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If you don't work IT, retail, or food service what do you do for work?
  • Screenprinting. I also did work as a quality tech for machining. Manufacturing jobs in general do not seem to get any public recognition even though they can be some of the most engaging and can cater to a lot of people that don’t enjoy the employee-customer relationship.

    That being said, finding the sweet spot for management can be a challenge.

    It’s a career path that’s practically ignored in schools and I wish math classes used more examples from engineering and manufacturing to answer the age-old “Where am I ever going to use this?” question.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • I speak from experience that no one other than professionals should be handling their own mail servers in 2024. I worked for a mail host. The amount of spam and attacks that befall a mail provider, even a small one, is bonkers. Plus, mail is just too damn important.

    I wish it wasn’t the case because the idea of everyone privately hosting their own mail servers would be pretty awesome. Sadly the modern internet makes it way too risky.

  • The latest Ads
  • Okay, but their teas are actually pretty darn good and not loaded with sugar. I agree about the water though.

    (Although, aluminum is essentially infinitely recyclable compared to plastic, so is probably a better alternative to bottled water)

  • He'll be living with this for the rest of his life
  • There’s a movie called Unhinged where someone honks for too long at Russell Crowe’s character and the rest of the movie is him angrily chasing the main character. It’s absolutely hilariously unrealistic and it’s super fun to laugh at.

  • Anyone else have a default topic that your brain turns to when idle?
  • Cars and computers.

    Cars and racing fascinate me because the engineering that goes into making a car handle well at high speed is insanely intricate. Plus track design can have a massive effect on a race. There’s just so much to think about and so many different cars and disciplines out there that it’s pretty much endless.

    Similarly, computers have so much to learn about them. I could learn about them 24/7 my whole life and still not know everything about them. They’re a massive testament to human ingenuity and are such a core part of society, I’m glad I’m lucky enough to be alive at this point in technology.

  • NFS OST remade for kids
  • NFS Hot Pursuit 2 has some tracks from Hot Action Cop that has basically unintelligible lyrics. Listening to the originals, they’re raunchy as hell. One of them was even used as intro music.

  • What Video games graphically hold up on their aesthetic?
  • Yesss. The way the lines all sort of sway always gives it such a unique look. I was worried the remaster would take some of this away, but it looked just as good.

    I wish we could have gotten a proper sequel. RIP Clover Studios.

    While less popular, Viewtiful Joe also still holds up for similar reasons.

  • /c/cybersecurity - Cybersecurity News & Discussion otacon239
    Looking for a "dumb" IP camera

    Not sure if there’s a better community to ask this, but I’m trying to find a good quality non-cloud-based IP camera that I can feed into a standardized video recording software over a network. Ideally, it would be Wi-Fi capable as well.

    Everywhere I’ve looked, they all reach out to a third-party and go through an app or are through junction box and are analog-based.

    Does anyone know if an option like this exists?

    Here's a song I made Green Wave v0.4

    Listen to Green Wave v0.4 by Otacon239 #np on #SoundCloud

    Green Wave v0.4

    I’ve been making music for about 10 years but haven’t officially released anything. I’m hoping to release my first EP this year, though! This is one of the tracks that’s nearly finished.

    Side note: does anyone here know of a community similar to r/wearethemusicmakers on Lemmy for music production?

    My collection, 7 years in the making

    I’ve been building a collection ever since I noticed some of my favorite titles would come and go from streaming services back in 2017 and many of these titles aren’t available at all on any streaming services at the moment, or only on one of the ad-only “free” services.

    Nothing is in a particular order at the moment. At one point, they were all separated by category, so you might notice some groups, but I haven’t re-sorted since moving to a new shelf.

    My tastes vary wildly from art house to total trash and everything in between and building a collection of favorites has helped me visualize the kind of movies and shows I enjoy.

    datahoarder otacon239
    A Data Hoarder, I Am Not

    So I’ve been consolidating all of my storage and removing all the duplicates and junk files.

    In actual physical storage, this was spread across 12TB worth of hard drives, all partially full.

    After everything was said and done, I’m using 1.3TB of space if you don’t include games. ¯\\\(ツ)

    This is stuff dating back to 2015. Sometimes it’s actually worth it to just clean up your junk files.

    An old custom setup of mine

    Super old minimalist setup with KLWP on a Nexus 5. One of the best phones I’ve ever used and it still powers on. Too bad almost all the apps have moved way beyond what it was made to do.

    Fully disable “Seatch for text when I start typing”

    I have the option in settings unchecked, but when pressing / or , it still shows up. Can this feature be entirely disabled? Ideally, Ctrl + F should still work, but if I need to disable it entirely through the about:config somehow, I’d be willing.

    Find a Community otacon239
    Looking for a community regarding copyright

    I’ve recently been considering starting to sell artwork by request, but have never attempted before. Is there a community where I can ask questions about what may or may not be considered breaking copyright law such as fan art and the limitations, etc?

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