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Freedom and Democracy
  • thats why i want the UN to come in you fucking knob holy shit

  • Freedom and Democracy
  • i wish they actually just got the UN to mind unstable nations rather than the USA, Russia, or China invading them and expoiting.

  • NATO Proposes $100 Billion, Five-Year Fund to Aid Ukraine
  • something theyre extremely near losing before next election

  • NATO Proposes $100 Billion, Five-Year Fund to Aid Ukraine
  • warning to all, this guy does nothing but spread russian propaganda all day. check their post history.

  • NATO Proposes $100 Billion, Five-Year Fund to Aid Ukraine
  • russia, seen as part of the west? what the hell.

  • NATO Proposes $100 Billion, Five-Year Fund to Aid Ukraine
  • chances are he has dementia

  • is there any way to losslessly convert a whole recursive file directory of .m4a files to .opus
  • it's my music and i dont like proprietary formats

  • is there any way to losslessly convert a whole recursive file directory of .m4a files to .opus

    i have a bunch of .m4a files in one folder, 1000s. can i automate their conversion somehow?

    XZ backdoor in a nutshell
  • exactly, stop depending on esoteric libraries

  • Trump's Truth Social loses $4 billion in value in one week, while revealing wider loss
  • he cant sell any, hes lokced to it for 6 months

  • Quillpad is looking for new maintainers
  • this isnt worth the time, it's not a dependency of a huge piece of software

  • Quillpad is looking for new maintainers Help Wanted!!! · Issue #275 · quillpad/quillpad

    I had to switch to an iPhone couple of month and won't be able to test the Quillpad app on my phone anymore. I am still an Android developer by job, though not mostly on the UI. I am looking for so...

    Help Wanted!!! · Issue #275 · quillpad/quillpad
    XZ Hack - "If this timeline is correct, it’s not the modus operandi of a hobbyist. [...] It wouldn’t be surprising if it was paid for by a state actor."
  • imagine how pissed they are. or maybe they silently alerted the microsoft guy themselves as they only did it for cash and theyd been paid

  • The Xz Backdoor Highlights the Vulnerability of Open Source Software—and Its Strengths
  • so do i just need to update this in my update manager

  • Thank you American software
  • discord is also largely chinese btw

  • China, Iran and Russia hold joint war games in Gulf of Oman
  • no it isnt, russia has had ti get them off of north korea which cant even hit their targets preciswly. fuckinf brainwashed

  • No thanks China!
  • no, tiktok is controlled by an adversial power that intentionally manipulates what you see to shape your opinions. theyve already blatantly lied to all of their users by a forced pop-up of what the bill against them contains. you can protest in america, you cant in china. if you think so, please go and say xi jinping is a stupid loser in beijing and see how long til you get arreated

  • Announcing Ibis, the federated Wikipedia Alternative
  • the chinese power users just blasted ccp bullshit

  • Announcing Ibis, the federated Wikipedia Alternative
  • first article gives the example of the biden-ukraine-smirkov thing, thats a proven hoax by the kremlin so no wonder it wasnt accepted by wikipedia.

  • China, Iran and Russia hold joint war games in Gulf of Oman
  • not all they had 🙄. if they sent their troops moscow would fall in a week, wagner proved what didnt need to be proven

  • how do you check what license something is when it doesnt say on github

    hey all, checking zrythm out but it doesnt give a license and it's license file has a whole bunch of licenses?

    any chance mcconell will side with dems more now?

    hes resigning, hes the minority leadwr and he hasnt spoken to trump since dec. 2020. any thoughts he'll side with dems to fuck him?o

    is blue light from led so bad cause it's harder to make blue leds and thus the color range is more limited than red and green for what a blue light produces and thus causes our brains to get confused

    i watched the veritsatum video on blue led

    and this sleep video at 29:30

    and my brain connected dots

    is android studio open source? i get different results from every website.

    google never says it's foss and it makes sense why theyd not foss it, extend and extinguish. flathub says proprietary, wikipedia says both, im very confused

    is there an open source way to recover deleted files from Android Internal Storage?

    hi all, accidentally deleted some audio files i need an hour ago. any way to get them back?

    What's the point of the Processing IDE?

    Hi all, as a child I spent a lot of time working in the Processing language. Does this have any transferrable use cases / what's the point it even exists?

    Stop being elitist, spread Linux!

    Linux needs to grow. Stop telling people it's 'tech-y' or acting like you're more advanced for using it, you are scaring away people. Linux Mint can be used by a senile person perfectly.

    Explain shortly the benefits, 'faster, more secure, easier to use, main choices of professionals and free'. Ask questions that let you know if they need to dual boot, 'do you use Adobe, anti-cheat games, or Microsoft Office', 'how new is your computer', 'do you use a Mac'.

    And most importantly, offer to help them install.

    They don't understand the concept of distros, just suggest Linux Mint LTS Cinnamon unless they're curious.

    That's it, spread Linux to as many people as possible. The larger the marketshare, the better support we ALL get. We can fight enshittification. Take the time to spread it but don't force it on anyone.

    AND STOP SCARING PEOPLE AWAY. Linux has no advertising money, it's up to us.

    Offer family members or friends your help or copy and paste the below

    how to install linux: 1) copy down your windows product key 2) backup your files to a harddrive 3) install the linux mint cinnamon iso from the linux mint website 4) use etcher (download from its website) to put the iso on a usb flash drive 5) go into bios 6) boot from the usb 7) erase the storage and install 8) press update all in the update manager 9) celebrate. it takes 15 minutes.


    and if someone is at the level of ignorance (not in a derogatory fashion) that they dont know what a file even is genuinely dont bother unless theyre your parents cause youll be tech support for their 'how do i install the internet' questions.

    United States | News & Politics jackpot
    why does trump support putin so much

    it seems absurd to me, donald wouldnt be doing this for no reason. is blackmail at play or what???

    are code editors just text input clis and an interpreter you select

    hi all, noob at this. are code editors just notepad but with text highlighting, file opening, and interpreters which you use a terminal application to execute?

    is there a foss project to automatically sort files

    do you know that minecraft mod that autosorts your inventory? is there are project that can autosort a messy file system and put all of your files of a similar nature into a well organised, well named order. obviously this would require ai that could do image, language, and audio recognition but is there anything in the works? i can imagine this would speed up distrohopping by 10x. ai powered file management

    how do i install the latest version of neovim (for nvchad) linux mint

    hi all, i tried installing through apt and got an older 0.6.4 and i tried installing through an appimage but for some reason nvchad didnt accept it. also what is nerdfonts and is that the default for linux mint? been at this for an hour and am very confused

    Is there anything that does reverse prompts

    I want to be able to put in one or multiple images and have AI spit out the prompts needed in-depth to get an image like that and then use those prompts. It would be cool if it could self-test itself before giving the results to try and find the closest seed and prompt it could to generate the image.

    jackpot jackpot

    Bill Gates' money manager [Michael Larson] is accused of racism, inappropriate sexual remarks and bullying. He has not been fired.

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