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I Will Fucking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again — Ludicity
  • After reading that entire post, I wish I had used AI to summarize it.

    I am not in the equally unserious camp that generative AI does not have the potential to drastically change the world. It clearly does. When I saw the early demos of GPT-2, while I was still at university, I was half-convinced that they were faked somehow. I remember being wrong about that, and that is why I'm no longer as confident that I know what's going on.

    This pull quote feels like it’s antithetical to their entire argument and makes me feel like all they’re doing is whinging about the fact that people who don’t know what they’re talking about have loud voices. Which has always been true and has little to do with AI.

  • Cupholder.exe
  • Back in my day, that used to be the only way a computer could produce sound. Later on you could purchase a specialized sound card that would take up a slot in your motherboard.

  • Feeling lost and with no direction, what skill should I learn?
  • Taking your initial post and this comment into consideration, you may be in a situation I find myself in (or I may be projecting, who knows). I started out with some regular ass depression and threw in what was originally some recreational weed consumption. After a while I found myself as a daily weed smoker. My partner seems to have a much different experience as a daily smoker than I do. For me it manifests itself as you are describing, just a lack of excitement about life. I feel like my weed hangover isn’t like an alcohol one, but rather it saps my motivation to do anything productive that I’m not being held accountable for. If I was also unemployed and unable to find a job, I’m sure it would be worse for me. At the moment, I’ve cut back on my consumption and am making it a point to only partake on weedkends. Pairing that with more exercise has worked well for me in the past, but I find it difficult to get in the exercise habit with that low level of motivated energy. Finding a form of exercise where you don’t notice the work you’re doing is also helpful. I don’t much like basketball, but a friend of mine invited me out to fuck around and shoot hoops with them. Probably the easiest time I had getting in some cardio without realizing it. Nowadays, I’ve got a rowing machine that I use while I watch streaming shows. I usually find my lust for life returning when I’ve put in the maintenance on the machine that is my body. It’s a lot easier to feel alive when you feel alive.

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    Biden goes all-in on calling Trump a "convicted felon"
  • Nope. Fuck you. When Trump wins and we’re supporting a thousand genocides, it’s all your fault for refusing to acknowledge the reality that we’re in. I’m not “keeping a genocidal maniac in office.” That’s insanely reductive, and again, you’re turning this into a single issue election. What’s worse, is that the other option has literally the same view on that single issue. Not voting for Biden IS voting for Trump.

    Nobody is happy about this election. It isn’t about happiness. It’s about survival.

    The best advice I ever heard about politics is that it isn’t a taxi, it’s a bus. It doesn’t take you directly where you want to go, it takes you somewhat closer than you are. This upcoming bus ride is going to get us insignificantly closer to our final destination, but it will move the needle in that direction. The other option is driving the bus into a chasm.

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    Biden goes all-in on calling Trump a "convicted felon"
  • The convention hasn't even happened yet...

    Won't for months...

    The fuck are you talking about? Are you trying to imply that there’s a chance that Biden won’t be the nominee? How delusional are you?

    Stop acting like trump matters. Trump is the same criminal asshole he's always been. This the third goddamn election where the running on "trump is a criminal".

    I would fucking LOVE to stop acting like Trump matters. The fact is that half of this country still wants to vote for him. That makes him an immediate threat.

    But Biden breaking US and International law to provide munitions to a genocide and the fact that he's went around the US government to do so already really takes the wind out of "only an idiot would vote for a criminal".

    In this election, both candidates have committed very serious crimes, and "do t vote for a criminal" translates to "dont vote".

    Because both options are criminals.

    Yes. I agree with you. But one criminal is supporting ONE genocide, and the other criminal is supporting MULTIPLE genocides. <insert trolly problem meme>

    If you don't want trump as president, then you don't want Biden as the Dem candidate.

