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Victim reports his father missing. Police instead interrogated him for 17 hours, said they killed his dog, and withheld his meds from the victim. Victim tried to commit suicide in the room.
  • I think it should come from the union, and directly from the pensions.


    This is about changing culture. It's not one bad cop in isolation; this is a system of bad cops in league.

    If a 30 year officer is hiring having their ability to retire threatened by a rookie cops behavior, that sr. officer WILL not be accepting any bullshit from the rookie.

    If you want to change the culture it has to come from within the institution and their needs to be a forcing function to do so.

  • Trump’s Pattern of Sowing Election Doubt Intensifies in 2024
  • I think it's been fairly obvious since there have been effectively 0 consequences for the organizers of this coup that they'll try again.

    I think the difference this time is the degree of normalization, and the fact that Fani Willis blew the case in GA, the Judge Canon blew the case in FL, and while the NY case is probably around an 80/20 chance of conviction versus hung jury, it's not actually about this period of crime that Trump engaged in.

    Basically, Merrick Garland has opened the doors and laid down the precedent that could and election interference can proceed, by not going after these crimes on day one of the Biden term. Sitting his hands for two and a half years basically means these cases were DOA because Trump's lawyers would easily be able to stall for as long as they needed.

    So Trump has the proof points to bring a much bigger leadership force to bear (more high profile Republicans) who are just going to lie and say the election was stolen. They're outing themselves as much right now. Democrats, as is tradition, are busy hand wringing about decorum, so we can't expect them to come to the defense of the Republic.

    Where that leaves us is that Biden would basically need to crush Trump at the polls in such a way that no single state can get to the Supreme Court. What the polls are telling us is that the opposite is happening. Trump is currently winning this election. It's not even clear they'll need to trot out some stolen election shit story, because the ght now, they are on track to win it.

    I had Biden at 2:1 a year ago and 8:1 6 months ago. I'd give him 20:1 today. If you value your liberty, you should be assuming that be it by hook or by crook, Trump's going to be in the oval office next January. Trump is crushing Biden in the polls rn. Beyond that, he'll try and cheat at a state level (fake electors). Beyond that he'll find a challenge he can take to the supreme Court (bush v gore 2000 set precedent that SC can decide elections). Beyond that Ya'll quaeda will march on Washington (again, with fewer mistakes and more confidence).

  • Sky voice actor says nobody ever compared her to ScarJo before OpenAI drama
  • So like, can you a record label sue another band for 'sounding like' the band that they are promoting?

    It was more of a thing in the 90s, but there were always competing follow up bands (Sublime being followed by 311) that chased the sound of another artist.

    Like should NSync be sued for being a boy band following in Backstreet Boys wake?

    Not parody, but mimicry is fundamental to art.

    I suppose my rather extreme views on copyright and up leaves me the outlier here, but I think the whole thing is rather absurdist.

  • He Trained Cops to Fight Crypto Crime—and Allegedly Ran a $100M Dark-Web Drug Market
  • He Trained Cops to Fight Crypto Crime

    Allegedly. Also he registered the domains in his personal name and directly connected his bank accounts to the bitcoin transaction out of the system.

    Probably most lemmy users are engaging in better opsec than this guy is. And it took them years to bust the guy. Just goes to show you that crime pays but botany doesn't.

  • DuckDuckGo is down. Is there any info about it?? [EDIT: IS BACK]
  • 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕

  • Update on LTT's investigation regarding allegations
  • Ok, so like you are cynical, but not nearly cynical enough.

    If they did this as a "cover-up", the aggrieved parties will sue the ever living dicks off LMG.

    If LMG is making the claim they did a thorough investigation with an outside auditor, the aggrieved parties can contest that and sue.

    LMG is clearly confident enough in the results of the investigation to go to court over the matter. The second to last paragraph is a not-even-veiled threat.

    They are basically stating "if you are feeling froggy, leap", as in, the investigation turned up jack shit, and if you want, bring it to court and we'll massacre you; we did the investigation, and we have the facts.

