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1990 - 2005 Gaming Build
  • I remember buying C&C Red Alert many years ago, and being completely unable to play it due to CPU speed. Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen would instantly zip to the edges of the game world.

  • Intel is trucking a 916,000-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab, spawning road closures over nine days
  • Shouldn't come as much surprise though. We're not going to risk nuclear armageddon over nVidia's stock price.

    There'll be lots of huffing and puffing, stern statements and red lines drawn, but if China decide they really want it, they'll take it and the rest of the world won't really do much.

    Everyone has way too much of their infrastructure in China and they know it.

  • Reform UK pulls to within two points of Tories in latest YouGov poll
  • We tried, but the same party now bleating that a Labour supermajority would be bad for the country was then obsessing over the cost of having better voting, thought we needed more bullteproof vests and incubators, and that majority governments made countries stronger.

    I don't expect it to come up for review again under the other party in our two party system. What we were being offered wasn't fantastic, but it was better than what we had, and will be used as a stick to beat anybody calling for another referendum into submission.

  • Many such cases
  • Quality of HDR is very much dependent on the TV you have I think.

    I'm still rocking a 2017 LG OLED which are considered pretty good, but as you go down into LCDs and the cheaper brands, you'll probably take a hit on image quality. Some TVs used to have a yellow pixel as well as red blue and green, so could even be that.

    HDR is less about the brightness (although they are brighter than older TVs) and more about colour and brightness accuracy.

  • ???
  • Somebody did this at our place.

    The poor cleaning ladies took one look, then went out for a ten minute fag break to draw straws. It had been done just before the weekend and this was a Tuesday, so they almost needed the pressure washer.

    They blamed one of the fat lads for it, but fat lads don't hovershit. This was the work of a younger man, unaccustomed to the feeling of unfriendly porcelain upon his virgin cheeks. Suddenly caught short and needing to do his first workplace poo, but also unable to accept that his bottom might have to go where other bottoms had boldly gone before.

  • Customer service
  • Used to work with a guy who kept trying to get everyone else to buy crypto and NFTs, and said he had 2 million in Bitcoin on a drive in his house.

    Given he lived in a one bed flat and wore the same cigarette smelling jumper every day for three years, I doubted that very much.

  • What is the point of Xbox? What is the point of Xbox?

    Xbox has repeated the same terrible mistakes for over a decade. The reason is simple: its priorities are back-to-front.

    What is the point of Xbox?
    PS5 Controller charging issues after recent update

    Is anyone else getting problems with charging from an external USB charger after the latest DualSense update?

    We updated both controllers, and now neither will charge from an Anker USB charger we've been using. They both charge from the PS5 itself. The charger works fine for phones.

    It's like they've updated them to no longer charge from any source other than the PS5, and maybe official PS5 charging docks. Don't have one of those to test.

    Annoying to say the least, as it means playing while charging now needs a cable trailing across the living room floor.

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