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Next steps after the bear
  • I think a positive step can also be to think back and reflect a bit. Why did I react the way I did? When I first heard the hypothetical, it made me feel bad about myself. After that came a feeling of defeat. I was thinking "why even bother, whatever I do I'm the villain." I'm very afraid of bears, which may have played into this.
    The main thing I've been thinking since then is that I find it easier to have empathy with people who show empathy to me. It's easy to think "well then, when they start showing empathy, so will I.", but it goes both ways, doesn't it? That made me want to influence this loop of causality, or what to call it.
    I'll set my negative emotions to the side, and try to not contribute to the division between people. Maybe even manage to be a part in the positive direction. As I get older, the more I realize that I can't change the world, but I have a very deep wish to be a net positive somehow.
    As for acting on the things I have learned, I don't really know what to do, and I hope this is a safe space for anyone who needs support.

  • obligatory bear post
  • I guess. It invoked some emotion for sure, something that research and policies usually don't. For me, I still don't know what to do differently. I've heard the statistics and it's scary and sad. I want women to be safe and equal and all that. But what's the plan here, which path leads to a different world? Does it help if I just sit around and feel bad about myself? I don't think so. It just alienates me from half of the human population. But what actually helps? The message I receive is mostly just "feel bad about yourself."

  • About the bear...
  • it honestly feels like some of these dudes want nothing but to feel like the victim of the situation sometimes.

    A part of this could be to recognize that they too might be trying to communicate something, wanting people to listen. The stalemate of mutual lack of listening. It's really a tricky, circular thing, and probably it's hard to just say "shut up and listen" to either side, when a precondition for listening is having trust that the other one will listen too.
    I'm interested in increasing this trust between people. I also recognize that there is a level of feeling dismissed within me that makes me care less about others, and I assume that others could have that too.
    If we could figure out a way to be at least a net positive in building trust and listening, then, well, step by small step, reinforcing the mutual feeling of trust, that would be good.
    But sometimes it just feels impossible.

  • About the bear...
  • There is hope, I think. I wanted to have sort of a meta-discussion about the question from a mens lib point of view. Like, this thing is circulating, it seems to be making many people upset, what is a healthy way to interpret or react to it?

  • 2nd hand ThinkPad go brrrrr
  • Free cost and free as in freedom to understand and modify the code. I also think it's a beautiful way of doing things. We also have Wikipedia and Openstreetmap. The internet has a tremendous potential for collaboration, people doing things because they want to, for the benefit of everyone.

  • General Availability of AlmaLinux 9.4 Stable!
  • I bet they considered the options. It could simply be that no one has had time to change the installer. It could also be that the people who care about free software to the degree that they want to avoid non-free firmware usually figure out how to do it, and that too many options confuse new users. I don't know. A feature request discussion in the appropriate mailing list could be a good idea if you want change.

  • General Availability of AlmaLinux 9.4 Stable!
  • New users found it hard to download the right installer if they needed non-free firmware. Experienced users know they can add firmware=never in the installer to disable firmware lookup if they want. If they want to decide on a firmware by firmware basis, that's an option too. If the hardware doesn't need non-free firmware it's not installed.

  • About the bear...

    So, I'm just assuming we've all seen the discussions about the bear. Personally I feel that this is an opportunity for everyone to stop and think a little about it. The knee-jerk reaction from many men seems to be something along the lines of "You would choose a dangerous animal over me? That makes me feel bad about myself." which results in endless comments of the "Akchully... according to Bayes theorem you are much more likely to..." kind. It should be clear by now that it doesn't lead to good places. Maybe, and I'm open to being wrong, but maybe the real message is women saying: "We are scared of unknown men." Then, if that is the message intended, what do we do next? Maybe the best thing is just to listen. To ask questions. What have you experienced to make you feel that way? I firmly believe that the empathy we give lays a foundation for other people being willing to have empathy for the things we try to communicate. It doesn't mean we should feel bad about ourselves, but just to recognize that someone is trying to say something, and it's not a technical discussion about bears. What do you think?

    Andreas Tille becomes the new DPL

    Congratulations to Andreas! It seems like he has lots of ideas for how to improve things in packaging, and for communicating with other distros. Debian is a big ship to steer, and I personally hope the leader can facilitate people working together to reach our goals.

    What could your distro learn from another distro?

    For example, I'm using Debian, and I think we could learn a thing or two from Mint about how to make it "friendlier" for new users. I often see Mint recommended to new users, but rarely Debian, which has a goal to be "the universal operating system". I also think we could learn website design from.. looks at notes ..everyone else.

    DPL candidates

    What do you think of the platforms?


    I made this during a time I felt very lonely. Now I don't feel lonely anymore, I feel great (for reasons unrelated to crafting, but still).

    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk
    Parsing HTML with regex



    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk
    Zero-clause BSD License
    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk
    My Immortal
    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk
    Kein Lebendiges...

    Whiteboard pen on random workplace whiteboard.

    Calligraphy - writing & illuminating & lettering pmk
    There's a...

    Felt tip pen on printer paper.

    The future of Linux

    I'm not proposing anything here, I'm curious what you all think of the future.

    What is your vision for what you want Linux to be?

    I often read about wanting a smooth desktop experience like on MacOS, or having all the hardware and applications supported like Windows, or the convenience of Google products (mail, cloud storage, docs), etc.

    A few years ago people were talking about convergence of phone/desktop, i.e. you plug your phone into a big screen and keyboard and it's now your desktop computer. That's one vision. ChromeOS has its "everything is in the cloud" vision. Stallman has his vision where no matter what it is, the most important part is that it's free software.

    If you could decide the future of personal computing, what would it be?

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