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Israel kills 500 in Gaza hospital ‘massacre’
  • Legality != Morality
    "Just following orders" is also immoral, also not an excuse for murder.

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    Israel kills 500 in Gaza hospital ‘massacre’
  • Kind of a loaded question; no matter the answer someone will get pissed off. Israel keeps getting bigger, Palestine gets smaller. Those settlements in particular? Probably not.

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    Israel kills 500 in Gaza hospital ‘massacre’
  • Judging by what they shout on the street, their rules are "kill them all" and "death to all Palestinians". Oh, and "this is my house now".

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    Israel kills 500 in Gaza hospital ‘massacre’
  • That is not an excuse to hit the civilians, even if it were true.

  • Remote work is still 'frustrating and disorienting' for bosses, economist says—their No. 1 problem with it is how difficult it is to observe and monitor employees
  • I was doing daily technical meetups in the morning so that my team in India and the more local members could stay in sync and ask each other questions. Usually 10 minutes, but occasionally an hour or more when we had to go way out into the weeds.

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    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Your pinkie toe hasn't moved in a while.

  • Thousands rally in London in solidarity with Palestinians
  • More than half of the people alive in Palestine were too young to vote in their last election.

  • In Louisiana, Police Reform Led Directly to a “Torture Warehouse”
  • I want whoever is best trained and equipped to deal with the problem to show up when I call 911. That ain't always a guy with a gun who barely passed high school.

  • What is this format specifier?
  • Back in my day, MS-DOS let you use HELP on QBASIC commands.

  • I can't believe we're still having this conversation with some people
  • I just heard your username in my head. >_>

  • Dear Brother Printers: Eat a [Sponsor friendly words here]
  • OP said (paraphrasing) "here's the last time they got caught doing what they just did to me" when they linked it. It's an addendum to their rant, not the main focus of it.

  • Nexus Mods Fine With Bigots Leaving Over Removed Starfield ‘Pronoun’ Mod
  • False. Like, completely and totally wrong. The science is clear, and you are on the side opposite of it. There are experts on one side, and you on the other. It is amazing just how many incorrect statements you are barfing out.

  • Unity's self-combustion engine
  • Their pricing is based on "trust me bro" currently, since they don't have details on how it will work. They say it was installed i number of times, therefore you owe them j. No need for a bot farm when they can just lie, since we have no way to verify their numbers.

  • Nexus Mods Fine With Bigots Leaving Over Removed Starfield ‘Pronoun’ Mod
  • The only choice involved in being trans is the choice to let everyone else know (or not). They are a demographic, not an ideology.

  • ‘Will See This Played at Trial’: Megyn Kelly Praised For Letting Trump ‘Confess’ During Interview
  • The 2 secret ingredients in badass cheese sauce are nutritional yeast and a tiny bit of yellow mustard.
    Cheese sauce which is great with tortilla chips, for people who can't eat popcorn. (I had bad teeth too, I see you)

  • Unity boycott begins as devs switch off ads to force a Runtime Fee reversal -
  • Don't forget the 4+ "rate me" subs that started hitting the front page every day.

  • 'You're fine. You're vaccinated': Anti-vax Fox News host goes dead silent after co-host calls her out for vaccine status
  • They're like a video game character that gets caught on the landscaping.

  • What would you do if Capitalism didn't curb your potential and force you to sell most of your time?
  • I would make video games. I'd even do some adult ones, since I've noticed the existing ones aren't super great.

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