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  • Dry. Fermented. In a burlap sack.

  • immich: Does a SSD/HDD make a noticable difference?
  • They are, but I think the question was more "does the increased speed of an SSD make a practical difference in user experience for immich specifically"

    I suspect that the biggest difference would be running the Postgres DB on an SSD where the fast random access is going to make queries significantly faster (unless you have enough ram that Postgres can keep the entire DB in memory where it makes less of a difference).

    Putting the actual image storage on SSD might improve latency slightly, but your hard drive is probably already faster than your internet connection so unless you've got lots of concurrent users or other things accessing the hard drive a bunch it'll probably be fast enough.

    These are all Reckons without data to back it up, so maybe do some testing

  • fruit
  • Weirdest episode of binging with babish

  • The US healthcare system is broken...
  • Because half the country votes for a party that explicitly says this is a good way to run things, and the other half votes for a party that says it isn't great, but we shouldn't really do anything meaningful about it.

    Until there is mass "you are all assholes and we demand a more representative electoral system" demonstrations, nothing will change.

    Readers may note that this applies to basically every problem in the US right now

  • Linux Server OSes?
  • Debian. When I have time to mess about with server stuff, I want to be doing the thing I want to do rather than fixing whatever broke in the most recent set of updates

  • Grandma’s church says Trump is all of us. She liked and shared. #LIBSinPRISON
  • Ikr? I'm an atheist and I know that this is probably heretical

  • How do I verbally say 2.1 ng/kg
  • Yeah - the dose is the poison (if you drink enough water it becomes toxic), so if you are talking precisely you need to describe the concentration of a substance in which it is likely lethal to a person, and that's typically expressed as mass of a substance per mass of bodyweight. A lot of the time you will also see this expressed as an "LD50" value; the dose at which you'd expect 50% of people to die. This accounts for the fact that people's metabolisms vary quite widely.

    ~1ng/kg ~= 0.08ug for a typical (~80kg) person, which is a very tiny amount - whatever you are talking about is incredibly toxic.

  • Why do certain companies keep paid content "accessible" through third party sites or addons?
  • Because fundamentally DRM doesn't work. It's effectively impossible to stop a determined attacker from gaining access to the information while also making it easy and convenient for the general public to access.

    The point of pay walls is to be just annoying enough that 90% of the public go "screw it, have a few dollars", not to stop the 10% of people who were never going to pay you regardless.

  • Renewed drives
  • I've not heard any out-and-out horror stories, but I've got no first hand experience.

    I'm planning on picking up 3x manufacturer recertified 18TB drives from SPD when money allows, but for now I'm running 6x ancient (minimum 4 years old) 3TB WD Reds in RAID 6. I keep a close eye on SMART stats, and can pick up a replacement within a day if something starts to look iffy. My plan is to treat the 18TBs the same; hard drives are consumables, they wear out over time, and you have to be ready to replace them when they do

  • Could a gaming PC be a good thing in a nursing home?
  • Sounds like a great idea - I suspect the biggest obstacle will be finding someone at the home who is confident enough in what to do with it to be willing to accept it.

    I've run into similar issues with schools where they are hesitant to accept donations of things like that because they don't want to be saddled with equipment they don't know how to use and maintain. Maybe worth seeing if you can raise a bit of money for a second hand Xbox or something?

  • Seoul will restart anti-Pyongyang loudspeaker broadcasts in retaliation against trash balloons
  • Weren't the shit balloons retaliation for the south sending balloons to drop propaganda leaflets?

  • Microsoft addresses Windows Recall backlash, promises to fix security issues and make it opt-in
  • My 10 year prediction - Microsoft does a full transition to a services company:

    • Basic Windows is free, even for OEMs
    • Windows Professional becomes a subscription thing, maybe you get it as part of your Azure AD sub
    • Things like Recall or not having ads are extra subscriptions
  • What's the rule for which 'national identity adjective' suffix to use?
  • Only in the same way Australia -> Aussie, or England -> pom. Colloquial terms

  • What's the rule for which 'national identity adjective' suffix to use?
  • The English Language, where the grammar is made up and the rules don't matter.

    I can add:

    [-er] New Zealander

  • We're good, seriously! - Jellyfin
  • Taking donations for a specific purpose (developing jellyfin core) then spending it on something else (donations to other related projects) is something donors and tax authorities generally frown on

  • How do y'all backup docker databases with backup programs like Borg/Restic?
  • Pretty much - I try and time it so the dumps happen ~an hour before restic runs, but it's not super critical

  • How do y'all backup docker databases with backup programs like Borg/Restic?
  • pg_dumpall on a schedule, then restic to backup the dumps. I'm running Zalando Postgres in kubernetes so scheduled tasks and intercontainer networking is a bit simpler, but should be able to run a sidecar container in your compose file

  • The CEO of Zoom wants AI clones in meetings
  • You, know what - this might actually be useful. People were complaining about not being involved in decision making, so I have to run a monthly meeting where people will either sit contributing nothing even when asked a direct question, or insist on bike shedding the most unimportant details. If the meeting is a bunch of AI homunculi then it'll be quicker at least

  • KDE 6 fingerprint unlock

    The KDE 6 announcement says that

    > On prior versions you chose between either password or fingerprint authentication for the lockscreen. In Plasma 6, both are supported at the same time.

    I've updated my Neon install, what do I need to do to enable this? I've set up a fingerprint through the user settings, but when the screen is locked I still have to use my password to unlock - there isn't a prompt, and touching the reader doesn't seem to do anything

    Tool to manage CLI tools

    I'm trying to find a thing, and I'm not turning up anything in my web searches so I figure I'd ask the cool people for help.

    I've got several projects, tracked in Git, that rely on having a set of command line tools installed to work on locally - as an example, one requires Helm, Helmfile, sops, several Helm plugins, Pluto, Kubeval and the Kubernetes CLI. Because I don't hate future me, I want to ensure that I'm installing specific versions of these tools rather than just grabbing whatever happens to be the latest version. I also want to ensure that my CI runner grabs the same versions, so I can be reasonably sure that what I've tried locally will actually work when I go to deploy it.

    My current solution to this is a big ol' Bash script, which works, but is kind of a pain to maintain. What I'm trying to find is a tool where I:

    • Can write a definition, ideally somewhere shared between projects, of what it means to "install tool X"
    • Include a file in my project that lists the tools and versions I want
    • Run the tool on my machine and let it go grab the platform- and architecture- specific binaries from wherever, and install them somewhere that I can add to my $PATH for this specific project
    • Run the tool in CI and do the same - if it can cache stuff then awesome

    Linux support is a must, other platforms would be nice as well.

    Basically I'm looking for Pythons' pip + virtualenv workflow, but for prebuilt tools like helm, terraform, sops, etc. Anyone know of anything? I've looked at homebrew (seems to want to install system-wide), and VSCode dev containers (doesn't solve the CI need, and I'd still need to solve installing the tools myself)

    Austrian supermarkets engaged in shady price manipulation Mario Zechner (

    Today was ... interesting. If you followed me for the past months over on the shitbird site, you might have seen a bunch of angry German words, lots of graphs, and the occassional news paper, radio, or TV snippet with yours truely. Let me explain. In Austria, inflation is way above the EU average. ...

    A whole bunch of this sounds really familiar for some reason...

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