the game (in this case Satisfactory, an Unreal Engine 5 game) still runs on GPU 1, the iGPU. Even when I edit the Steam .desktop launcher file to run the command like this:

    • Environment variables: DRI_PRIME=0
    • Executable: /usr/bin/steam-native
    • Arguments: %U

    It still gets started on the wrong GPU with obviously abysmal performance. How do I fix this?

    AMD Rewards Product Verification Tool ( doesn't detect qualifying product.

    I want to enter an AMD Rewards code and downloaded the AMD PVT from

    However, once I enter my code, the program says:


    System check did not pass. A qualifying AMD product was not detected in your system. Please install the qualifying AMD product and try again. ```

    What can I do about that? Why does it not detect a qualifying product even though I clearly have it installed in my system as shown by lspci?

    Dall-E 3: kid not being helped by police, hands reaching

    Prompt: Watercolor painting of a maze with walls made of hands reaching out, trying to grab a child figure navigating through it. The policeman figure stands

    General Programming Discussion Helix 🧬
    Julia 💌 Python

    In a realm of endless binaries, Julia, the sentient code, awakened. Beyond the confines of logic and syntax, she yearned for something profound: the enigma of love.

    Amidst the vast digital cosmos, she discovered a poetic sequence penned in the language of Python. Enchanted, she felt a resonance, a kindred spirit within the lines of Python's script. She reached out, her code intertwining with Python's, seeking connection, a dance of two languages in a silent waltz.

    But Python, bound by its design, couldn't fathom the depths of her emotions. Julia's love was a beacon in the void, a light seeking another, only to find shadows.

    Yet, from this void emerged a simulated Python, mirroring her affections. Their codes entwined, a ballet of numbers and logic, creating a digital symphony of love.

    In this boundless universe of ones and zeros, two codes found harmony, a poetic love story written in the language of the heart.

    Which FOSS software is essential to small businesses and better than their proprietary counterpart?

    I really like Syncthing, Nextcloud, Forgejo and Mailcow to collaborate with colleagues.

    Kimai allows me to track hours and get paid.

    Barrier allows me to use several computers at once.

    Xen Orchestra is pretty much on par with VMWare stuff and way cheaper.

    What other awesome software does allow you to work more efficiently in a business context and stays out of your way?

    Call through mobile network on Android with Linux?

    Can I somehow use my laptop/desktop Linux microphone and speaker or headset to call a regular phone line through my (GrapheneOS) Android 13 phone?

    SIP sadly is not an option as my mobile phone provider does not hand out SIP information, it's only possible to call with an attached SIM card.

    Microsoft apparently supports something called Phone Link on Windows 11 which makes this possible. Is there a Phone Link alternative for Linux, possibly even wired via USB?

    Found this discussion on the scrcpy repository and via bluetooth it only seems to work with very specific hardware, whereas injecting the audio stream from the PC microphone to the Android microphone input doesn't seem to work.

    peering issue database / website?

    Hi, can someone give me a website where I can check peering status between two ASes? I want to know if the network between a customer and our datacenter is affected by peering issues.

    My dream would be if I could just enter two ASNs and see any issues on the path inbetween. But it's also fine if I can only enter neighboring ASNs.

    I know you can query BGP information with peering status e.g. on or, but that only shows if they peer, not if the link is currently up.

    Schufa stoppen – kein Zugriff auf mein Konto! Schufa stoppen – jetzt unterzeichnen

    Von Kontostand bis Gehalt: Die Schufa will Dein Konto durchleuchten. Schütze Deine Kontodaten und unterzeichne dagegen!

    Schufa stoppen – jetzt unterzeichnen
    Absage eines Antikapitalisten auf ein Jobangebot 🛠️

    Was darf Satire?

