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Nostr continues to raise the bar on private, uncensorable online discourse
  • Nostr isn't a Lemmy alternative, it's a Mastodon/Twitter/BlueSky substitute with more decentralized, secure and private features and i think OP should have pointed that out.

    And since Op was comparing the secure and private features of both protocols, ActivityPub surely has improvements to implement for greater privacy and security.

  • What makes you stand out?

    Hi everyone, i would like to know what makes you stand out from your immediate environment. It could be something physical or a feature that qualifies you.

    I'll go first, i have quite large feet from years of moving around barefooted and while growing up, i had to have shoes custom made as most of the good ones were made in general sizes only, i still have trouble getting shoes.

    My Pixel 5a just died after 5 months of use. Looking for a new phone I can deGoogle.
  • if they're getting an S10, they should not get a US or Exynos chip versions. The US versions are bootloader locked and can't be unlocked and the exynos version are bad perfomance wise. If they can get their hands on Chinese or Hong Kong released versions, those have snapdragon chips and can be unlocked.

  • Distro Hopping - For People That Can't Make A Decision greywolf0x1
    NixOS Tips and Tricks.

    Hello everyone, I came across this sublemming/com today, I saw it had no post yet and decided to do the honour of opening the /c/ to topics.

    I've been running ArchLinux on my former laptop for close to a year now and then got a new one and decided to put NixOS on it. First off, it was intimidating as almost everything I read online about NixOS was either about the Nix language, Flakes, Options, reproducibility and every other peculiar stuff about the Distro. Right now, I'm settled in and really enjoying it.

    Now, I'd like to know any tips, tricks or settings I could do to my install that'd make it a better development environment, I use the Gnome DE and all suggestions are welcome. Also, I'd be replacing the ArchLinux on my former laptop with OpenSuse Tumbleweed, opinions about that are also welcome.

    If you're new to Linux, take your time with it, try out as many distros as you can and if you need any help, you can mention me or check in the general !Linux /c/, you'll surely find all the help you want. Remember, with FOSS software, you're in control of all your information.

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