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SponsorBlock (and DeArrow): "YouTube is currently experimenting with server-si…" - Fosstodon
  • Wouldn't this also completely break ad blockers?

  • wtf stop 😑😑
  • I'm scare I'm gonna die

  • wtf stop 😑😑
  • Actually, pissing is a kind of deadly disease.

  • Is there a community to search for communities?
  • Yes, but their searches are very weird, try searching for the term 'Ask' or 'Community' for example, you get communities that don't even have that word in the description or in their name.

  • Is there a community to search for communities?

    I am looking for a community to find moderators for my community and I have used several community search engines to search for communities to ask users if X community exists, but I have not been able to find any. Maybe someone in this community can help me to find out if such a community exists.

    Translators wanted!
  • Is it possible to translate into Spanish? I don't see it among the available options

  • Dev update: I intend to continue improving and maintaining Eternity, and I have no plans to abandon it.

    Good news, it seems that the app is still alive and its developer has not abandoned it, as commented by its developer in the official Eternity repository.

    what lemmy web app do you use and why?
  • Hey, I FUCKING love Photon and as soon as I can I'm going to donate to the project, but I have three questions: Is there any kind of official community for the project? And, is there a way to search communities and only communities? I mean, I can search for posts and then search for communities where that post may be, but can I search for communities directly, and lastly, how can I join a community within Photon?

  • omg KDE if it ain't broken, fix it until it is?
  • To be honest, I tried really hard to give it a try to Kcalc but I give up. Check out Kalk (no, no it's the same), it's a KDE Calculator and it's preatty neat IMO.

  • Any recommended calendar/app for Linux?

    I've been using Merkuro Calendar and Kalk, and they're fine, but I'm using i3wm, and they got some weird problems like missing icons.

    Had you tried dmenu-extended?
  • To be honest, the only reason that I use dmenu is because it comes pre-configured in ArcoLinux, and I (unfortunately) use an Nvidia graphic card which for my own experience, when trying any Wayland tilling window manager simply doesn't work at all, although Gnome and Plasma works perfectly.

  • Had you tried dmenu-extended?

    So I was looking for some kind of Ulauncher functionality (file/directory search) and direct url opening from rofi or dmenu and I found dmenu-extended, but I doesn't work at all for me and maybe someone more experienced can help me with this.

    My first problem is that I cannot make nomacs the default image viewer with dmenu_extended, although the default image viewer in my system is nomacs, when I open any file image with dmenu_extended, it always open it with some basic image viewer but not with nomacs, to launch it with nomacs I need to first type 'nomacs:' and then the file route.

    And other problem that I'm facing is that when I try to open Steam (installed as a flatpak) it never opens, instead gives me this error message:

    xdg-open: file '/usr/bin/flatpak run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 --command=/app/bin/steam --file-forwarding com.valvesoftware.Steam @@u' does not exist

    Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • Fuck, you're right, is that I don't read each new that is posted here, but I should at least read that.

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • I guess that you still can unplug your lan cable and create a local account?

  • How do you organize your bookmarks?

    I want to better organize my bookmarks, but I got a lot of them and even if I already tried to be a bit more organized, they look awful to me. I try to organize them by category and by folder, but still I don't want to have 100 folders of 1 bookmark.

    What it's like to fuck Prince Charming [MF] (Fred Perry)
  • Isn't this just rule 34 in general instead of yiff?

  • One more day
  • This reminds me of this song.

    Great song btw.

  • What tips or resources would you recommend to someone who knows about Linux and wants to self-host, but has no experience self-hosting?
  • Holy shit, that sound super useful, thank you so much and everyone who has answered.

  • What tips or resources would you recommend to someone who knows about Linux and wants to self-host, but has no experience self-hosting?
  • I've heard a lot about Proxmox and I always thought it was some kind of VPS, so I can selfhost it for myself?

    And another problem that I had with my previous selfhosting attempts is that I didn't really know how to solve my problems, I could run the script and set up my domain, but when it comes to solving some problem I really couldn't because or there was little specific documentation of my specific problem.

    For example, I remember having selfhosted Nextcloud and when I wanted to enable ffmpeg so that my videos had a miniature I found instructions on how to do it but with different selfhosting methods.

  • What tips or resources would you recommend to someone who knows about Linux and wants to self-host, but has no experience self-hosting?

    I have several years of Linux experience and I know how to fix my own problems, and I have experience self-hosting using Docker and Docker Compose, but I really feel that I don't know how to self-host and that I just copy and paste commands without understanding it, I would really like to learn how to self-host by myself but I don't know how I can start or with what resources for newbies I can start with.

    I am interested in self-hosting several services, but the one I am currently most interested in is, as there are multiple such services but they all require a membership fee, and I prefer to self-host on my own.

    Heathcliff without Heathcliff 5/31/2024
  • I don't understand this kind of posts, why there's always a version without a cat in it?

  • After using Google Search AI for a day
  • I though this was c/shitposting instead of memes and I read cocks instead of rocks. 😭

  • Can you suggest me some good Linux podcasts?

    I'm currently following Linux & Open Source News from The Linux Experiment, and I know others like Destination Linux that I don't like it at all, can someone suggest me some good podcasts? It fine to me if they just talk technical things or curious things, but I want to learn more things about Linux.

    Do Nitter forks exist?
  • Believe me, I hate Twitter, the only reason I sometimes tend to use it is because there are certain artists who have not migrated to Mastodon and I doubt they ever will, and often the only way to keep up with their work is via Twitter, or sometimes to their streamings, although I do not like the streams I must admit that the streams of artists you learn many things, such as drawing techniques among other things.

  • Do Nitter forks exist?

