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Is there a way to get recommendations for "underrated" songs, or music that is awesome but I might not come across? For instance, I really loved the Peacemaker soundtrack...
  • I like finding playlists that people on Spotify have made roughly around a particular band or genre. I find one and hit shuffle and see what happens. I'm talking an actual user made playlist, not the garbage Spotify "made for you" playlists. Those used to be solid until they started stuffing them with 90% songs I already listen to.

    Sometimes playing the last song on an album that I like or one of my playlists gets some good stuff out of Spotify's algorithm, but that is kind of hit or miss. It used to be quite a bit better.

  • Links and recommendations, please...
  • Job for a Cowboy - The Forever Rot - technical death metal/progressive metal

    Lacuna Coil - Delirium - gothic metal with a mix of clean/harsh female/male vocals

    Decapitated - Veins - technical death metal

    VOLA - Head Mounted Sideways - progressive metal with a mix of clean and harsh vocals

    Caligula's Horse - Slow Violence - progressive metal with mostly clean vocals

    Skyharbor - Miracle - progressive metal with clean vocals

    Baroness - Shine - progressive metal with mostly clean vocals and mix of male/female

  • Links and recommendations, please...
  • I want to like Darko US cuz their stuff has a really cool sound, but I just can't get through even one song by them most of the time. It's just so incredibly aggressive and heavily engineered that it's difficult to listen to imo

  • How do you keep your homes clean?
  • I clean the kitchen pretty thoroughly once per week after meal prepping. By thoroughly I mean do the dishes, wipe down the stovetop and counters, clean the sink with dish soap and a sponge, then sweep and mop. During the week I try to clean up small spills and such as I go and load the dishwasher after meals.

    For the bathroom, I usually do once per month. Clean the counter, mirror, toilet top to bottom, and shower top to bottom. Sweep and mop.

    Living spaces and bedroom I sweep/mop/vacuum once per month and clean tables as needed.

    I hardly dust or clean windows. I maybe do that a couple times per year or if it's particularly filthy.

    The general idea for me is to clean regularly and as needed so that nothing is really nasty at any given time. Anything else gets done roughly once per year or on move out.

  • Deleted
  • The wired model has been my daily driver for damn near 8 years now. Use em for music at work and gaming at home (though I would approve for gaming at work). I haven't wanted or needed to upgrade since I got them

  • What's your secret ingredient that makes your version of a common dish better than anyone else's?
  • Not an ingredient necessarily, but I toast rice with spices before cooking it. I throw some oil and garlic in the pot I'm going to cook the rice in, then put in the rice and (for mexican-like dishes) garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, cumin, a little oregano, a little cayenne pepper, and salt. I mix that all up continuously over medium heat for a couple minutes, then I add the water and cook the rice. It makes an incredible difference in taste

  • Should I get an NES, Master System; or an Atari 7800?
  • Looks like a couple people mentioned this, but you will likely want/need to mod whatever system you get. I have a modded NES and Atari 7800, so I can comment on those.

    There used to be a NES mod that fixed the pin connector issue, called "Blinking Light Win" They've been sold out for at least a couple years (I've sporadically checked out of curiosity since I bought mine). But if you can get your hands on one I strongly recommend it. It has made my NES incredibly reliable and it's very easy to install. No soldering, just open the console, remove the 72 pin connector, and pop in the BLW. Done.

    For the Atari 7800, there's a composite video/s-video board mod you can pick up. I'm forgetting what the name of it is, and I don't have the manual handy at the moment, but I will try to update later with the name and link. Anyway, this one is more involved and requires some soldering. It's not too difficult, just requires some patience, and it's very worth it. Composite audio is a separate solution, but doesn't require extra hardware, just a little more soldering.

    I hope that helps! Feel free to reach out about these mods and I can explain further.

  • Comics
  • I don't understand this, honestly. I look at the final price of something regardless of whether or not it's on sale and think to myself "Is this a reasonable price for this item? Is it something I actually want/need and will use?" If I answer no to either I usually don't buy it.

  • Season 3 finale. They put all the good shit in the trailer
  • I got pretty far, I think the end of season 7. When Carl got bit I realized I did not give a fuck about him or the show.

    I sat there after that for bit and thought about how much time I spent watching this show and thinking I should just finish it. But nah, I'm glad I haven't watched the rest.

  • What item do you own that has an unexpectedly high value?
  • A complete in the box Nintendo "New" 2DS XL Hylian Shield edition. Scooped it up for $150 used with games and now the handheld with the box and inserts sits around $600. No plans to sell it though, I'm a huge Zelda fanboy so I love it to bits.

  • What games do you recommend for my girlfriend?
  • Here are a few I didn't see already. I've played these all on switch.

    Untitled Goose Game - casual and goofy 1/2 player puzzle game

    Far Lone Sails - casual 1 player puzzle adventure game

    Figment - light action adventure platformer one player game

  • What are you playing this week?

    Hey folks, just checking in to see what everyone is playing this week! Did you find a hidden gem or are you jamming on a classic? Let us know what you're playing and what you think of it.

    What are you playing this week?

    Hey folks, what is everyone playing this week? Are you trying something new or returning to a previously played game or genre? How are you liking what you're currently playing?

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