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Horrible Pictures Zenfone 8
  • Same here, I should probably start using Pro.

  • 4 months durability for an $800 phone!
  • Oh, I thought it was so that the phone would feel more premium!

  • Google IO 2024 MEGATHREAD
  • Google AI/O.

  • what lemmy app do you recommend and why?
  • Using Connect. Very simple UI, and works on older phones (Android 5+, while it says 4.4+, it crashes on 4.4).

  • Deleted
    Phone on silent
  • Me, a phone collector who enjoys listening to ringtones:

  • Photon v1.27.0
  • Is there a way to keep the subscribed communities collapsed after a refresh?

  • Sudo is coming to windows
  • Also features Snap?

  • The realest clock
  • I wish my Zenfone was like this! Punch on the left, everything else on the right. Also, allow me to view seconds there!

  • Fossil is quitting smartwatches
  • Samsungs are better anyways. Sorry to offend any Fossil fans.

  • Where, and when, did you start using Linux? Where are you now?
  • Started late March 2023, wanted to build custom ROM, now mostly a Linux user.

  • It feels like my skin is expanding 🫠

  • ChatGPT could soon replace Google Assistant on your Android phone
  • Yes, AI here, AI there, nobody cares.

  • The 1st Ever Golden Lemmy Award for Best Android Device
  • I love my Zenfone 10. An amazing package.

  • The 1st Ever Golden Lemmy Award for Best Android Device
  • Stopped using my OP6 because the OS was acting up. I'd still be using it if OOS 11 was stable through Google Play updates. Unfortunately, a Play system update caused many OOS 11 devices (like the OP6) to reboot every 30 mins or so.

  • Top 20 phones of the year 2023 - GSMArena
  • FYI: These were the 20 most viewed pages on GSMA's website at the end of the year. The list also excluded older iPhone models (like the 11, which is half a decade old).

  • Could 2024 be the year of the diagonal linux desktop?
  • Perfect, just what I need if I set my laptop on my laptop stand the wrong way!

  • Asus Zenfone 10 Android 14 update
  • I know I'm 3 days late, but here's what's new specifically (copied from my Reddit post):

    1:Keyboard looks different

    2: The apps don't really seem to be different from Android 13/ZenUI 10 to Android 14/ZenUI 11 (contrary to the changelog)

    3: New back arrow gesture design! (It's so satisfying! I can play with it for hours!)

    4: Flashlight can blink for notifications and ringtones (and the screen can be set to pulse a color for notifications, too!)

    5: "Touch sounds" renamed to "Tap and click sounds"

    6: New battery chart

    7: Color of clock on lock screen can be changed separately from theme

    8: Monochrome theme

    9: SOT indicator is back!

    10: Media player has some slight design tweaks (and new animations)

    However, bootloader unlock is still unavailable.

  • What are some good things that hapened to you this year?
  • First long-haul trip in 4 years (US-Europe), more phones (currently over 80 IIRC)

  • Nothin' like using the OnePlus 6 in Mid-September...

    Context: Many OnePlus 6s, mines included, started bootlooping all of a sudden. Kinda like that Samsung Blu-ray player incident.

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