    No sane company would do that unless they believed themselves to be 1000% in the right, with the

  • Ukrainian court releases first prisoners to join army under new conscription rules
  • The west has dragged its feet for almost two years, and continues to, in fully supporting Ukraine. Ukraine is a much smaller country than Russia, who know they can win a war of attrition.

    All of Europe and the US should be mobilizing to support Ukraine and put Russia completely into their place, as they should have done immediately. So hard and fast it should have been, their heads would spin and forget who they are by the time they end up back in Moscow.

  • Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    DD: I think people are sleeping on ARM...

    Since ARM got listed at $45 back in October, its seen a pretty good run-up. It peaked at around 160 after its listing and has been able to hold up at least 90 since then. Neat but nothing spectacular. Nothing crazy but prob a good ROI if you were interested in buying the day of.

    Since then we've seen Apple further commit to the ARM based M4 chips. Now its Microsoft seems fully committed to ARM based processors for whatever their new "AI on platform" product is going to be.

    We're also seeing a whole new form-factor of device with the steam deck and its new competitors. ARM is not there yet in terms of being able to run all of the software that has been built around the x86 architecture, but we also just got the news of Microsoft releasing the PRISM x86 to ARM interoperability layer. Now is it good? Idk. Likely ymmv.

    So lets summarize. The two biggest hardware+ecosystem players both seem fully committed to ARM. ARM runs cooler, and more power efficient than x86, but until very recently, no one was designing around it for 'performance system'; its domain was that of embedded hardware and phones. We have a whole new class of products gaining market penetration in the form of hand-held gaming PC's or steam deck type products. These products would benefit MASSIVELY in terms of performance with better performance/ power ratios. Likewise, with the advances in ML, manufacturers are looking to move inference onto device. And this is exactly what Microsoft and Apple appear to be doing. All of this depends on ARM.

    Now the bad. ARM had a bad earnings last quarter and the price dumped from 160 to 90. Its recovered to 115 since then. However, it didn't have the press that it does now. The new Microsoft line wasn't out yet. We hadn't heard of or seen the release of the M4s. I think there is good news out there in the mix for ARM this quarter.

    Ultimately, some company is going to have to get in there and compete for AI acceleration, and doing so in a more cost effective, more power efficient way seems like a no brainer.

    If you are thinking about microprocessors, you first question should always be "Where is Jim Keller eating lunch"? The answer? Tenstorrent. They aren't publicly traded yet, but guess what architecture they are building around?

    You guessed it. ARM/ Risk-V. You follow Jim Keller around not because Jim Keller knows the future, but because the future follows Jim Keller around.

    TLDR: ARM is massively undervalued and represents the future of computing for smaller, cooler, more powerful computing and AI. Its what Jim Keller has decided to spend his time on. If you just throw your money at whereever Jim Keller is currently working, you'll make bank.

    Positions: Shares that I bought at listing that have given me a very noice ROI (not selling options on them), and the August 15th $115 calls. I'm planning to hold the calls through the earnings run up, and I'll hopefully sell some of them to cover the cost of the position to hold at least a few through earnings. ARM is still very new, so earnings could be a mixed bag.

    United States | News & Politics TropicalDingdong
    GOP Leaders HECKLED TO THEIR FACES at Trump Trial

    Members of GOP violating Trumps gag order on his behalf.

    Fruity game - drop fruit

    Drop fruit. Do not go too high or game over. Try to get as many points as you can! !

    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    DD Update: Turns out you *CAN* take a canoe to the moon.

    Canoo’s Oklahoma City Manufacturing Facility Approved as Foreign Trade Zone

    So if you gambled on my last DD you might have picked up some Canoo shares as a legit moon shot play. The 23-1 stock split was a big punch to the ribs, but today, GOEV is up ~70%-ish on news that their manufacturing facility in OK has gotten approval to be a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). This effectively make GOEV the largest FTZ in Oklahoma, which isn't saying much because hey, its Oklahoma.

