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Photon v1.29.0

What's Changed

  • Redesign navigation
    • If you dislike the change, go to settings and press "Legacy Navigation Style". This will make the navigation similar to before
    • You can see 5 of the most recent posts and communities for quick access.
  • Use your accent color in more places
    • You can change your accent colors in the theme menu.
  • Improve design consistency
  • New font option
  • Change animation curves to be more bouncy
  • Add option to make featured posts more compact
  • Remove hooks.server.ts to make requests faster

Full Changelog:

  • Is it possible to set the old navigation style as the default via an ENV parameter?

    My first impression is that it doesn't work very well on desktop. Maybe on mobile it is better, but there are many other mobile apps for Lemmy...

    Maybe there could be an option to only enable it on small screens?

  • Kinda dont like the new navigation system. Would be great to have a option to get the old one back, not just to replace it with a similar looking one

    • Please read the post.

      • If you dislike the change, go to settings and press "Legacy Navigation Style". It is at the top of settings.
      • Yeah, saw and tried that. The setting only changes the position and size and doesnt revert it to how it looked like pre 1.29 from what ive seen

  • Just wanted to say I love photon, only thing wrong with it is that its broken on safari.

    • I tested safari on an iPhone 15 running iOS 17 and could not find any issues. What OS are you on?

      • I tested it on an iPad and an iPhone, I believe they were running iOS 16.4 (I say I believe because they're a relatives devices, not mine). The issue was that the page wouldn't end at the bottom, there would be a bunch of empty space you could scroll through

  • Looks great!

  • Thanks for sharing!

    I find this version better than the previous one, if that may help

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