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Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown requirements for PC

I don't know man, it looks like another unoptimized game...

TDU Solar Crown requirements

I don't know man, it looks like another unoptimized game...

Advice for setting up my nephew’s first laptop.
  • So here’s the deal, I have an old HP laptop I am in the process of resetting and setting up as my ~8yo nephew’s first computer.

    Big mistake. It reinstalls all the bloatware and sometimes it can even end up bricking your Windows install. Always clean install.

    Obviously the parental controls will be in place with his parents getting a crash course in anything they don’t already know how to use(they’re tech literate so I’m not worried about that).

    Just in case you decide to use the Microsoft parental controls. It automatically blocks Firefox so you have to unblock it manually.

    So here’s where my question for y’all comes in, what are your recommendations for a budding computer scientist/programmer’s first Windows machine?

    Replace the HDD with a 512 GB SATA SSD, install 8 GBs of RAM and it will probably last more

  • We need mods!

    Sup, I'll need at least 2 mods to mod this subreddit while I'm away (since sometimes I'm not active on lemmy and the Eternity app does not have any mod features) so if you want to be a mod, I appreciate it. Just drop a comment on this thread if you want to be a mod

    Edit: spots are full!

    Switch update 17.0.0 bricked my console

    You read it right. I have the OG Switch (HAC-001) and the newest update broke it. It does not get past the Nintendo logo.

    I haven't hacked my Switch.

    It got bricked right after restarting.

    Other people have updated and their Switch is somehow fine.


    Chinese games downloaded from the AppGallery show ads at launch

    The game is Wild Racing 9 (the made-for-china version of Asphalt 9) and when you launch it, it tries to download an appgallery ad, but since I'm quite far from the chinese servers (I'm from Costa Rica) it mostly times out.

    And no the "Don't show again" option does not get rid of all ads. It just does not show that specific ad in general.

    NewPipe sometimes will buffer streams when exiting the app or playing in background

    Sometimes NewPipe when switching to another app it will buffer the stream again, and when I re enter NewPipe it buffers again. Does anyone here know why it does that?

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