    That all being said, shit was getting dicey last week and after the reverse stock split, things were looking bad for GOEV, since it dropped almost 50% on that news. Today however, it pretty much made all that back up, which sets up an interesting earnings play.

    On earnings, turns out ToS was lying to me. The real earnings date is April 1. With this big price move and news, that brings more focus onto the earnings call, but it still wont really mean shit because this is a brand new company still building out manufacturing. I don't expect break even until maybe 2026. That all being said, its getting in on a US based EV manufacturer, most of whom have shown many many to one rate of return for early investors, even those whose cars are only powered by gravity. I don't think we're still in that world, and GOEVs vehicles do actually move under their own power, so that's a big plus.

    I think this news really mitigates most of the downside risk and I might hope for a price between 5-6$ post earnings. Earnings at this point in their lifecycle is kinda bullshit so grain of salt and all that. But its a calendar event with a specific timeline, so it should move things.

    Position is still shares (<1k shares). I'm not betting the farm on these guys, but I think the upside potential is still very strong and that we'll eventually see one of the major manufacturers take a large stake (that's when we'll see a 10x day).

    So that's my GOEV DD update. Depending on your timing from my last one, you either are break even or doubled up. But today is a very good day for those holding GOEV.

    The Council Will Decide Your Fate

    Machine is a HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-eu1xxx with the touch screen. Ryzen 7 5825U, touch screen 16gb RAM.

    Top recommendation of within one hour of me posting this decides what distro I install. Please not Hannah Montana linux or even worse, Arch.

    I leave the decision up to you.


    The winner was linux mint. I've downloaded the ISO and am installing now. I hope my boss doesn't get pissed.

    Place holder answer behavior

    Earlier this week I discussed an example of ChatGPT giving 'placeholder' answers in lieu of real answers. Below is an example of what that looks like. I could swear this didn't used to happen, but it basically just 'doesn't' answer your question. I'm interested how often other people see this behavior.


    Wallstreet Bets TropicalDingdong
    Can you take a canoo to the moon? or, Does anything good come from Michigan? (DD-ish)

    Seeing as there is pretty much no WSB style content being posted, why not a bit of a DD? Well, a half assed DD. I'm just playing in a funny money account, so this is just for moonshot plays, but I think GOEV might just be one of those.

    Canoo (ticker: GOEV) is a company based out of Michigan/ Oklahoma/ Texas, who is a US, home grown, battery EV cargo and van production company. They've been taking their time, but between last earning and this one, they shipped their first vehicles. They're just now begining to ship vehicles, so unsurprisingly, haven't posted a profit yet.

    I've been holding GOEV since I saw some trailers for their Canoo vehicle, and the stock has been in a tailspin for quite a while now. The short position seems to be covering in about 1.5 days, so surprisingly not terrible. My thinking here is to be positioned for some good news. Earnings is on March 5th. My main thesis for this play is that they've just had a bunch of great press this quarter. They got vehicles into the hands of the Oklahoma state government, US Postal service, and some other federal agencies. This company seems to be focusing more on fleet, which to me, last mile delivery at low speeds is like a no-brainer for battery EV. I think the vans might be just dorky enough for the Federal government to consider them.

    My play is just holding shares, because the price is so low (I nailed it on a similar play with Sundial when it was a penny stock). I'll probably double my current position (just a couple thousand shares) and hope for a pop next week. If it doesn't pop, I'll probably either fold or hold for another quarter depending on the numbers.

    More 'placeholder' behavior?

    Have any other regular users noticed that 4 seems to more and more only offer 'placeholder' logic in lieu of where the actually useful bit of code or important step would be?

    Its frustrating to not know what is going on under the hood that might be influencing the behavior, but I've noticed that over the past several weeks, more and more often just putting in 'placeholder' logic or code where the actually relevant code or logic would go.


    Hey this is a community for the 30DayMapChallenge:


    Ever made a map before?

    Why not start tomorrow? The theme for tomorrow is 'lines' .

    Anyways.. the challenge goes through November.

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