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Senate passes bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature. Biden expected to sign on Wed.
  • The kids don't care, they will just use CoCo Fun (most are using both apps anyway).

    The only difference is that with Coco Fun, its America spying on your kids.

  • Discord wants to void your right to sue them in court — but you can opt out of the practice
  • Came to say this. Here in the AU you cannot exclude certain things, this being one of them. They can write it all they like into the TOS, but cannot be enforced. There are many examples, but basically no TOS/Warranty/T&C can exclude or explicitly deny any rights you have or laws that protect you.

    Similar to warranty here. Many companies like to put "limited liability" and 30 day warranty. But in AU, the warranty has to fall within our laws. (for example Samsung saying warranty on a $5000 TV is 2 years. Well in AU if the tv is that expensive, you have the right to claim warranty on manufacturing failure for at least 5 years.) Many items we buy here, have an "Australia only warranty amendment page" stuffed in the box!

  • YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
  • yes, but did you enable an adblocker? I'm just saying it will work browsing via DDG. (oh, and I'm on PC. Don't know if this would work on a phone).

  • YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
  • If you are looking for a specific video, use DDG search, then click videos. No ad's!

    Obviously not useful if you're just randomly browsing content.

  • Moving away from Nextcloud AIO, where do I start setting up a Nextcloud instance WITHOUT Docker?
  • It's in their docs.

    Follow the pages one by one, (ie install php modules etc, edit settings, install apache2, edit settings, etc etc). Follow the recommendations (eg. PHP8.2, don't try to use bleeding edge).

    You'll be running in no time, and have a properly updatable system using apt, and the nextcloud ./occ command.

    I would recommend using Debian 12 over Ubuntu variants. There are other guides, like this: But you may have to "convert" some of the Ubuntu specific stuff to Debian, but actually there is probably no difference (php module naming convention maybe? Is that still a problem today?)

  • Discord to start showing ads in-app this week - Dexerto
  • I read about this, and you will have the ability to turn the ad's off in settings.

    They are optional. For now.

  • Asking a Linux user to recommend a printer
  • Tbh, get a Brother printer for any OS. At least they don't buy into the shitfuckery that HP and others do with ink and firmware updates.

  • Not buying a shaver from Philips again..
  • This is true, but something about being an Electronics Engineer makes you want to check. (I didn't even trust Philips to get it right, but they did.)

    I didn't go into detail, but simple Dashed/Solid line doesn't tell you the whole story. Those simple wall warts are not fancy switch mode, or even old school rectified. I measured 14VDC unloaded, which I can probably guestimate in experience, to be a 9VDC loaded reading.

    The actual reading on wallwarts are generally untrustworthy, unless its a thing from Samsung or apple, where the circuitry are what you would expect (switched etc).

  • Not buying a shaver from Philips again..
  • I can tell you for certain, I measured my plug phiips (foil and 'one') and they are both 14VDC. So short answer is that the plug charger would blow up the usb trimmer you have (which is 5VDC).

    The reason I know this and measured them, was because I wasnt sure the two plug chargers were the same, and I didnt want to blow up my philips one.

  • the Apple curl security incident 12604 |
  • Anyone still using LibreSSL and not OpenSSL, has only themselves to blame. Or their company or whoever is forcing it on them.

  • Microsoft's draconian Windows 11 restrictions will send an estimated 240 million PCs to the landfill when Windows 10 hits end of life in 2025
  • The only people that will really suffer from this is businesses. They will have to buy W11, and they will need to get supported hardware. However, businesses usually have rolling upgrades in place in the IT and have probably rolled out many already.

    As for home users, with each newer generation, they become more tech savy. I can tell you now, this won't affect as many people as you imagine.

    • 1: W11 is free to download from M$. You can choose whether or not to buy a licence. W11 cracks already exist, M$ is still using key management services, so something like KMSpico still work. There are also tons of activator scripts on github (lol, since M$ owns this!).
    • 2: Grab a copy of RUFUS. Use it to take the W11 image and remove all restrictions, and dump it to USB.
    • 3: ???
    • 4: Profit.

  • Streaming Services, need a new map!
  • Well, yeah true it started like that. But still Jellyfin followed the open source path. I'd expect that under the hood there would be very little left of what was Emby, it was just a starting point. ( , before they changed the licensing and removed any further work to the GPL 2 version).

    Also Emby is at 4.8.1 now and has been making leaps and bounds in changes lately.

    As I said, licensing was the issue for Emby, and the easiest solution was to change their license. It wasn't just to make money, it was about being able to handle licenses from other software, such as Fraunhofer

  • Streaming Services, need a new map!
  • no. Jellyfin aims to be totally open source.

    Emby is not, and the reason it works better. They pay the licenses for mp4 etc. earn it back from those who support, but it never was truly open source.

    Jellyfin is open source, and that is the reason they have "problems" (licensing issues, that you have circumvent if you look hard enough).

    For set and forget, Emby and Plex are the choices. Emby does not have a bullshit money making agenda, and is the better option - currently.

  • Streaming Services, need a new map!
  • "obscure Emby"... You don't get out much, do you.

    Emby is a direct competitor to Plex, and its better. It doesn't require and internet connection to work, doesnt force signup, its completely self hosted if you want. The dev is responsive, bugs are fixed quickly.

    It does have subscription options if you want, none are required for full functionality.

    Emby is not FOSS, but neither is Plex.

  • Meet the Super DVD: Scientists Develop Massive 1 Petabit Optical Disk
  • Tell me you are American, with out telling me you are American....

