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Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1
  • They must have magicians working for them or something. I guess that's the advantage of using a completely tailor made engine created with unlimited funding, rather than using Unreal or something.

  • A tale as old as time
  • Oh no. They gave the task of remastering 3 big games running on old ass software full of hacked together code, within like 2-3 years, to a tiny studio of like 20 people that only ever made mobile games before. It was set up to fail. It's like asking your crackhead cousin to redo your bathroom and you come home to find he's ripped out all the copper pipes for beer money.

    At least they've seen to have learned their lesson. The much smaller task of doing a basic port for RDR1 for Playstation and Switch was given to an actually decent sized development studio (Double Eleven). Lot of people got mad it wasn't a remaster or something, but it is a perfectly fine port and you get the full RDR1 experience on a Switch

  • PC, random black screen crashes

    Specs: Ryzen 7 2700X, RX 7600 with factory OC, TUF Gaming B450M, 16GB 3200 DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws RAM, Corsair CS650M PSU

    This problem has been popping up for months, but until last night only popped up every few weeks to months. Basically, the PC will blackscreen, turn off peripherals (keyboards backlights go out) and just sort of "idle", still running but not actually doing or displaying anything. Initially I thought my GPU was dying, I ran a Vega 56 before, bought it used and had it for 3 years, so not unreasonable. But now it's also happening with the RX 7600. It happened 3 times last night, and I was able to replicate it once this morning (all four times while playing Snowrunner. Nothing happened yesterday while playing Red Dead Online for hours before that). Event Viewer shows nothing for the time of the crash. I've been trying to replicate it again with GPU-Z open on the other monitor, but no "luck" so far. There's not even any readings that could indicate where the problem is. Temperature for both CPU and GPU remains in the 50s (around 70 for GPU hotspot), fans function normally, board power draw doesn't go above 160W, nothing spikes randomly or anything of the sort and the new GPU should also be using significantly less power than the old one. I've also checked that the GPU is plugged in properly and drivers are updated.

    The only things I can think of are either faulty RAM, a faulty motherboard or a faulty PSU. The PSU is one of the oldest parts of the PC, probably coming up on 10 years now, so if any part is failing I would expect it to be that. However, I still wanted to explore other possibilities before spending 100 bucks or more on a new, high quality PSU.

    EDIT: Would also like to add that I've only found two threads on reddit that describe a problem that matches mine closely (there's a ton of different black screen crashes, so a bit hard to find), but neither had a solution.

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