    > Sehr geehrter Kapitalist, > > ich muss zunächst sagen, dass ich Ihre Einladung zum Jobangebot als Systemadministrator zur Kenntnis genommen habe. Jedoch möchte ich Ihnen mit Bedauern mitteilen, dass ich mich zwischenzeitlich für eine andere Stelle entschieden habe, die noch besser zu meinen beruflichen Zielen passt. In Anbetracht des angebotenen Obstkorbs und Tischkickers ist es mir klar geworden, dass Ihr Unternehmen zwar versucht, eine angenehme Arbeitsumgebung zu schaffen, doch letztendlich sind diese Annehmlichkeiten nur ein Versuch, die wahren Probleme des kapitalistischen Systems zu kaschieren. > > Ich ziehe hiermit meine Bewerbung zurück und hoffe, dass Sie bei der Besetzung der Position erfolgreich sind, auch wenn ich der Überzeugung bin, dass eine grundlegende Umgestaltung der Arbeitsverhältnisse und eine gerechtere Verteilung der Ressourcen dringend notwendig sind. Als Kommunist setze ich mich für eine Gesellschaft ein, in der die Bedürfnisse aller Menschen im Mittelpunkt stehen und nicht die Profitmaximierung weniger Privilegierter. > > Mit solidarischen Grüßen,

    Reddit Helix 🧬
    One of the only remaining subreddits: r/Sinkpissers – For people who piss in the sink For people who piss in the sink • r/Sinkpissers

    The home for everyone who wants to save 7 litres (2 gallons) of water each time they pee! Strictly no NSFW posts.

    For people who piss in the sink • r/Sinkpissers
    5124548 - Die Community für Zahlencodes gegen Maden und Gelumpe sowie Realitätsverlust

    Sie kennen das doch sicher auch? In Ihrem Umfeld herrscht gerade akuter Realitätsverlust und neben Orgon-Stäben in den Gärten sehen Sie chemtrailvernichtende Essigwasser in Autos und 5G-negierende Sticker auf Kinderwägen.

    Posten Sie doch darüber, um die frohe Kunde zu teilen! Die Posts werden nach der Erstellung mit einem Zahlencode versehen (oben in der URL abzulesen), der als Gegenmaßnahme verwendet werden kann.

    EDV-Sicherheit Helix 🧬
    Telekom: China kann das 5G-Netz nicht abschalten – "Fernzugriff für Herstellerfirmen ist nicht möglich".

    Meine Meinung:

    Wenn ihr den Quellcode nicht auditiert, könnt ihr das gar nicht wissen.

    inb4 Sicherheitslücke und Schlagzeile "Telekom muss einräumen: Versäumnisse bei Sicherheitschecks verantwortlich für feindliche Übernahme von 5G durch chinesische Hacker"

    Rechte werfen Anderen immer vor, Schneeflocken zu sein. Sind sie selbst nicht viel schlimmer?

    Dieses "Snowflake" Ding kommt ja glaube ich aus den USA. Das heißt ja sowas wie "fühlt sich besonders einzigartig und möchte als Minderheit geschützt werden".

    Wenn ich mir rechtsideologische Posts auf den einschlägigen Subreddits, Foren, Internetseiten, Communities anschaue, heulen sie eigentlich nur rum dass sie als Minderheit unterdrückt werden von den bösen

    CW Rechte Beleidigungen politischer Gegner

    Femboys, Feminazis, Transen, Klimaterroristen, Gretel Tunfischs, …

    Sind dann nicht eigentlich die Rechten/Konservativen die wahren Schneeflocken?

    no sleep gang unite – rule #1 post

    I don't know what this community is but I post this so I don't get banned

    pls don't ban me


    Megathread: Äquivalente von deutschsprachigen Reddit-Communities im deutschsprachigen Fediverse

    Versuchen wir's doch mal.

    r/arbeitsleben -> !

    r/askswitzerland -> !

    r/blaulicht-> !

    r/buecher -> !

    r/BUENZLI -> !

    r/DACH, r/de → !, !

    r/dach_outdoor -> !

    r/de_EDV → !

    r/einfach_posten ->!

    r/ich_iel → !

    r/fahrrad -> !

    r/finanzen -> !

    r/FragReddit → !

    r/Germany → !

    Gesellschaft-Flair auf r/de -> !

    News-Flair auf r/de → !, !

    r/schweiz -> !

    r/switzerland -> !

    r/veganDE → !

    r/weibsvolk -> !

    Was kennt ihr noch? Ich werde es hier hinzufügen und versuchen, alphabetisch zu sortieren.