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Loch Ness Rulester
  • Every time. Smh

  • Rule of Measurement
  • It's hits so weird because the joke is about mass and the picture is about volume.

  • Discord starts down the dangerous road of ads this week
  • I don't love this, but I use it for free. What can I say really?

  • Is it too late to get involved?
  • No lie I'd be just as happy with this game if I paid full price. The kool-aid is tasty over here.

  • New Update Patch Notes
  • I used it yesterday and it still feels fine tbh.

  • J.K. Rowling will not be arrested for comments about transgender women, police say
  • While I want to agree with the sentiment behind what you said I find it really hard to get behind government legally telling people what they can and can't say. I personally feel like it's every skinhead assole's right to say racist awful shit. I also feel like if you're going to exercise that right with reckless abandon, you're gonna get fucked up by some people who don't take kindly. As detrimental as their regressive views may be, I believe we simply cannot have legal punishments for saying something the government doesn't agree with. It's a very slippery slope.

  • Helldivers is Life
  • Yeah, unless something is actually breaking stuff with how unbalanced it is, then I say let the min-maxing of the meta be left to competitive shooters. I'm not too worried about it if some guys railgun is really strong as long as my other weapons aren't just totally non-viable. Taking the "non meta" weapons is where a lot of the fun of this game comes from.

  • Strictly nsfw
  • This is that weird kinda internet my body craves.

  • No kink shaming
  • Hey now, let's be fair. Y'all also be measuring in these.

  • 40 types of Italian coffee
  • Lmao what?

  • Now, which Court does he belong to?
  • Pan's Labryinth comes to mind.

  • All handy dandy
  • I'm over here amazed with how many times I had to read the headline before my brain would register what was wrong. It's times like this that I can almost understand how stuff like this happens. Ha

  • The ladies rule
  • Is this Duck Dodgers? I haven't thought about that show in forever but it was sooo good.

  • If it works...
  • I mean really, as long that everything is wired correctly, I don't see much danger here. Other than the danger of looking like a mad man for massacring your case of course. Lol

  • 40-year-old homeowner says economy doesn’t add up: ‘I’m making the most money I’ve ever made, and I’m still living paycheck to paycheck’
  • If you’re always struggling to pay your bills, you need to increase your income.

    "just make more money" lmaooooo

  • Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection used modder's work without credit
  • They'd have to change the content or pay the man prolly.

  • I hate those little bastards
  • Yeah, I can believe this. They eat a lot of damage, show up in laughably large numbers, and give Helldivers the ole 'spit acid barf in all your orafices' type insta death.

  • I'ma be real this is the only thing I ever used him for
  • Silly me, I destroyed the bridge she was crossing and dropped her in a hole. 😂

  • TIFU by looking like a goober on mildly interesting.

    So at work around lunch time I started feeling a lil hungry. Making what might not be considered the best of life choices I decided I was gonna go grab something from McDonald's. I pull up to the speaker and do my thing. During the process I noticed what I thought just happened to be a sequential drive through code you had to use in the app or summin', idk. Thinking that it was at the level of interesting most might consider to be mild, I put a picture of it on the community. I was immediately informed that's definitely not how that works, and I look like a freakin' jabroni.

    TL;DR Thought I found something kinda neat and posted it to a community not knowing it was just going to make me look really uninformed.

    EarthPorn A_Toasty_Strudel
    Boreal Forest
    Infection Update Review Thread

    How y'all feeling about that new update?

    It's officially a party! TIFU HITS 6000 SUBS

    I'm so exited to say that were officially over 6000 subscribers strong and climbing!

    I'm so proud of everyone who's taking the initiative and staying active not only on TIFU, but the fediverse as a whole.

    Here's to everyone making this platform the best it can be!🍻

    A_Toasty_Strudel A_Toasty_Strudel
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