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‘It was a plague’: Killarney becomes first Irish town to ban single-use coffee cups
  • Yeah I'm 100% not giving that cup back and am collecting as many different ones as I can.

    Admittedly I'll probably bring them home and never use them and throw them away in a few years because omg I have way to many cups I can't handle this anymore. But still.

  • Why the Pixel 8's Face Unlock upgrade is a big deal
  • Maybe they fixed it or something at some point but mine suuuuucked until I got a new screen with a new fingerprint sensor. Now I don't have issues very often and if I do its from junk on my finger or screen or something and it clears up with a quick wipe.

  • UAW’s demand for a 32-hour work week would be a win for the planet
  • Yeah my last company was home every night and OT after 40. Current company does it depending on the job and I got bumped to salary with "OT" after 45 hrs and a separate OT for the hours that code as OT depending on the job. It's a cluster fuck but pays well and I'm home every night unless the job is out of town or something. Would say I sleep in my own bed 98% of the time.

  • UAW’s demand for a 32-hour work week would be a win for the planet
  • There's a lot of time and money involved in shutting down plants of this size. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they just added more people to keep the plant running. Which like the other person said would probably turn out to be a net negative environmentally since it would be a whole shift basically of extra people driving to and from work every week.

  • Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro released. Thoughts?
  • Pixel 7 pro 256gb model checking in. I don't take a bunch of pictures and videos but I also hardly ever delete anything and I take pictures and videos in the highest possible quality I can. My phone has 100gb of storage left between apps and media.

  • Spotify Premium Will Include Instant Access to 150,000+ Audiobooks (UK/AUS tomorrow, US to follow)
  • Yeah when I'm driving a lot for work I could burn through that in 2 days....and not even be able to finish out the second day before I have to change to something else 😂

    Another reason to make me glad I setup audiobookshelf.

  • Migrated from Windows to Linux. Decided to share list of answers/statements I was looking for before did it (and could not find).
  • Last used Linux over 10 years ago when I was in college for ITNA. It didn't work out for me and I drive trucks for a living now lol. Computers/gaming has always been my hobby though. Decided a few weeks ago to try out Linux again on a spare computer I have. Started with EndeavorOS and broke it somehow. Went to mint for like a week and couldn't get used to it for some reason and decided to try EndeavorOS again. Been using it for about a month now as my primary and only using the windows PC for gaming and it's been great. Does take some tinkering and googling to get it how it want it from a fresh install though which I've had to do a couple times now because of hardware failures lol

  • As some carmakers run from Apple CarPlay, Porsche embraces it
  • My personal truck doesn't have Android auto or Apple car play (I thought it was something I could get when I bought it but turns out I was a year early, whoops) and my work truck has it. I 100% will not be buying any car that doesn't have it as a feature. It's not something I need all the time because for most drives just using Bluetooth is perfectly fine but if I want to use the GPS for anything Android auto and car play are just so much better than using your phone for that. Everything is kinda frivolous to though.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • I've been the guy to send the do you still have this and then ghost before. I thought the button to instantly send the seller a message without confirming was the send this to a buddy button. Whoops sorry guys.

  • Amazon Prime Video is able to remove a video from your library after purchase.
  • Previously was an audible subscriber for years. Paused it sometimes when I didn't know what to use credits on. A couple months ago I got an email that my credits would be expiring in a couple months if I didn't use them... Used all 5 that day to buy the rest of a series I was slowly getting through, canceled my sub and figured out how to host it myself on audiobookshelf. Haven't used audible since.

  • Making a button to do this is apparently far too difficult
  • I made an account on a news site once just to test Firefox relay and my custom domain. Can't for the life of me figure out how to delete the account. Had to set relay to just block all the emails. To the tube of like 400.... In less than a month

  • New cars are great...
    1. I can't have both an android and iPhone connected at the same time, because I won't be able to use Android Auto, I'm forced into Car Play

    Just got a new work truck, a Ford, with android auto and car play. This morning was the first time I plugged an iPhone and android in at the same time. I had plugged in the android first and a quick look I wasn't able to switch to the iPhone without unplugging the android. I never plugged the android back in so idk if it prefers one over the other or just whatever is plugged in first. Could that be the same issue?

