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Are there audiobook releases that have a visual component?
  • Not what you are looking for but I remember on psp there was Metal Gear Solid "digital graphic novels". Basically narrated comics

  • US foreign aid package: how is it financed?

    I was just wondering how the US (or any country really) can pull out 100 billion on a given occasion ? Is the treasury just "printing" more money, or are taxes raised? (let's say 200million Americans are active, that's still $500 per person) . Or is it just debt passed on to future generations? It goes without saying that I am not fluent in finance

    Gluetun: The Little VPN Client That Could
  • I fully agree on the rabbit hole effect of learning linux and selfhosting on your own... I have been moving baby steps for 3 years because it's rare to find even 2 hours in a week where I can do just that. Networking is just daunting to newbies imo

  • Are you also able to stutter in sign languages?
  • ✌️🖕🖕🖕👊 means nnnnno. Joke aside idk... It would be hesitation rather than stutter

  • Tesla’s in its flop era
  • 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  • Blinken says genocide in Xinjiang is ongoing in report ahead of China visit
  • Whoa this administration caring about genocide is legit

  • Always beware of radioactive cats...
  • They're not lazy, they're depleted

  • Hell Is Other People
  • L'enfer, c'est les autres

  • Ronald Reagan?! The Actor?!
  • Can't begin to imagine how Obama felt passing the baton to the pumpkin

  • High Court In India Rules That Viewing, Downloading Child Porn Is Not A Crime - The Publica
  • Agree on generalizing, I made a huge shortcut. But his popularity ratings have never been so high

  • Modi Calls Muslims ‘Infiltrators’ Who Would Take India’s Wealth
  • Here's an idea: make them wear a yellow crescent on their clothes, so you know who they are

  • High Court In India Rules That Viewing, Downloading Child Porn Is Not A Crime - The Publica
  • Well Muslims there saw the shit coming way before 2020. But Hindus be like Heil Modi and world leaders applaud and can't wait to do business

  • What side do you open a banana from?
  • The other side duh... Applies whichever side you use

  • Dead man walking
  • The Mouth-cow

  • 'They've Taken Away My Right to Speak,' Trump Says While Ranting to Reporters
  • When he was still on shitter, I replied to him "shut up" six times in one hour. My account has been restricted ever since (I can't post). I stopped using it anyway, probably I should delete it

  • Nas’ 'Illmatic' Was the Beginning of the End of the Album
  • My favourite song of all time. I learned the 9 minutes lyrics in 99 and can still sing it from memory today

  • Are there apps that mimic notification leds on amoled screens?

    I realise I really miss that feature from 10 years ago. Any (foss) app doing that?

    SECUSO - A full suite of privacy friendly android apps and games - available on F-droid


    For some years I have been using several of these apps, and just (re)discovered that they have plenty more than the 5 or 6 I use. Wanted to share. This webpage is in German, but apps description in F-droid are in English.

    Cops Running DNA-Manufactured Faces Through Face Recognition Is a Tornado of Bad Ideas Cops Running DNA-Manufactured Faces Through Face Recognition Is a Tornado of Bad Ideas

    In keeping with law enforcement’s grand tradition of taking antiquated, invasive, and oppressive technologies, making them digital, and then calling it innovation, police in the U.S. recently combined two existing dystopian technologies in a brand new way to violate civil liberties. A police force.....

    Cops Running DNA-Manufactured Faces Through Face Recognition Is a Tornado of Bad Ideas
    Robust, yet compact umbrella?

    So I don't live in a hurricane area, but average storms got the best of my two umbrellas that I thought would withstand the wind. One samsonite, one Taiwanese brand (rainbow) that had advertised it as storm resistant. It is true that both would "pop out" in case of strong winds, which is to prevent the immediate break.

    Still, facing the wind (a sudden burst as I was walking past a tall building) has bent the ribs irremediably.

    Any suggestions based on actual experience?

    Thank you

    Google lens asking me to "donate" them my pictures

    So I opened Google Lens for the first time in years to identify a logo, and got prompted by this. Thank you but no thank you

    List of 2FA enabled services/websites?

    Is there someone somewhere curating a list of websites/apps/services that propose 2FA?

    I have only a handful configured in my authenticator, mostly when such services proactively propose to the user to activate 2FA.

    I would like to have more, but digging in security parameters to find out is not very productive, especially since these parameters are often named a bit differently, or buried in varying submenus.

    An online search mostly proposes comparison of 2FA auth apps.

    Is it available for lemmy by the way?

    Battery management question

    Hello, I just switched to Android 13, and I am wondering what is this toggle doing on top of the 3 options? A bit confused.

    Edit: on Asus zenfone 10, in case it varies from vendor to vendor

    Smart android keyboard respecting privacy?

    Hello, could someone recommended a keyboard for android that is a bit smart in predictive typing? I used to like swiftkeybefore it was bought by microsoft. Not that swiftkey itself was much better but I was not so privy conscious at that time.

    I recall swiftkey would require access to your texts and emails to train itself to your predictions.

    Is there some similar foss keyboard where all the data then remains local?

    I know swiftkey has an incognito mode, but then it stops learning from your typing.

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