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Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • In addition to weight, there's cost. They would have to be integrated into the design, not just normal, flat solar panels, so there's a significant cost increase. It's no problem on a delivery van, but anything curvy is probably prohibitively expensive to develop and produce.

  • Adobe Promises That It Hasn’t Gone Full Big Brother
  • claims that the company often uses machine learning to review user projects for signs of illegal content

    OK, so what happens when Florida starts deciding more content is illegal?

    Literally big brother shit.

  • Southern Baptists are poised to ban churches with women pastors. Some are urging them to reconsider
  • Of course they are.

    As a side note, how in the fuck are you supposed to feel any spiritual connection in a space like the one pictured? It looks like a goddamned Costco. I'm not religious, but I absolutely get the vibe when I'm in a proper church. This is not that.

  • [Gamesfromscratch] Did Adobe Just %#@$ Up?
  • Thanks, I'll probably just go back to Snapseed, unless one of those is a standout for design, privacy, power and simplicity.

    I actually really enjoy mobile editing in Lightroom, the only mark it misses now is privacy.

    I have LR installed on my laptop, but never use it. Obviously, there are drawbacks. I wouldn't want to draw paths in Photoshop on my phone, but for quick crops and color corrections, I work faster and more efficiently on my phone. I also can do it in my spare moments, rather than sitting down to dedicate an evening to editing.

  • [Gamesfromscratch] Did Adobe Just %#@$ Up?
  • I care, but I don't know how else to edit my photos on my phone and seamlessly back them up.

    I use Lightroom on a Google Pixel. It costs $10/mo for a terabyte of storage and an editor that's constantly being updated. I'm not arguing that it's the best option, I just don't know any solid alternatives.

    If anyone else has a solution this use case, essentially the same as someone who wants to leave Google Photos' storage/editing suite, I'd be happy to ditch Adobe.

    Edit: a word

  • The Google Gemini app for Android is now available in the UK and EU - news
  • I have the yellow box, fully assembled, sitting on my shelf, staring at me. I've had it for a month. I still have four smart things hubs running everything. I'm a little worried my system won't reach without all the back hauling those are doing.

    Took time off this week. Might try to at least get the software installed.

  • How do you get into wild camping, it seems so overwhelming and a lot of information to try and gather?
  • Another thing, OP, I don't know what your definition of wild camping is, but keep it legal. The last thing you want is to have a ranger, police, or property owner show up to roust you in the middle of the night.

    Look into camping permits and regulations, or just stay at a car camping site to begin with.

  • Do you have any smell you like/dislike even though most people don't?
  • When I was a kid, my dad had a newspaper distribution business. We had a series of diesel box trucks. The new ultra low sulfur diesel doesn't do it for me, but the odd whiff of the old sour stuff takes me back to my childhood.

    The last time I smelled it was many years ago. I don't really expect I'll ever get that hit again.

  • Making The World's Smallest Orrery

    Chronova Engineering produces exquisite mechanical marvels. Their production values are astonishing, with incredible macro work and a very soothing narration.

    Why stand in line to board an airplane?

    The seats are assigned. People have been standing in line for 15 minutes now. Why on earth would anyone want to stand there, when they could just sit and wait until the line clears?

    I understand wanting to get off a plane ASAP, but boarding? You just end up sitting on the plane, waiting for everyone else to get on.

    Who's Up?

    I just got to work at 02:30, covering the second half of the graveyard shift. Pretty quiet night.

    The What! Help is on the way. One of my all-time favorites, now almost completely erased from digital history.

    This album has phenomenal songwriting. It's got a kind of laid-back LA-surf-rock sound with elements of punk and maybe a hint of wistful country in the lyrics.

    The album and band appear endangered, unavailable on any music streaming service.

    The only online version I could find is this a random YouTube upload with almost no views.

    They were introduced to me by a friend's sister in, like 1999. Their band ended quickly after the death of one of the members.

    The only other digital presence related to them now appears to be a remaining band member's channel, which hasn't been updated in 11 years.

    Rhythmically Inclined Podcast 31 feat. LMajor R.I.P. EPISODE 031: FEATURING SPECIAL GUEST: LMAJOR

    EZ MY SELECTA!!!! UK BADMAN LMAJOR WITH THE WIKKID JUNGLE BLEND!! LISSEN CAREFULLY!!! MUGILLA TRACK LIST: 1. "Mystics" - Artificial Red 2. "Roll The Mice" - Donnie Murdo 3. "Chi-Boogie VS Droppin'


    This showed up for me last week in a related tracks playlist. Outstanding set. The last 20 minutes are particularly face-melting.

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