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Sony is pushing people to fund the invasion of Ukraine with it's geo-restrictions
  • It's okay, I know I'm stepping on a few tails here, just wanted to get it out there - can't stay silent when SONY is doing my Georgian-Armenian peeps dirty like that.

    Also, the topic is rather complex and I can't help but feel that I'm missing something completely. So I'm hoping someone who downvoted would actually bother to make a comment debunking it. It'd be embarassing, sure, but better than having the post actually being true.

  • Sony is pushing people to fund the invasion of Ukraine with it's geo-restrictions

    Alright, the title is a bit clickbaity, but hear me out!

    Little background: Since the start of the Ukraine invasion, Russia and Belarus have been hit with massive sanctions, and a lot of stuff suddenly became unavailable. That includes quite a few video games that became unavailable on steam. Helldivers being one of them. And, since it started, a lot of people, myself included, have left the country in disagreement with the regime, mostly to ex-USSR countries, like Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Others, who, for some reason, are unable or are unwilling to move, either resorted to piracy, or got their steam accounts switched to one of said countries, mostly with help from friends in one of them. This is a good thing in a way that that that it moves place where the taxes are paid, and gives more power to those countries, especially as they grow wary of their warmongering neighbor and increasingly drift away from their shared USSR past, effectively weakening war machine.

    Now with geographic restrictions put on all of those countries on Steam, I've been pondering if there's a way to still somehow buy this game for my friends to play with, some of whom are still residing in Russia, and stumbled upon this:\_2\_versiya\_RF

    This is a totally legit, official store of one of the oldest major publishers in Russia, and official SONY's partner. What caught my attention is that they have two separate versions available - one for Russia and Belarus, and another for ex-USSR countries. The first one is a little problematic as it means that SONY is continuing doing business in Russia and doesn't give a fuck about it waging a war. But whatever. The second one, on the other hand, is completely nuts. As far as I can tell, it is the only place where you could obtain the game officially in said countries. With the price of roughly $40 with 20% VAT included, that'd be $8 straight into Putin's pockets for every copy sold. Sweet liberty! Plus whatever the publisher's cut is, that gets further taxed down the road. For a person who fled from dictatorship and is conscious about where their money go, or for a citizen of a country that was invaded and is still partly occupied, or a person displaced from their home because the peacekeepers just told them to fuck off and left, that sounds like a bad joke.

    I do realize that VAT from video game sales is a drop in the ocean, compared to oil and gas exports. But still, I'd say that a good enough reason to keep pushing SONY to lift geographic restrictions on Steam.

    What it's like to be a developer in 2024
  • Haha, nope. The links points to a table of contents after which you are on your own. The right link should point to a specific page instead, but the problem here is that postres docs are poorly optimized for search engines. If you click on the top link from google, you would see there's a notice that the page is outdated, with a link to a current version, but said link is dead. It's not an issue I've ever experienced with mysql docs for example.

    And yes, w3schools, despite how terrible it is, is still above the official docs because it is more popular with newbies. I remember a time when I just started, I preferred sites like it, because they were simple and on point, rather than technically correct and comprehensive like the official docs are. If you forgot the feeling, try learning math on wikipedia (assuming you don't have a math degree).

    For the rest I cannot argue. Generated/AI shit is indeed ruining the internet and search engines giving up and joining them isn't helpful either.

  • Wayland usage has overtaken X11
  • What about PRIME, though? I'd like to give it a shot, but I only just ironed out my setup with triple-gpu(all different vendors) and a ton of sweat, I'm afraid it's going to be back to square one with wayland.

  • For security reasons
  • Web developer here. The problem here is not with emails but with's business model, which is reliant on lying to people that their petitions actually mean anything. But, anyone with half a brain cell can easily spot that they don't have any legal backing whatsoever nor do they do any kind of identity verification, therefore those petitions are completely worthless. They might as well not give a fuck and allow cheating. For all they care, it only boosts counters and makes them appear more popular than they actually are.