  • Missouri high school teacher is put on leave after school officials discover her page on porn site
  • On the surface I agree but these are teenagers. What do you think the chances are of one of them subbing to her account and requesting her to make custom videos for them 😂 I would say pretty damn high. Hell it's still probably going to happen but at least the kids won't be sitting in class while watching videos of their teacher getting fucked.

  • Usually connect to Walmart's WiFi but they changed their policy I guess, won't be doing that now...
  • Went to a Walmart the other day and my phone automatically connected to a wifi that was apparently hosted by my cell carrier. Immediately turned on my VPN because wtf. I disconnected at first then realized I didn't have any service at all which was probably why it existed. Thankfully didn't need to log in but that's why I have Firefox relay.

  • How cities can stem the tide of pedestrian deaths from large cars and SUVs – Ars Technica
  • Require a commercial license to drive large and/or heavy vehicles. Take it away when a driver gets caught driving unsafely.

    This is already a thing. In my state anything weighing over 10,000 pounds and used in interstate commerce requires a medical card. 17,000 and used intrastate is the same medical card. Towing anything for commercial reasons above 10,000 pounds requires a special license. Driving a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds requires a special license.

  • YouTube prankster says he had no idea he was scaring man who shot him
  • Or is the issue that people don't believe "gun" is a valid method of self defense due to the level of damage it so easily inflicts?

    A lot of the comments in here make me think these people would be happier if this guy would have pulled a knife and stabbed the prankster vs doing the safer thing for them and just backing away and shooting. If this had happened to a woman I feel like all these comments would be commending her for defending herself but because it's a male they think he should have invited him to a boxing ring to settle it like gentleman.

  • I accidently rebooted during pacman update and now my system dosen't show option to boot into endeavour os. Systemd just shows option to boot into firmware interface please help!
  • Nope. I think the drive just died at a bad time honestly. I've had issues with it in the passed and the computer itself came from an e-scrap pile because the water pump for the CPU cooler was dead. Has worked great since swapping that out until the nvme died. Even after installing the new nvme and reinstalling EOS I couldnt see the old nvme.

  • Underclock AMD GPU

    Recently installed Linux Mint on an old computer. I put my old RX 590 in it. I only upgrade from the 590 because on every boot on my windows machine I would need to go into adrenaline and underclock the GPU a bit to stop it from crashing when I tried to play games. Adrenaline isn't a thing on Linux so I have no idea how to go about doing this now. Would prefer it just be set there on every boot but I am willing to do it manually each time I start the machine.

    I did install the driver from AMDs website but otherwise I'm pretty much at a loss.

    Has anyone heard of Degoo? Get 10TB of Cloud Backup for Under $100

    You can get a lifetime subscription to 10TB of cloud backup from Degoo today for just $97.97.

    Just saw this article from PCMag and this seems way to good to be true.

    Looking at new keyboards

    Have been debating a new keyboard for awhile and haven't been able to settle on anything. I used to have Razer everything but I finally got tired of my Mamba double clicking so I got a Corsair Harpoon to try something new.

    I was debating getting the Corsair k60 to keep within the Corsair line but honestly i don't care at this point and just want a keyboard I'm going to be happy with for awhile. from everything I've seen I'm thinking of getting a Ducky One 2 RGB Pudding edition because I've always wanted pudding caps and just never actually got them.

    I don't use my computer a whole lot and when I do it's mostly gaming. Truck driver by trade so I almost never "work" at my computer and I don't do a whole lot of typing but I have to admit I've always kind of hated and struggled to type on the black widow.

    looking for a 100% keyboard with RGB no wrist rest needed and idk what my budget will be maybe the $100-$150 range? less is better though since I'm a cheap bastard and the blackwidow still works perfectly.

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