  • Reddit literally shilling their own stonks to users in direct message, reveals that CEO gets paid $193 million last year
  • I'd pick prohibited transaction. I live in AU. NYSE won't let me trade there.

    Either that or "hate" - all redditors can get involved, but not you because you are not from the US. Sounds like communism.

  • Reddit's licensing deal means Google's AI can soon be trained on the best humanity has to offer — completely unhinged posts
  • I agree, it will take a lot of work, and I am all for balance where an AI prompt is ambiguous and doesn't specify anything in particular. The output could be male/female/Asian/whatever. This is where AI needs to be diverse, and not stereotypical.

    But if your prompt is to "depict a male king of the UK", there should be no ambiguity to the result of that response. The sheer ignorance in googles approach to blatantly ignore/override all historical data (presumably that the AI has been trained on) is just agenda pushing, and of little help to anyone. AI is supposed to be helpful, not a bouncer and must not have the ability to override the users personal choices (other than being outside the law).

    Its has a long way to go, before it has proper practical use.

  • ownCloud becomes part of Kiteworks ownCloud becomes part of Kiteworks - ownCloud

    Kiteworks and ownCloud join forces to underscore its commitment to the DACH market.

    ownCloud becomes part of Kiteworks - ownCloud

    Might be of some interest to those who moved away from ownCloud to Nextcloud.

    Opnsense 23.7.4 released

    This comes with some fixes to the new openVPN system, and route-gateway was added (a big oversight imo). More updates to wireguard and improvements have been added, and are still ongoing.

    Here are the full patch notes:

    ``` system: correctly set RFC 5424 on remote TLS system logging

    system: remove hasGateways() and write DHCP router option unconditionally

    system: avoid plugin system for gateways monitor status fetch

    system: remove passing unused ifconfig data to Gateways class on static pages

    system: remove passing unused ifconfig data on gateway monitor status fetch

    system: remove the unused "alert interval" option from the gateway configuration

    interfaces: calculate_ipv6_delegation_length() should take advanced and custom dhcp6c into account

    interfaces: teach ifctl to dump all files and its data for an interface

    interfaces: remove dead link/hint in GIF table

    interfaces: avoid duplicating $vfaces array

    interfaces: introduce interfaces_restart_by_device()

    firewall: remove old empty options trick from shaper model

    firewall: update models for clarity

    firmware: update model for clarity

    ipsec: omit conditional authentication properties when not applicable on connections

    ipsec: fix key pair generator for secp256k1 EC and add properer naming to GUI (contributed by Manuel Faux)

    ipsec: allow the use of eap_id = %any in instances

    openvpn: fix certificate list for client export when optional CA specified (contributed by Manuel Faux)

    openvpn: add CARP VHID tracking for client instances

    openvpn: add tun-mtu/fragment/mssfix combo for instances

    openvpn: add "route-gateway" advanced option to CSO

    openvpn: use new File::file_put_contents() wrapper for instances

    openvpn: updated model and clarified "auth" default option

    mvc: remove "non-functional" hints from form input elements

    mvc: uppercase default label in BaseListField is more likely

    ui: add bytes format to standard formatters list

    plugins: os-ddclient 1.16[1]

    plugins: os-frr 1.36[2]

    plugins: os-wireguard 2.1[3]

    plugins: os-tinc 1.7 adds support for "StrictSubnets" variable (contributed by andrewhotlab)

    lang: update translations and add Polish

    src: bring back netmap tun(4) ethernet header emulation (contributed by Sunny Valley Networks)

    src: axgbe: gracefully handle i2c bus failures

    src: bnxt: do not restart on VLAN changes

    src: ice: do not restart on VLAN changes

    src: net: do not overwrite VLAN PCP

    src: net: remove VLAN metadata on PCP / VLAN encapsulation

    src: if_vlan: always default to 802.1

    src: iflib: fix panic during driver reload stress test

    src: iflib: fix white space and reduce some line lengths

    src: ixgbe: define IXGBE_LE32_TO_CPUS

    src: ixgbe: check for fw_recovery

    src: net80211: fail for unicast traffic without unicast key[4]

    src: pcib: allocate the memory BAR with the MSI-X table[5]

    ports: php 8.2.10[6]

    ports: python 3.9.18[7]

    ports: unbound 1.18.0[8] ```

    A way of getting users to join here as well?

    This is an open ended question, it seems we need to encourage people to join here as well as being on their preferred platform (which is not ours to discourage or be derogatory about).

    I still frequent the "that site" because I want to help - but honestly I dont want to help "that site". Not that I am really doing so.

    However, it feels weird if I do have to say "we are also on fede.. blah blah" and lets be honest about this -- its less support, but by more knowledgeable people (??probably I believe so).

    How do we get them (and lets face it, Franco) over here to support OSS.

    I know Franco has paid subscriptions but opnsense is OSS, the community is more than happy to help out if it is not paywalled.

    OPNsense 23.7.3 released

    OPNsense 23.7.2 released

    A seal walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink.

    "What would you like?" says the bartender.

    The seal replies, "anything but Canadian Club".

    I'm an agnostic, dyslexic with insomnia.

    I stay up all night wondering if there really is a dog.

    Rats are under rated.

    It's true, check your dictionary.

    Some people think being a hostage is hard.

    I reckon I could do it with my hands tied behind my back.

    I had sex last night.

    It was so good, even the neighbours had a cigarette!

    I was early for my booking at the restaurant last night

    The manager asked "Do you mind waiting for a bit?" "Not at all" I replied.

    "Good, can you please take these drinks to table 3"

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