  • For security reasons
  • I have all my admin/mail/webmaster/etc blacklisted a long time ago because those are the that get spam first when spammers parse lists of registered domains.

    I wonder if abuse@'s get any spam...

  • For security reasons
  • I just go with full domain names. Like Even combos where data is shared, like or But some places actually went out of their way to disallow their own domains anywhere in the field. I've encountered it maybe like 3 times across all of ~1000 logins I have in my password manager.

    And the amount of times I had to explain to people that yes, this is a legit email, yes it has your company's name and your personal name in it, it is exactly as intended, so don't send me spam because I will know it was you who sent it...

  • Reality check
  • It is said that the true linux developer can survive for months at a time on nothing but a piece of dead skin from a callus on his foot and the energy of the community-maintained free and open-source software

  • Responsive Design Go Brrrr
  • Ah I see what you mean by tiling. Still, such a setup feels… excessive, no? I can completely understand that you literally never need to pull up anything since it’s all just there, but I dunno (I’m reaching here) doesn’t your machine get hot from all the displays and forcing all screens to do constant screen updates?

    It is excessive yes, but I'm all about going above and beyond, sort of say. It doesn't really get hot since it doesn't update if there's nothing to update - I've checked in the driver. Actually an error in said driver might have put an end to my windows journey on this machine, as some bug was causing all screens to not refresh unless there was any app doing a draw somewhere. It does use quite a bit of VRAM, though(~1.5 gigs) but that doesn't matter when I'm working as I turn off the dGPU and the iGPU uses RAM which I have plenty. I used to just grab this machine and go to the nearest restaurant with poor internet(less distractions) and focus on work until the battery dies, and I've consistently got 2-2.5 hours off.

    When you have to travel, you can’t take all that with you – so working on a laptop at the airport must be incredibly frustrating if you’re used to things just being there, no?

    I do travel with it. It is a bit frustrating, yes, but as mentioned, the quad-screen setup is portable and I can pull it even in an airport given enough space. The problem is TSA, they used to not give a damn about laptops, but the last time I moved, they forced everyone to take out laptops and turn them on, at every one of the 4 airports I went through. But I had like 5 on me: My personal one w/extra screens, a corporate issued one as a spare, a tiny laptop that I used to carry in my pocket which saved me quite a few times, and also a colleague asked me to grab his laptop and iPad to pass off to his relatives. All this, along with a few HDD's, was just enough to fit into a carry-on bag. But checkpoints were all something like:

    • Is that your stuff?
    • [On reflex already] Yes, and that thing in there is a vape, not a hand-gr...
    • Do you have any laptops in there?
    • Five
    • Five what?
    • Five laptops
    • Come here, put them out on this table and turn all of them on
    • 😩😩😩 It's going to take like 10 minutes to pack and unpack, and I've got a flight to catch
    • Don't know, don't care

    5 minutes later

    • Alright, everything's good. Why'd you need so many for, anyway?
    • I'm an IT specialist
    • Okay. But what's this though?
    • It's 4 hard drives
    • Take them out, show me
    • 😩 Sure...
    • Okay, everything seems in order. Why'd you need so many for, though?
    • I'm an IT specialist
    • Ah, right... You're free to go

    I could've saved myself trouble and put all them into a checked baggage, but since I was moving through some totalitarian dictatorship states, I'd rather have all the data close to me rather than have it pulled out and searched without my consent, which they are likely to do given that they forced people to hand off unlocked phones for search before.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • Another thing like that I wish I'd discover sooner is syncthing - it's really intuitive, just point it to a folder and it syncs stuff across your devices automatically. With it, a lot of cloud storage, backup and file transfer applications and features are completely redundant.

    EDIT: Ah, I did not scroll far enough to see that this recommendation is literally the next comment from this.

  • Responsive Design Go Brrrr
  • I didn't really mean "tile" as in tiling WM, more like that if you're this type of guy, then you could just just put everything you'd ever need somewhere on one screen, never maximize anything, and then nothing's ever going to be out of sight.

