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American Robin watching the neighbors on their morning walk
  • I've watched one cock its head towards a spot on the lawn, listen, then dart over, slam its beak into the ground with the full force of its body, and come back up with a big ol fat worm. It's really neat.

  • American Robin watching the neighbors on their morning walk
  • We have a flock of about 50 of these guys that hunt worms on our lawn every day. They're really fun to watch. They must have amazing hearing, because they seem to be able to hear the worms crawling under the soil.

  • How long would it take to travel 80 miles in a car travelling 80 miles per hour?
  • Well, he is! I actually always think about him as the alien FBI agent from The Hidden, since that's when I learned he is an actor and not a blind guy with a movie made about him. I didn't even realize that he has been in more recent stuff like Portlandia and How I Met Your Mother. I guess he was in the Twin Peaks remake too? He's a pretty cool actor.

  • How long would it take to travel 80 miles in a car travelling 80 miles per hour?
  • When I was about 5 years old I saw a movie that was based on a true story about a blind man. The man was played by the first Paul Atreides actor, Kyle MacLachlan. So then when I saw him in an alien sci-fi some time later I was freaked out. I asked my mom how he could do everything in the movie if he's blind. See, I thought that if a movie was based on a true story that the real person from the story was the actor portraying them in the movie. But I was 5 years old when I learned about movie magic. It's kind of crazy that your ex-girlfriend hadn't learned that well into adulthood.

  • Questions about migrating to Arch from Pop! for a gaming rig

    I've been using Arch on an old laptop for a few years now, but I use Pop on my gaming desktop. I've wanted to switch to Arch for a long while now, but haven't had the motivation (if it ain't broke, and all that). I'm finally ready to do it, but I'm a little concerned about my gaming experience. Are there any gotchas for gaming with an i7 and a 3070 ti that I should be aware of before I make the switch? Is it pretty seamless? Can I still use a freesync monitor with the g-sync compatibility setting? Is it easy to install the Nvidia drivers and well documented on the wiki? I'm open to information about any other sticky scenarios you guys encountered getting Arch set up for use as a daily driver and gaming computer.

    Edit: is there any way to backup my internal drive mappings and mounting points, or will I need to set all of that up again?

    I've only ever used Gnome for Arch, but one of the things that has me motivated to switch is that KDE 6 supports HDR. Does anyone have experience with it? Is it a pretty slick and simple DE?

    I just noticed that they've added a hangover debuff to the game. LOL

    Apparently if the majority of your camp supplies are alcohol, the game now gives you a hangover debuff after a long rest. Thankfully it doesn't last very long, but that's a fun little update.

    I did not fully anticipate just how lonely and depressing an evil playthrough is.

    I'm currently on my 3rd playthrough, and I'm playing as a dark urge character who gives into his urges. For spoiler prevention I'll describe what I just finished as vaguely as possible. I just completed the durge objective that gives you a powerful reward in act 2.

    This is depressing. All of the good that I accomplished in my first two playthroughs is absent. My camp is nearly empty. Lae zel's lifeless body has been laying in my camp for 2 full acts. Karlach, Wyll, Zevlor, Damon, Jaheira, and many others are dead, either by my hand or because of my actions.

    I didn't fully appreciate just how lonely and depressing, self-serving life would be. I have more gold and loot than either of my other playthroughs, and I'm more powerful, but to what end? My own lonely existence? I don't think that I will continue past this point. I've accomplished what I set out to do, which was experience the game as an evil character. I don't think I need another 50 hours of this to pound the point home.

    Hats off to Larian for making such an emotional and realistic game, full of vibrant and exciting characters. I don't enjoy the world where I have betrayed them all.

    Astarion can't talk to Raphael?

    In my first playthrough he was able to talk to Raphael outside of the Gauntlet of Shar. This time Raphael just left without ever giving Astarion a chance to ask any questions. So, I reloaded a save, did the whole House of Healing fight again, made sure to have Astarion selected when we approached the Gauntlet, and it auto switched to my character when the conversation started and he left again. Have they changed this sequence? Is it bugged? Do only certain dialogue choices give you a chance to barter?

    Instance filters are not working

    I've added some instances to the instance filters, yet I continue seeing those instances. Is there something else that I need to do to block entire instances?

    Assassin is actually amazing!

    I hadn't tried it in 2 different playthroughs because it's rated really low online. But since I've used the other builds already, I figured I'd give it a go for Astarion in this new playthrough. He has an item that makes him invisible for two turns whenever he kills someone, which basically makes him a one man killing machine. For 3 different battles now I've split him off from the group and sent him out ahead to sneak attack the enemy group. Welp, reinforcements were never needed. He sneak attacks from range, turns invisible, moves away so he can't be detected, and attacks again. Each attack one-shots his victim, and he can make quick work of entire groups of enemies.

    I can see that this build wouldn't be great for unexpected battles, or outright confrontation, but when you know that you want to fight, dang man! It's amazing.

    If you happen to find that item that gives invisibility on kill, then I highly suggest getting a good bow, and giving assassin a try. It seems like it would be a good option for a playthrough without companions, as long as you are able to get back into stealth after attacking.

    How do I preserve my messages settings?

    Every time I get a notification that someone has commented or messaged me it is back to the Show All option, even though I've set it to Show Unread a hundred times already.

    This paralyzed debuff is a bit long. Eh?

    I didn't do anything to trigger it. I just hit an enemy with the t5 hammer. The weapon was not cursed. This is most certainly a game breaking bug.

    Edit: this is Experienced Pixel Dungeon

    I miss people looking like humans.

    Everywhere online now, every movie, every home video, has been passed through so many filters that people don't look human any more. Nobody has any lines in their face, their teeth are florescent white, their eyes are filled in and have no veins. Nobody ever looks tired, or natural. Add to the mix the fact that everyone is getting lip implants to look like a blowfish, and I'm just tired of it. I miss seeing real human beings.

    Freerunner is amazing!

    I just played freerunner for the first time and managed to ascend to the surface with the amulet with 12 healing potions left, and several food items. My build was +6 plate armor with glyph of brimstone, +7 glaive with lightning enchant, +2 wand of blasting, +4 blazing wand (or whatever it's called), +2 ring of haste, +3 ring of ferver (or whatever the attack speed one is called). It was so easy and awesome! I'd light the whole room on fire, then just run backwards and hit things with the glaive while out of range. Death Mark provided a fair amount of shielding and crowd control after the Dwarf King. I did have a ring of wealth earlier in the game and got really good drops, but this class is really strong if you get some good support gear. The movement speed alone lets you disengage from fights you don't want to take, lets you avoid damage, and prevents starvation. I had a whip until the demon halls and that also worked well with the play style. Overall I think it's my new favorite class.

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