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Stop playing games with online security, Signal president warns EU lawmakers
  • This is such a piece of shit legislation, everytime the lawmakers are like "yeah but CSAM and Terrorism guys.. We already know mass surveillance is totally working and worth it, so why are you even angry??"

    Time to get the doves out!

  • What was your worst consensual sexual experience?
  • It's not a question of enjoyment, it's a question of sensitivity. Dutch females statistically have a less sensitive vagina because of all the biking(saddles), but that doesn't have to mean they rate sex worse.

  • Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • Well HECK! I have been advertising this game to every gamer I know, finally a Sims game that's not EA... :( I was very hopeful when they delayed without a new date, just take your time and get it right. Dang, I was really looking forward to this

  • Bethesda Is Charging $7 For A New Starfield Mission, And Players Are Upset
  • In all the previous shooter Fallouts, you can basically use VATS to never have to aim yourself if that's what you want to do (or melee build!), it's like an auto-aimer. You won't miss that much and maybe that way you can enjoy the universe.

  • Samyang: Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
  • I had a 1x spicy variant from these producers and it was pretty intense but still enjoyable, and I'm used to some heat but normally try to stay below 100.000 Scoville (ish) to still have fun. I can imagine if you are used to nothing spicywise and try their 3x spicy stuff you might get poisoning. Maybe the time is ripe to have a global rating or warning label for spicy foods. Everyone always already tries to convey the spicyness-level, especially for guests/tourists and such. Why not try to make a standard for spicy warnings, you could even have region variability like in clothing labels.

  • NSFW
    I wish I was Asexual.
  • Adding on to what other said (it's not that big a deal): Just because prostitution is illegal does not mean you cant pay for a sexworker, it just makes it slightly harder to find. Making a porno is often legal, so just have a camera somewhere on a tripod and BOOM, welcome to the film industry ☺️. My local laws permit sexwork, and I don't think it is amoral to sell sex, so if you don't too and you are this fixated on it, ask around a bit!

  • Is there a way to disable the rumble feature on the Xbox controller?
  • As a person who has opened up a few xbox controllers to clean them up 'to the max', it's probably beginner level DIY to open it up and disconnect the rumble motors. I think it was even broken in one or two we had ( OG xbox and wired 360 versions), and the system doesn't prompt you to do something about or, or refuse service (can you imagine? that would suck). Still, I'd try to disconnect it non-destructively first

  • I somehow broke my Debian bookworm install…
  • Whenever we (Brother and I) broke our W95 install, it was a pretty high stakes race against the clock to get it to work as expected again, because if my dad got home from work and found out about the broken machine, there would be consequences (him being frustrated, us not allowed to play C&C red alert or Warcraft II)

  • What's your automatic vacuum's name?

    I saw a couple of fun ones somewhere else, and it got me interested. My mom calls her's: Mr de Vries

    other's i found:

    • William the Sucker
    • Kirby & Yoshi
    • Ragnar
    • Sir Suckalot
    • Wool-E

    *edit #sharingiscaring

    Well shucks, this turned out to be a goldmine! You're all dames and gents of the highest order💠 , thanks for sharing.

    What is this unknown connector in my glove compartment (Toyota Starlet EP90)

    Hey, I found this 'port' or 'socket' in my glove compartment. I checked the manual and parts list, but could not figure out what this should do. Fingers crossed that is a bulbsocket! Anyone know what this is??

    [I made] That bacon cheeseburger in the background

    I bought those fries in the store and sprinkled some fajita style herbs and spices over them. It was a great burger.

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