    I am not a fan of Twitter, but sometimes I would like to visit a Twitter profile, unfortunately due to Twitter restrictions it is currently not possible to view anything without an account, and clearly I am not going to create a Twitter account for that, are there any forks in development that are trying to solve these Twitter problems? I remember reading about a fork that uses fake accounts to access the API, but I don't know if this fork is still in development or if there are others.

    KDE Calculator shortcut to delete the current calculation

    I'm using Kalk and when I try to use the letter C to delete the current calculation, it puts 1 C in the calculator, and when I try the delete key, it doesn't do anything. Does anyone know what the shortcut is to delete the current calculation?

    Thoughts or experiences of emulation in the Pixel 6 Pro?

    I have no interest in playing or emulating on the Pixel 6 Pro, but I am interested in knowing how it performs under emulation (especially under the most recent emulators, like Yuzu), any experience?

    Upps [F/M] (lumineko)
  • And you do well!

  • Meowdy y'all
  • I fucking love it.

  • Most Cloudstream extension providers do not return results

    I have almost all extensions installed and most of them are working according to Cloudstream's own provider provider, but when I do a search (for example, Batman) it only returns 3 results from 3 providers, does anyone else have this problem?

    Android custom ROM with rooting support

    So I'm interested in buying a Pixel 8 to install GrapheneOS in it but I'm also interested in rooting it and from what I've read rooting your device with a privacy focused custom ROM like GrapheneOS beats the purpose of installing it, so I don't know if it's actually posible to do it or if it actually has any grace, honestly I just want to be able to install some Xposed modules and be able to auto-update my Droid-ify apps in the backgrounds without user interaction.

    Excuse my ignorance in the subject, I have never rooted or installed a custom rom before.

    Youtube Music frond-ends like ViMusic for Linux

    So there are so many Youtube front-ends for Android like ViMusic/RiMusic, spmp, SimpMusic and a big etc.. They basically extract the music and add a lot of functionality to the app like translating lyrics, downloading/caching songs, local playlists without Google account, radio mode and that kind of thing.

    I know of three programs of this type for Linux (or desktop OS in general) and they're Moosync, Nuclear Music Player and Youtube-music.

    I love Moosync but I miss the radio mode feature that I use a lot in Android apps, then Nuclear I haven't used for years since I know Moosync and Youtube-music doesn't appeal to me at all because it's just a Youtube music web application with plugins... and it doesn't even have local playlists...

    So, does anyone know of any other programs of this kind that actually support radio mode and local playlists?

    One time donation?

    I wish I could donate ONE TIME to Eternity dev so he know that there's still people that love his work, but the only platform to donate that I found in Eternity's Codebers is Liberapay which I couldn't find an "one time" donation, just subscriptions (weekly, monthly or yearly) and yeah, there's "manual renewal" but I don't want to have reminders of my one time donation.

    Is there an app to open others apps in the background without user interaction?

    I have some apps which I need them to synchronize in the background but they don't, even with battery optimization turned off. I've tried using an app called PhoneProfilesPlus but I don't need whole profiles, I just want an app to be opened and that's it.

    Another problem I have and this may be at purpose for Android security reasons, is that even with PhoneProfilesPlus, when I set up an app to be opened in the background, the app only opens specifically when I turn on my screen, and for some dumb reasons the apps that I mentioned need to be in the main screen to be synchronized.

    It's possible to back up my Whatsapp chats without using Google accounts?

    The only way that Whatsapp let you back up your chats is using by linking a Google account, but I'm not sure is there's some workaround like a third parties apps that let you back up your chats.

    I know that using a third parties apps to this purpose is unsafe, but I'm just giving an example.

    Open source weather app with rain notifications?

    I remember that when I used Geometric Weather (not developed anymore, its more known fork is called Breeze Weather) it had a option to notify me when it was going to rain, but know that functionality was removed from Breeze Weather, it's there any other app with this functionality?

    Any news in the nightly versions?

    According to the Eternity Codeberg, the last change in the Eternity code was a month ago which is relatively recent, can anyone who is using the Nightly version confirm if there is anything new in that version?

    Donate to individual instances or to LibRedirect

    I wish I could donate to each individual instance but they are too many, and I can't donate to all the ones I use because they are also too many, and I would also like to donate to LibRedirect but I don't know if I should donate to each individual instance I use or to LibRedirect...

    SimpMusic - a awesome music app GitHub - maxrave-dev/SimpMusic: A simple music app using YouTube Music for backend

    A simple music app using YouTube Music for backend - maxrave-dev/SimpMusic

    GitHub - maxrave-dev/SimpMusic: A simple music app using YouTube Music for backend

    My apologies if this seems like an advertisement, I am simply a very grateful user of this project who cannot donate at this time but at least wants to share it with others.

    SimpMusic is a Youtube Music front-end similar to ViMusic (or its fork, RiMusic), as such it is not a local music player, but it takes music from Youtube and plays it in an interface similar to Spotify but with its differences.

    To give a brief introduction of the app, I summarized the functions that I find most interesting:

    • The app has the ability to download music but usually if you listen to any song it is saved as a cache, so you don't need to download it.

    • The app allows you to see and listen to all the songs in the album of the song you are listening to, and sometimes even includes history and descriptions of that album.

    • The app provides lyrics for most songs using MusicMatch, which are also stored on your device if you have already listened to the song.

    • The app has Sponsorblock support so if your song has filler parts, you can remove them using it.

    • The metadata in the app is generally correct with the song you listen to, contrary to what has happened to me when downloading music from Youtube and then playing it on your local player.

    Unfortunately the app has no support for PC (or Linux), but if you are interested in something similar there is Moosync which serves almost the same purpose.

    Xirup Xirup

    I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole

    I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole

    I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole

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