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Windows 11 Start menu ads are now rolling out to everyone
  • Asking people to give up their hobby is not a solution.

    A solution doesn’t mean everyone will use it

    Even if no one uses it that is still what has to happen for devs to target Linux instead of Windows

    Imagine every Genshin player moved to Linux. Would the game move to Linux or just die?

  • meme, and reality.
  • You are right it’s not developed and the governments are even taking money away from the undeveloped areas to feed the developed ones because it’s mainly minorities in those areas

    Edit: because of the mod deleting, I am still unsure of why recognizing systemic racism is racist

  • Cities Skylines 2: "Beach properties assets are all gone and my city is screwed. Thanks a lot."
  • The link suggests the opposite of what you’re claiming

    you were of course supposed to keep access to the Beach Properties content until the patch that moves it to the base game arrived. Assets are replaced by the placeholder boxes, but as the waterfront zoning isn't available in the base game yet, I recommend holding off on loading saves with a lot of those zones.

    Putting dlc content into the base game doesn’t sound like they are trying to sell millions of dlc

  • Less than half of Canadians say they will buy an electric vehicle as their next car: survey
  • That being said, the available lvl 3 stations aren’t near an amenity I would normally stop at, and would add nearly an hour to my current 12 hour round trip.

    Going to become more common than gas stations eventually which as for “next vehicle” is relevant

    It’s just a “whatever” thing

  • Why do some cbc videos not have CC?

    For instance this video

    Has closed captions I can put on but this video doesn’t

    How does that work with accessibility laws? I wish there was just a scribed button I could press to read the whole video instead of having to pause constantly

    What is the easiest subtitle approach?

    The easiest I found was going to each episode and editing the subtitles then uploading the file (even though they are in the same directory)

    I’m assuming if I named better then it wouldn’t be an issue since the subtitles are named “e1, e2, etc”

    Why does YouTube keep recommending anti-Korea/Japan stories and pro-China stories from the South China Morning Post

    I never click on them and I don’t consume any other content related to those countries but every so often I’ll see an anti (those countries) headline in my feed and then the next few days will have pro occupied China stories

    It feels like targeted propaganda since I never see good stories about the other countries and it makes me wonder why YouTube hasn’t been broken up if they are too big to monitor that

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