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You're laughing? Russian spies are blasting our federal agents with headache beams and you're laughing!
  • Why are we talking about this bs again? Are they running out of ammo to support their power projection around the globe?

  • Professional Kirin (by Sk Jynx)
  • Yes, more tattoo arts pls

  • Every time Norman Finkelstein calls Destiny by his name
  • I didn't click that podcast since I thought Destiny and Lex are cringe, but I guess I had miss some gold.

  • Video Shows First Neuralink Patient Playing Mario Kart With His Mind
  • Neuralink hasn't address the security complications, hopefully their engineers know what are they doing

  • Everything that the US budget bill has in it regarding Israel and Palestine
  • Gonna love muh freedom given to Zionist to kill more women and children

  • Solving the real problems
  • While purchasing data stored by Google and Facebook for your own safety, oc

  • I am the Rust programmer, I will rewrite everything in Rust.
  • Let the Rust, the only deity, the only faith, guide us to our destiny. Amen.

  • Ina helped Bae put her new PC together
  • Normie Bae strikes again...

  • [KDE] Clean AF setup
  • Ok, now go to the Nuremberg

  • Now I am become Marx, the destroyer of bourgeoisie
  • Reject reproduction, embrace the theories

  • [Wayfire] Drop-down Kitty + Gruvbox Everywhere
  • Useless window animations for fancy purpose? You got my upvote

  • "Linux Sucks" Sucks. Here's Why
  • Mb, seems like he's a really deep down into antivac and Jan 10 rabbit hole.

  • "Linux Sucks" Sucks. Here's Why
  • May u elaborate on the allegation where he is a conspiracy theorist?

  • Mozilla names new CEO as it pivots to data privacy
  • Not a fan of her, but I do share a sentiment with her about the current state of tech industry

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    A Linux nerd who loves anime, manga, history, and philosophy. Devoted FOSS proponent and socialist with international tendency. He/Him

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