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Somewhere along the way Humanity lost the ability for long term thinking.
  • Ok and when in your opinion has it been different? Some things just aren't so easily predictable and other things are predictable but people do not care because it mainly effects future generations and not them.

    Always has been like that, always will be

  • It's time to admit Lemmy has won the "the biggest reddit alternative" award, why it's time for all of us to consider supporting it (here's why) + reopening r/LemmyMigration
  • Finding smaller communities of likeminded individuals that you can group into a tailored feed. the main demographic here. That being tech nerds who dislike Reddit's recent decisions enough to make a change.

    That's exactly why I simply cannot not go back to reddit from time to time. Lemmy is nice and all but all communities that are not focused on tech stuff are complete ghost towns. Sure, one could say, that I should create the content and post it here. But I'm simply not that kind of person. I seldom come up with interesting stuff to share, but enjoy interacting with the posts of other people, writing a comment here and there. And I'd say many if not most others are similar.

  • blocked the largest piracy community in all of lemmy
  • Free speech absolutism "never ban anything, everything is permitted!" is a child's understanding of censorship.

    The only other place that would ban a word like "bitch" is probably a kindergarten, so wtf are you talking about

  • (on android) In private mode session is not deleted after the last window is closed

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I noticed that closing all windows when in private mode, does not trigger the deletion of the session and cookies. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open private window in FF
    2. Login into any website in the private window
    3. Go to tabs overview and tap on "close all windows"
    4. Go to website from before.
    5. See that I'm still logged in

    Is this on purpose? If yes, why?

    AI Is Starting to Look Like the Dot Com Bubble
  • That's an incredibly bad comparison. LLMs are already used daily by many people saving them time in different aspects of their life and work. Crypto on the other hand is still looking for it's everyday use case.

  • If Lemmy and Mastodon continues to get popular, we will eventually get Instance wars.
  • The problem with transitioning from YouTube to PeerTube is that without a critical mass of users it's just not worth it for creators. But without creators the users won't go there, because there's no content.

    Lemmy has that problem to a much lesser extend because this kind of platform is way more focused on the interaction between users. Or put differently, everyone is a creator here.

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