    I literally DON’T want Biden as the Dem candidate, but that ship has sailed. The democrats fucked around for 4 years and now is running this fucking ancient centrist product of the last 5 decades of “normal” levels of corruption. This election matters. Get the fuck in line. As soon as we can guarantee that we will still have a country, then we can work on dismantling the democratic party. This shitty rusted out piece junk car we’re in has to make it to the service station so we can fix it. Otherwise we’re gonna die in the desert. There’s no tow truck big enough to save us if we break down before we get there.

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    Biden goes all-in on calling Trump a "convicted felon"
  • 100% we need better candidates. 100% democrats suck. 100% Biden should stop supplying Israel.

    But also. At this point, the literal only chance we have against Trump getting back into the White House is to vote Biden. Trump ALSO SUPPORTS GENOCIDE. Not just that, but about a thousand other things that will destabilize THE ENTIRE WORLD. Even ignoring all of his domestic policies and the fact that he has already shown that he will do everything in his power to become a lifetime dictator, he is on the wrong side of every international dispute. He supports Russia over Ukraine, he supports China over Taiwan, he supports North Korea over Japan, he supports any dictator that says they’ll give him money or power.

    This post wasn’t about Biden’s support of genocide, it was about the democrats finally growing some fucking balls and speaking truth about how insane it is that half the country doesn’t believe Trump has ever done anything wrong.

    Don’t become a single issue voter. Do I agree with Biden? Not on A LOT of things. But he has done a great deal to unfuck what Trump did to the economy last time. He has gotten student debt forgiven, despite facing pushback and rollbacks multiple times. But look at the alternative. Do you remember what it was like under Trump? I live in a time zone 3 hours off from DC. Every morning I would wake up and read about some new idiotic thing the leader of our country did or said. We should continue to push Biden on Israel, absolutely, but we don’t have the threat of not voting for him. Pretending that we do is likely to lead to voter apathy, which puts our entire nation in danger. Biden is not the lesser of two evils, he’s the evil that is going to ensure that we have the chance to vote for someone else in 4 years.

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    GOP introduces bill that would send anyone convicted of unlawful activity on a campus since Oct. 7th, 2023 to Gaza.
  • Ahhhh, the old “If you love that inanimate object so much, why don’t you marry it?” response. This playground reaction tracks pretty well with my understanding of major party politics. Goddamn, I miss the days when the masks were still on and policies on both sides of the aisle still had some redeeming qualities.

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    GOP introduces bill that would send anyone convicted of unlawful activity on a campus since Oct. 7th, 2023 to Gaza.
  • I realize this isn’t actually going to happen, but I’m just trying to wrap my head around this dude’s train of thought.

    It seems like “You want to protest the killing of these people? How about you go live in the area where the killings are happening!”

    Does he think that will change their minds? Like, upon arriving in Gaza, these protesters will realize the errors of their ways and agree that genocide is the best option?

    Is he trying to get the protestors killed by the very thing they’re protesting? That’ll teach them!

    Does he not think that there is anything happening in Gaza and he wants to show them that it is actually a safe and lovely place?

    Ignoring the logistics of the proposal, and accepting that this lawmaker has the viewpoint that the protesters should not be protesting, I still fail to understand what the desired outcome is and why this person thinks this is a fitting response. Like, this dude went through the trouble of writing this up and talking to people about it. Does he realize this makes no sense and he just wants to get his name in circulation by proposing nonsense?

  • Trump denies the affairs at the heart of the hush-money case. Almost no one believes him.
  • You’re both right. The reason the ABC/XYZ thing matters, and is tied to the presidency, is because the money came from campaign contributions and the ABC/XYZ are things you’re allowed to spend campaign funds on and things you aren’t.

  • Ska came before Raggae 🏁>>>🇯🇲
  • Knowledge bomb time!

    This is Robert Budd Dwyer, a Pennsylvania politician who committed suicide during a live press conference in 1987. This photo is from that press conference, the trombone has been photoshopped over the gun he used.

    R. Budd Dwyer suicide

    For the 90s musical connection, this incident was the inspiration for Filter’s song “Hey Man Nice Shot.”

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