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Climate protesters try to break into Tesla's Germany factory, multiple people arrested
  • So even on Lemmy people defend Tesla because “why not protest against coal” and “but this is EV”. Sigh.

    People DO protest against coal, and to a much larger extent.

    Tesla is a shitty scam company which deserves nothing but bankruptcy. Their factory is destroying huge areas in Brandenburg and uses massive amounts of water in an area where there is severe drought. Brandenburg even has deserts forming for those who are unaware. Even if you would accept Tesla, the factory is placed in the worst place possible.

    Apart from the environmental aspects, the company is famous for being atrocious regarding workers rights. That crypto bro scam firm should just get the hell out.

  • Germans fear migration more than climate change, study finds
  • Everyone tries but they are not listening because they claim that everything from the science are lies (climate change, vaccines etc). They will never change and the level of education and ability to think logically and objective is close to zero. The right wing parties boost this because they know they are their path to power.

  • Did the year zero never exist ?
  • No, in our calendar system there was year 1 BC followed by year 1 AD. So no zero. It’s just how they set it up, they’re human made ideas anyway. Many countries do not even use this system, for example it is currently year 2567 in Thailand and year 113 in North Korea.

  • Removed
    After six months of war, I fear we may lose Palestine completely | Raja Shehadeh
  • So it didn’t quite work out how the fascist sharia rape gang of Hamas wanted, who would have thought?! Now let’s hope for a quick end to all violence in the entire region and that the fuckhead Netanyahu gets what he deserves as well.

  • I think I might have a problem
  • What’s the point? Aren’t most of them connected anyway? If not then the fragmentation is a real problem. I mean, who has the time or energy to click through dozens of websites which all serve the same or similar purpose?

  • Mystery in Japan as dangerous streptococcal infections soar to record levels
  • Waking up to the fact that covid infections often lead to other problems? I don’t know what kind of information the media in your country communicates but that has been pretty well known for a long time now.

  • Nokia is replacing Huawei at Deutsche Telekom sites in Germany
  • Both Ericsson and Nokia have been huge players in the cellular networking market for many years, and still are. Nothing new. The only thing new is that they are getting even more contracts in the west since governments started boycotting Chinese companies (for good reason).

  • Sony misses PS5 sales target as console enters ‘latter stage of its life cycle’
  • Oh yes I have an Xbox as well and the GAME updates are annoying as hell but the system OS itself only gets one small update maybe once a month at most. I think the convenience of a console with one box, a power cable and a hdmi cable and with the click of one button to have it up-to-date and a fixed ca 7 year lifetime with one system compared to a pc that you have to build yourself, check compatibility, install the OS, install and update graphics and other drivers with a floating generation meaning having to buy new hardware to match new games - it's just a different thing.

    Some love the building and updating part of a pc though, that's great for them.

  • Data is Beautiful Vub
    Web browser privacy score - lower is better

    Based on

    Desktop browsers in their current stable versions, sorted from better (left) to worse (right). These are:

    Librewolf, Mullvad, Brave, Tor, Safari, Chromium/Ungoogled, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome.

    Note: Each test is counted with a value of one in this chart, however each test may not have an equal importance in regard to privacy. It still gives an image of which browsers value privacy and which do not.

    The maximum (worst possible) score is 143.

    Edit: Also FUCK BRAVE. But for other reasons than these points. Read the description before you vote or comment ffs...

    Hide voting buttons in feed?

    How do I hide the voting buttons in the feed view? They take away a lot of screen space and I am not voting on anything I have not yet read. I didn’t find this in the settings. Thanks.

    Swipe anywhere to go back planned?

    I love Voyager but despite its beautiful swipe settings I REALLY miss swipe right anywhere (not just from the left edge) to go back, like Apollo allowed for. Are there any plans to implement this? The Memmy app has this if you swipe on the bottom toolbar but it would be better to able to use it anywhere on the screen.

    I really, really miss it from Apollo, and for example the new Artifact app (News reader) does this so perfectly.

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