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WhatsApp UI has updated for me (Version

I'm not in the beta, and this is what my WhatsApp looks like now. This might be old news, but until today I had the green UI.

(Sorry for the crappy censor job. I wish Android had a blur feature built-in)

Hello fellow Pixel users!
  • Here's mine, for some more fun -

    Sony Xperia X1 (the very first Xperia - it had a stylus, keyboard and ran Windows Phone 5.1 (the original pre-iPhone OS, not the later metro style OS)

    HTC Desire (the og desire! and my first Android phone. I rooted this and flashed it on a weekly basis. Miss those days...)

    Nexus 4

    Moto E (I dropped my 4 and figured I'd try a super cheap phone, worked surprisingly well)

    Sony Xperia X3 Compact

    Nexus 5X

    Pixel 3

    Pixel 7

    I miss small phones so much...

  • Take a first look at Google’s new At a Glance widget for non-Pixel phones
  • You're presumably talking about the Pixel Launcher widget, which isn't removable (you can disable it but you don't get the space back).

    This article is about the widget that non-Pixel phones can install, which will behave more like a standard widget as it can work on any launcher or device.

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