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This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • One problem with cars is that they kill people in crashes. Larger, higher cars are more likely to kill people.

    As someone who lives in a car dependent city without a car. I prefer when my neighbors try to kill me with a small car rather than a large car.

  • Google Messages' text editing feature is live for beta users, and it could come to you soon
  • I found Google messages to be unreliable: refusing to send a SMS if the Internet connection is bad. The signal that the message failed to send is a single hollow checkmark.

    I switched to fossify messages, which just sends SMSs or MMSs and doesn't create its own flawed messaging protocol

  • Am I wrong though?
  • Here's a quote from the Wikipedia page:

    In 2016, Opera was acquired by an investment group led by a Chinese consortium, the consortium included several Chinese companies such as Kunlun Tech and Qihoo 360.

  • Are there any things in Linux that need to be started over from scratch?
  • The goal of the zig language is to allow people to write optimal software in a simple and explicit language.

    It's advantage over c is that they improved some features to make things easier to read and write. For example, arrays have a length and don't decay to pointers, defer, no preprocessor macros, no makefile, first class testing support, first class error handling, type inference, large standard library. I have found zig far easier to learn than c, (dispite the fact that zig is still evolving and there are less learning resources than c)

    It's advantage over rust is that it's simpler. Ive never played around with rust, but people have said that the language is more complex than zig. Here's an article the zig people wrote about this:

  • America is full of abandoned malls. What if we turned them into housing?
  • I don't think it hurts the economy since moving people to producive areas increases productiviy.

    It does hurt homeowners, who have managed to capture the regulatory regime by pressuring their city government into passing and maintaining zoning laws.

  • Removed
    The most cost effective measure to beat climate change is building bike infrastructure
  • My issue with degrowth is that it's incompatible with capitalist society. Capitalism only works if the economy is growing. If the economy is stagnant, a win for your neighbor is a loss for you. It would be difficult to build a community under these conditions.

    I know I'm on .ml and capitalism has a bad name around here. But I think is clear that markets can improve peoples lives, and alternatives are difficult to implement.

    Turning fuckcars into an anticapitalist movement is unnecessary and unhelpful in my opinion. I just want to be able to bike around my city safely.

  • Just 2 people.
  • I think OP believes every town in the US has twice as many homeless people as churches, it doesnt need to be exactly 1 church and 2 homeless people.

    But either way, that's probably not true. Since homeless people tend to be in larger cities.

    But then again, lots of people become homless in the suburbs and then move to the city to get the social services. If churches in the suburbs housed a few people as they become homeless, it would probably help. It's better to keep people in their communities so they have a better chance of returning to housefullness.

    But probably not that much, since homelessness rates are strongly correlated with housing prices, so expensive cities create more homelessness than cheap suburbs.

  • Are there any legal issues recreating YouTube SponsorBlock for Podcasts?
  • Good idea! I bet you could make good ad library by comparing the audio between episodes of the same podcast (to catch the ads read by the host) and between different podcasts (to catch the targeted ads inserted into a lot of podcasts)

  • Are there any legal issues recreating YouTube SponsorBlock for Podcasts?
  • I'm not suggesting static timestamps, but small audio files of the podcast about to enter, and just exited an ad.

    The app could then search for the clips in the podcast to get the timestamp.

    If there are copyright issues of sharing small clips, you can just save a hash of a clip, which will allow the app to find a match, but is not itself the Intelecual property of the podcaster; The hash cannot be turned back into the audio file. The hash would be smaller than the audio clip anyway, so sharing hashes would be better

  • Are there any legal issues recreating YouTube SponsorBlock for Podcasts?
  • Maybe if you could distribute audio files (or hashes of audio files) that mark the start and stop of ads, that would solve the problem.

    I guess podcasters could combat this by inserting random noise into their audio files, but they probably wouldn't do that.

  • President Biden is now posting into the fediverse
  • The obscurity of the Fediverse is not its defense from enshittification. The fact that it's so easy to move from server to server is.

    If enshittifies, you can just move to without a big loss.

    I think that lemmy could use more people.

  • Federation seems to work now

    It seems like comments show up immediately now. At least on

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