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Vulcan Heavy model spotted in Tory's office
  • what about big deltah

    big deltah

  • Ah, Yes! AI Will Surely Save Us All!
  • Technological progress shouldn't reduce the amount of work required to do tasks. It should reduce the amount of people that have to do work they don't enjoy, or increase the quality of living overall by reducing the cost of certain tasks/items.

    For example, it shouldn't try to make redundant the work of artists that enjoy making art, or hobbyists that enjoy writing code. If there is too much demand for these services, then technology can be used to compensate for the part that these work enjoying people can't provide, but technology shouldn't make their work redundant.

  • Vulcan Heavy model spotted in Tory's office
  • deltah it's time to cook

  • Linux Mint battery tuning for Framework 16
  • I think the most important ones are:

    • SATA_LINKPWR_ON_BAT (this had an issue where it corrupted data, but that was a few years ago so it should be fine)

    (I haven't used these myself because I don't have a radeon card, but it should improve battery life for you):


    I had to set USB_AUTOSUSPEND=0 because otherwise my usb devices kept turning off, but you might not need this.

  • New (ish) community: c/generative for generative (non-AI) art.
  • that's cool, never heard of such a genre

  • Linux Mint battery tuning for Framework 16
  • have you done the TLP stuff?

    first make sure you don't have power profiles daemon because this conflicts with tlp

    you can turn it off with

    sudo systemctl stop power-profiles-daemon.service
    sudo systemctl mask power-profiles-daemon.service

    install tlp with

    sudo apt install tlp
    sudo systemctl enable tlp

    and edit the config at /etc/tlp.conf to optimise your battery

    the instructions are in the file iirc

    basically set your CPU settings (I use powersave on my intel non-framework), and maybe have a look at the radeon graphics things (I don't have an amd system so I can't say much about this)

    and refresh your config with

    sudo tlp start

    if you also get powertop (sudo apt install powertop) you can monitor your power consumption in that. (sudo powertop)

    If you can't be bothered with this, I think you can also just install power profiles daemon but I like tlp better because it gives you much finer control over your system

  • My Linux Odyssey (Or how difficult it is to put on a hat)
  • running ventoy on a portable ssd is so wacky lol, I love it

    really hope you can get this to work

  • systemdeez nuts
  • hurd "exists"

  • RTX 40090
  • I think the TTD actually doesn't stand for anything

  • I've never played games. Suggest a couple of addictive games I can play on Linux
  • it was kinda a joke lmao

    i completely agree with you

  • Any recommendations on what to do with this mini-PCIe slot in my x200s?
  • how fast is a turbo memory card? Is it daster than modern ssds in a mpcie adaptor?

  • Any recommendations on what to do with this mini-PCIe slot in my x200s?
  • the m.2 card won't fit but there's a mini pcie version of the ax210 (best performing wifi card rn). Search for the ax210hmw

  • Microsoft is silently installing Copilot onto Windows Server 2022
  • if you don't install the wrong packages or skip a step in the installation lmao

  • Microsoft is silently installing Copilot onto Windows Server 2022
  • oh god, win10's dying next year?

    i really need to transition the rest of my shit to Linux soon

  • am i going insane or is this seriously live reentry plasma???

    a screenshot from starship ift3 with visible reentry plasma on the ship

    ThinkPad Jumuta
    Some replacement part models for the T430 if anyone is interested

    Made some replacement parts for the T430 because I had a broken T430 that was missing these. None of them require screws so they should be ideal if you find a broken T430 on the side of the road or something.

    ThinkPad Jumuta
    T430 doesn't turn on - Help with troubleshooting?

    I just bought a used "faulty" T430.

    It doesn't turn on at all (no lights, no sounds, no fan spin) and when I tried to turn it on with only the critical components (motherboard, power adapter and speakers), I got the same result.

    I've also examined the power area on the motherboard, and it seems like 20V is getting delivered to the motherboard just fine.

    But I've looked at the motherboard thoroughly, and I couldn't find a single part of it that looked bad.

    Is this definitely caused by the motherboard, or could it be an issue with another component like the CPU?

    Could we get a "delayed new" sort on Lemmy?

    Because of the time it takes for mods to moderate content on Lemmy, the"new" sort's been prone to abuse.

    Could a "delayed new" sort, where the newest content x hours ago is shown be introduced to help suppress this problem?

    Any way to turn off the KDE task switcher animation?

    Coming from Windows 10 (I switched 6 months ago), I find the task switcher animation in KDE extremely obnoxious, as I expect it to pop up instantly.

    Still, I enjoy the other animations in KDE, so I don't want to turn off all the animations in the global settings.

    I searched for a solution but all the relevant posts were on the now defunct KDE subreddit which I cannot view.

    Is there any way to turn off just the fade in/fade out animation?

    Jumuta Jumuta
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