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guess I'll die
  • and Concepts Front Page/US/Permanent residence/PO Fravigelse af krav pga handicap

    To the extent that Denmark’s international obligations, including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, require it, the Immigration Service grants exemptions from (that is to say, you will not need to meet) one or more of the requirements for a permanent residence permit.

  • guess I'll die
  • This is not true

  • China’s glut of idle property causes headache for the government
  • In a communist state, why are unsold homes an issue? Why not just re home the millions living in bad conditions?

  • 'I'll lose the debate on purpose': Trump tries to lower expectations for Biden showdown
  • If he makes it through, no matter what, how bad, no matter how bad he is, they'll say he was great

    If you hadn't read the post, you'd think this was about Trump and not Trump on Biden. Projection you say?

  • das bagel
  • Do you live in Germany?

  • “What does the inside of your brain look like?”
  • This is exactly what AI images should not be used for

  • EU to put tariffs of up to 38% on Chinese electric vehicles as trade war looms
  • Why not put the tariffs on gas powered cars though?

  • All hail.
  • Imagine having to put all that on every day just to take a stroll in the woods.

    I'm more like the sloth type of person. Nobody expects anything of them other that to do nothing, and everyone gets overly excited when they do anything.

  • Netanyahu warns Israel 'prepared for very intense action' as IDF weighs Lebanon offensive
  • Yeah we know. They will nuke their own backyard just to get rid of weeds and ants.

  • A cool guide to heat absorption between different colored T-shirts
  • I just see that all colors turn into pride colors in the sun

  • Answer 9!
  • Ah... unless the tiles are 2x1 though!

  • Boeing sales tumble as the company gets no orders for the 737 Max for the second straight month
  • I assume their customers would start looking for flights that use safer planes

  • Answer 9!
  • As someone who never has played Minecraft: 'Its 11 12 though isn't it?'

  • Boeing sales tumble as the company gets no orders for the 737 Max for the second straight month
  • Even if they gave them away for free, no one would take them for commercial use. Not sure who would be surprised at this 'news'

  • Microplastics found in every human semen sample tested in study
  • So... now we need to stop jerking off because this polutes the environment too! ?!

  • Tesla shareholder criticizes Elon Musk’s ‘ridiculous’ $56bn pay deal ahead of vote
  • If his companies made any money, one could argue that it may be ok. But he's not making money for others than himself

  • Exactly. Delete Reddit.
  • And i have been hating it all this time!

    Recently i heard someone tell me that they just googled 'lower decks' on amazon prime...

  • Laura Garcia-Caro loses bronze metal by celebrating too early Video: Laura Garcia-Caro omspurtad av Lyudmila Olyanovska med en meter kvar

    Laura Garcia-Caro var på väg mot brons i 20 kilometer gång – och hade till och med börjat fira med en flagga. Då la Lyudmila Olyanovska in en spurt och gick förbi en meter från mållinjen. – Snacka om att ta ut medaljen i förskott, säger SVT:s expert Alhaji Jeng.

    Video: Laura Garcia-Caro omspurtad av Lyudmila Olyanovska med en meter kvar
    Discord: Have you lost access to your email? no worries, just regain access to it!

    I would have expected them to ask me to message them, in order to resolve the issue of not having access to my old email. Instead, they assume that I still have access to it, by simply contacting my email provider!

    If I could do that, I wouldn't have lost access to it through would I?

    Erdogan: Netanyahu is a ‘psychopath’ and a ‘vampire that feeds on blood’

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashes out at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a “psychopath” and a “vampire that feeds on blood,” following Israeli airstrikes on the southern Gaza city of Rafah that triggered a deadly fire in a camp for displaced people.

    Just kidding...

    I was actually there because i was considering creating an account and wanted to check it out.

    Then they pop one of those and lost me for ever!

    New Israeli attack today (Tuesday) on Rafah evacuation zone

    CAIRO, May 28 (Reuters) - Israeli tanks shelled a tent camp in an evacuation area west of Rafah and killed at least 21 people on Tuesday, Gaza health authorities said, while advancing to the heart of the southern Gaza city for the first time after a night of heavy bombardment. Two days after an Israeli airstrike on another camp stirred global condemnation, Gaza emergency services said four tank shells hit a cluster of tents in Al-Mawasi, a coastal strip that Israel had advised civilians in Rafah to move to for safety.

    askmenover30 cosmicrookie
    Men over 30, At what point would you consider an enlarged prostate an issue?

    I recently had my prostate examined, and the doctor told me that it was enlarged, but at this point not enough to need to do something about it (They told me that it was approximately double the normal size!)

    I got the message that it was not a question about having to do something about it, but more of when. When I asked, when they thought this would be the right time, I was told, that when it becomes a problem

    My question is, when do you consider a prostate enlargement, a problem. Sure peeing more often, and it taking longer time, is an inconvenience but not a problem as such.

    What are your suggestions?

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals cosmicrookie
    very chilled



    Microsoft word update messes up exams in Denmark 'Kaos og forvirring' til eksamen efter opdatering af Word

    Ministerium advarer om, at Microsoft-programmer kan skabe problemer til skriftlig eksamen for studerende med Mac-computere.

    'Kaos og forvirring' til eksamen efter opdatering af Word

    Sorry for the Danish post i hope you can translate it.

    The Ministry warns that Microsoft programs can create problems for written exams for students with Mac computers.

    Users who have updated the programs to the latest version may experience the programs running slowly, freezing and crashing. This means that the examinees are delayed in their work and that parts of the answers risk being lost, write the Agency for Education and Quality and the Agency for IT and Learning in a notice to schools.

    What are these elongated rectangles in the water area?

    Found on a google maps trip to Al Jirab, Along the E11 24°05'14.0"N 53°55'27.0"E

    I found this while looking for interesting places to share on the Top View community here on Lemmy


    After some more research, the most likely candidates:

    mangrove nurseries, salt harvesting, algae farm, coral nurseries.

    But nothing yet is confirmed!





    For security reasons


    Please use a personal email. My email is 'mail' @ 'my actual name'. It does not get more personal than that

    But you can't use emails starting with mail@, admin@, support@, info@, main@, etc.

    Instead they advised me (3 times) to create a personal email on a service like Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, Orange, etc

    Image stabilization is worse on Redmi Note 12, than it was on 9!

    I have had a Redmi Note 9, that I as very pleased with, so much so, that when the screen broke, I was happy to upgrade to the Redmi note 12 Pro+ G5!

    I expected an upgrade to an already great phone (except for the forced ads and bloatware), but besides that, i felt that I was going from a middle range phone, to a newer and better phone within the series (based on all the"pro", "+" and "G5" that my previous did not have)

    I must admit though, than now after I have been using it for a while I don't feel that it is a better phone. I love the super fast 120W charging but that is about all that I love with this phone...

    In particular the camera is my greatest issue and the reason why I am looking for answers

    On my Redmi Note 9, when I filmed video, it had an image stabilization that worked quite well. On Redmi Note 12, I can't see this. I film at 720 or 1080 with 30FPS, as this is the range that my Redmi Note 9 allowed images stabilization for.

    I could make much better footage with the Note 9, than I can with the 12 Pro+ !

    Anybody experienced the same, or maybe even have a fix for this?

    cosmicrookie cosmicrookie
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