    My setup is mostly static, with 6 screens, so I rarely even switch windows on screen. I've got top-left for whatever is making sounds - music, movies, youtube, etc. Top-right is for the stock charts. Left is for comms - I've got all chats tiled up in there, but if I'm in the videocall I'll fullscreen that, or, if I'm focusing, I put documentation and references there. Middle for IDE, right for the app I'm working on and a front-end debugger. There's also bottom screen for a back-end debugger, a live database view and a small log tail. Top two screens are stationary that I only use at home, so I don't need them when I'm out working. The rest are set up so that I don't ever have anything important out of view. It's exceptionally good when I'm debugging - I can see, live, absolutely everything that's going with the app, from rendered page down to db data, click through steps and instantly see what happens where. It also saves me some time, as with one screen I would sometimes forget I was debugging after doing something different in IDE, and then wonder why tf is my app not responding. With debug always open this is never the case. I also set up win+WASD to jump between windows by direction, which in most cases means jumps between screens, so win+w - space would stop whatever is making a noise. When I'm off work, I usually surf or game on my middle screen, tops stay the same, so does the left, bottom switches to PC performance metrics, and right usually has something that controls the PC itself, like fan curves or sound mixer. Surely I could do with a single screen, and I actually went single-multiple-single-multiple before. The second cycle really taught me some window discipline. On the first go at multi-screen I got a short boost of productivity but then fell into a pit where I would have stuff all over the place, constantly switching and leaving apps forgotten on others. It wasn't until after returning to single that I've realized exactly what I want out separated and consistent in one place.

    floating (awesome)

    Did you seriously set up awesome as a floating window manager? You monster! Jk, do whatever fits you

  • Maybe an injection or pill?
  • I checked and it seems like in my area they only do checks that I already know the results of. Stuff like SpO2 analysis, or checks for snoring and sleep paralysis, which I don't have any problems with. I figured that I'm just drifting towards sleeping at somewhere around 6AM with the morning sunrise, and in the last years it was consistent across different time zones. I'm usually completely fine and working around this, and my workplaces thankfully had been quite loyal to me being consistently late as long as I got the job done, for which I always stayed last. It's just the stuff that is built for morning people that throws me off hard, like appointments at 9AM that I can only realistically meet by staying awake even later.

  • Responsive Design Go Brrrr
    • A glance to the side is much faster and easier than pressing physical buttons

    • You can see stuff with your peripheral vision. With alt-tab, you don't see if anything is happening at all

    • Alt-tab is linear, screens are 2d

    • You can't tile absolutely everything unless your screen is huge and has very high resolution, at which point it turns into rich people's version of multi-monitor setup, since a bunch smaller screens are much cheaper than single big one

    • Alt-tab list changes constantly. But some apps are likely to be constantly there, you can throw them on separate screens and unclutter the main one by doing so

  • Responsive Design Go Brrrr
  • Looks like nothing has changed. This is how it opens up on 4k screen. Although, it looks like they tweaked it a little. Up until recently I remember opening a post would show a hilariously small like 800 by 600-something box, half of which was comment section that'd fit like 5 comments at best. But now they finally made it properly scalable.

  • Maybe an injection or pill?
  • Honestly, if you're working remotely, finding a job that has a better fitting schedule, is indeed a good idea. Moving there, though, might not work out as your body might drag you to the same sleeping patterns you had before.

  • Maybe an injection or pill?
  • Yes. Spent a month in a ward with a fixed regiment. Never got used to it, and my sleep cycles were all over the place. By the end of the month I was starving because I was missing so many meals, and it was overall torturous.

  • Is there any app to delete SMS messages by keyword?

    I'm currently in a country with lots of companies straight up spamming every single number. But, I guess it's by law, all those messages have a word signifying that it's an ad.

    My question is whether there's an app that could auto-remove them, preferrably removing the notification as well and ideally keeping the stock messenger intact.

    I've tried a few from the play market's top but none seemed to work, some didnt even have such a feature. Also tried some automation tools, but couldnt find one that could delete SMS messages.

    Any suggestions?

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