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Ministry of Sandwalks
  • Worm 1: Something is walking up there, but in a nerdy way.

    Worm 2: Nu-uh!!! Everyone knows our prey strolls casually around…or is a giant machine.

    Worm 1: Didn’t one of the humans ride you around like a go cart?

    Worm 2: Oh so you ALWAYS need to bring it up.

  • Easter is upon us
  • And the people came out of the city of Jerusalem, and beheld a bunny laying eggs of many colors. Many were confused, for the eggs were then hidden, within them, candies from leading brands. Hippitus Hoppitus.

  • Removed Deleted
    Cranky Before Coffee
  • We’ve been getting complaints about your lack of drinking at work. We’re not in the Prussian aristocracy Ben, now take a couple of shots and get out there and make financial decisions for the company!

  • "[No Humans Allowed]" by [Rowye]

    Original source:

    Hesperus Mission: Mars By Redwoodjedi

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    Hiking By TheRenderKnight

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    Morrigan Class [The Expanse] By Azzecco

    Link to the artist's page:

    Long Ride By Kyokazu


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