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can't use eternity on new phone
  • Maybe the app does not have internet access. Try these settings mentioned in this thread:

    Or you could try Eternity Nightly.

  • can't use eternity on new phone
  • I’m not sure if eternity is on the play store

    Its available on the playstore. Here's the link.

  • can't use eternity on new phone
  • while data saver is turned on

    This might be the problem. Are you using a Xiaomi phone?

  • Bypass Paywalls Clean is back online
  • Have to engage Dev options. Settings > About > tap the Firefox icon a few times.

    Thanks! TIL

  • Bypass Paywalls Clean is back online
  • If you are not using Firefox+uBO you really should, though!

    Firefox + uBO for life.

  • Bypass Paywalls Clean is back online
  • How do I install this on Firefox desktop and Firefox Android? I remember there was an extension for Firefox the last time I checked. Now I cannot find the extension on the Mozilla store.

  • Mozilla released a Firefox Nightly test build with vertical tabs - gHacks Tech News
  • Isn't Firefox open source? So isn't it possible that anyone could see the changes being made even in the nightly versions? I'm not a programmer so forgive my ignorance.

  • Report: Touch ID Will Not Return on iPhone 16 - MacRumors
  • How were people using FaceID, with their masks on, during the pandemic?

  • Looking for some windows programs that are helpful that people don't really mention?
  • content indexing

    Do you mean separating video, audio and document file types?

  • Looking for some windows programs that are helpful that people don't really mention?
  • Also, Ninite pro tip:

    Do not delete the Ninite exe. If you want to update all your apps later at once, just double click on the. exe again and Ninite will download & update all the installed apps and skip those that don't have any updates.

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    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Thanks. Time to catch up.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Thanks for the info. Time to catch up.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • When does this start streaming? How many episodes left?

  • At least 200+ desktop extensions to be available on Firefox Android in December
  • Use Obatanium to update GitHub apks. You can add other sources too.

  • [Feature Request] "Get reply notifications"
  • This will very useful. Right now the only approach I see is to save the post or comment and revisit it after some time, but there are no notifications.

    I think sync has a similar feature too, I'm not sure though.

  • Chrome finally lets you move the address bar to the bottom, but not on Android
  • how did I not know about this??

    The first thing I do whenever I install anything is to go through the settings. To turn off trackers, analytics and explore the accessibility features.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • As for “supporting the dev” I don’t really get this concept.

    It can be both.

    • You love the app, you don't want it discontinued; you pay to continue the developement.
    • The developers have a solid business model without any shady practices and have such an awesome free version that you don't feel the need to pay to upgrade to premium features; then you may pay just to just your gratitude. Niagara Launcher & MixPlorer are similar examples of ad-free FREE versions.
  • Eternity, a Infinity for reddit fork, is now on F-droid
  • If you are looking for native Lemmy apps for Windows, I don't know if they exist.

    But here is an awesome updated list of webapps available for Lemmy: The Great Big List of Lemmy Apps

    You can create a shortcut for them on your desktop. These are fast and minimal and have different styles. There is one webapp in there that is very similar to the old[dot]reddit site.

  • Are Google's Team Drives (Shared Drives) still active? Can you recommend some good ones?

    Many of the telegram groups have closed permanently. Are they still a thing? I know that Judas's drives are still working.

    An option to disable Comment collapsing animation.

    It's buggy and choppy for me. No animation feels fast and sleeker, like the way Lemmy-UI & Photon have it. I've tried both the device modes (iOS & Android Beta), it's the same.

    Compared to this, the swipe animations are so smooth.

    I'm using the PWA in Kiwi browser on Android.

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