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The US healthcare system is broken...
  • Who pretends america is the best? It leads in some metrics. Other countries lead on others. Quality of life is high for most but not all, comparitavely. However, there is more inequality and poorer healthcare. Even healthcare for the wealthy is expensive for little benefit compared to poorer countries.

  • "You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it"
  • It doesn't affect both candidates equally. Trumoncourts the vindictive and racist vote. They don't have a problem with genocide.

    They are not saying I won't vote for trump. They are saying o will not vote for Biden. Biden is losing support over the issue. Trump is not.

    When you provide misinformation and false equivalence, you undermine your argument, similar to an agitator.

    Biden is not a good candidate, nor was he in 2020. He's objectively worse now, bit so is Trump, his competition. The time to protest was during primaries and find a different candidate. Some did. It didn't work unfortunately. Now he should get full voter support. Anyone who claims to care about genocide should care about human rights in general.

    Boycotting a vote to allow an objectively worse candidate in is, just like Biden, tacit acceptance for crimes they themselves did not commit. If you hold Biden responsible for the actions of Israel, then by the same logic, those who choose not to vote Biden can and should be held responsible for Trunks actions.

  • It could happen to you!
  • Yes. But its by attrition. There won't be a programmer replaced by AI directly. Their colleagues will take over their work and have higher workloads but be more efficient. That's ways been the way.

  • "You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it"
  • Biden is currently in power. Protests should rightly target him. But isn't it odd that the vote protest doesn't target Trump?

    And again, there are lots of things that can be done beyond votes to help Palestinians. Money and donations are just one thing.

    Palestine has been a disaster for years, with a slow burn genocide. Most people and most countries ignored it. So, while o think its good that people care now, many are using it as an excuse to torment distrust rather than genuine concern.

    Withholding votes from a note resonavke candidate to increase cha ces for an ectrmeist deranged candidate is .ore likely to lead to more suffering and more genocides. So the action doesn't match the stated intent.

  • It could happen to you!
  • A robot won't replace individual programmers. AI and improved processes will mean quicker code review and less programmers needed. There will be a net loss of programmer jobs but an individual programmer won't be replaced. Rather the remaining programmers create more (as a percent, not absolute) code with better tools.

  • Meta pauses plans to train AI using European users' data, bowing to regulatory pressure
  • Lol, if you mean facebooks AI will skew more towards the views of American Facebook users, I'd say that's a win for Europe. It will make the AI less valuable, creating a gap in the market for a better AI that can reflect European values or american or both.

    AI does not need infinite data. They can easily licence that amount of content. They are just trying to do it cheaply with user content.

    I gully expect use for AI training to become a standardized part of locencing for media and content going forwards. For a band or singer, or author, it may be they ibky get a small amoint for using their content but it won't be stolen. There is minimal value in any one part of the content. There is value in the aggregate of lots of data.

    Digitized books out of copyright have more archaic language but I expect we will see lots of media out of copyright being used also. Media organization that make movies, TV shows and publish newspapers and magazines also have a trove of content.

  • "You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it"
  • The term cutting off your nose to spite your face would be appropriate.

    I completely agree with pressuring the candidate. However, threatening to lose votes when the opposition might win and do worse damage is a strange kind of brinkmanship that is illogical and doesn't seem to be working.

    I have yet to hear from anyone doing anything co Crete to help the situation who thinks helping trump get elected is good. So, it rings hollow to me. Unfortunately, the ballot box is the most powerful tool at a voters disposal. In this day and age, with money being speech, its not the only option though.

  • "You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it"
  • And a lot of people are divisively using a genocide to try and shrink the vote for one candidate when both support it. As the commenter above said, the horrible people won't care. We all k ow a third party vote is an abstention.

    So the choice is vote for the boring candidate that does good things but supports genocide. Or vote for the crazy vindictive candidate that does terrible things and supports genocide and nuking hurricanes.

  • It just feels wrong
  • With synology, its easy to use but you need an account with them to do a bunch of stuff easily.

    However, you can also self host a bunch of stuff, without a synology account, but its easier with.

    Personally, I've got a synology and would recommend it. My next has will likely be a beefier synology as I've got a pretty basic one and it struggles to have all the arrs and jellyfin running at once. My next after that would probably be a repurposed PC or laptop or self build. The synology experience will allow me to identify what I actually want to achieve.

    If you currently don't use any cloud services, then maybe its not for you. If you do, I'd get the synology with the synology account and reduce my cloud dependency. You don't have to start with perfect. There can be a path that's just gradual incremental improvement.

  • Guy Who Hates Taylor Swift Finally Hears One of Her Songs
  • You don't have to enjoy an artist to be able to appreciate their talent. There are lots of talented artists, I don't enjoy. There are lots that are less talented that I enjoy.

    Those poor kids probably don't get any of the jokes from arrested development. Wait, they don't even know what arrested development is. Omg, we are old.

    I agree. I think its the image of success and being in the zeitgeist that promotes it more than the music or talent itself. It maybe just happened that previously, you were more likely to make it big if you were super talented. Now it's better if daddy gets you a record deal like Taylor, rather than daddy forces you to perform and abuses you like the Jacksons.

  • Visitors to Greece appear ill informed about heatwave risk, warn rescuers
  • As an Australian, originally from Ireland I'm surprised California would be hottest place. I would have though Australia or middle east would be hotter than California. I've loved a summer in San Diego and it was hot but not stifling. Sydney is not crazy hot by Australian standards and its oppressive heat when a heatwave comes.

    Saying that, I'm now more familiar with how much humidity plays a part. Dry heat like 40degrees in Adelaide is much more comfortable than humid 35 in Sydney. When its 43 in Sydney, its best to stay inside. I've never been to Greece but if its similar to other Mediterranean countries, I'd say its moderately humid, rather than dry. California is similar I'd imagine, but a little drier.

  • 1 of 2 abducted Louisiana children is found dead in Mississippi after their mother is killed
  • People are awful. God had no part in this. If god did, then he's a cruel god. If he didn't, then where is his omnipotence? If its about free will, where is the child's free will?

    What god invents childhood leukemias? What plan could require them and if god was all powerful, could they not make a plan that doesn't harm innocents.

  • Guy Who Hates Taylor Swift Finally Hears One of Her Songs
  • I think musically they were more interesting. However, perhaps George Michael when in wham! counts. However, the extreme fandom is probably unrelated to the music and more the hype and shared experience.

  • bug - refreshing after data outage unresponsive

    My phone coverage stopped for a period. I was using connect at the time and a comment failed. I initially thought it was a big but noted after restarting, it still was out. Then I checked with a test search to find it was all internet.

    A few minutes later internet was back. Went back into Lemmy and refreshed. No data showing. I checked down-for-me for my instance and it was up. Refreshed again. No data.

    Again restarted app and it was fine then. So, it seems he connection outage did not allow refresh after it came back, despite a restart during the outage.

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