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I don't make the rules
  • I get the meme, everything is gay now, but for real: I have recently seen a rainbow in the sky!! S*meone put the woke flag into the sky and made it look like a natural phenomenon! This is going to far! I mean, I support the gay but not when people can see it! Do at home what you like but don't force it onto k*ds! This is a free country for everyone (except for minorities, obviously)

  • Upvote/downvote ratio instead of total numbers?

    Since the last update, I don't see the total number of upvotes and downvotes but a ratio. So when it is at 0, I see 50% which is less interesting than seeing how many people interacted. Was it me upvoting and a single downvote or is it highly controversial with 100-100? Also: in a highly downvoted comment, I want to see how many people actually upvoted it.

    Can I change this back in the settings somewhere?

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