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Using Google whilst Duck Duck Go is down. How long has Google been this bad?
  • That's my experience as well. Now I use a SearXNG instance with Google as the only source and it works well I'd say roughly 97% of the time.

  • OpenAI founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman go on the defensive after top safety researchers quit
  • I definitely got stuck on their levels in Megaman as a kid.

  • Helldivers 2 CEO: Well that's depressing
  • Seriously, fuck HDMI. I just recently learned they've blocked AMD's open source driver from being able to implement HDMI 2.1 meaning AMD GPUs are currently limited to 4K@60Hz over HDMI on Linux.

  • 30% of Children Ages 5-7 Are on TikTok
  • Yeah it can certainly cause problems, it's just not ADHD.

    ADHD doesn't even really mean short attention spans, it's more of the inability to willingly direct attention. It's the same way people incorrectly use "OCD" to mean liking things clean and/or orderly.

    I have ADHD and I've had times where I've done the same thing for 14 hours straight (even forgetting to eat) when my brain decides it wants to latch onto that thing. You just need to be sufficiently stimulated, hence why stimulants can work as a treatment.

  • The wild successes of Helldivers 2 and Baldur's Gate 3 send a clear message: Let devs cook
  • BG3 was/is also filled to the brim with bugs. Look at the dozens of patches that have come out. It released blatantly unfinished.

  • Independent auditors confirm top VPN doesn't log your data
  • Exactly. If all you want to do is torrent then it's by far the best option. $2.22/mo ($80 for 3 years) which is less than half the price of anything else, has portforwarding, and with wireguard I can saturate a full gigabit no problem on private trackers.

  • Proton Pass open source password manager is now available on F-Droid
  • I did not realize that. That explains why it's not on F-Droid. Really unfortunate but at least it can still be publicly audited.

  • Proton Pass open source password manager is now available on F-Droid
  • The version on the Play Store requires a "premium" subscription for some features but the Github release gets those for free.

  • Proton Pass open source password manager is now available on F-Droid
  • Try Keyguard, it is open source and much nicer than the regular Bitwarden app. Do not use the version from the Play Store though, get it directly from Github.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Becomes First Game To Win Every Major GOTY Award
  • Getting downvoted for sharing your personal experience. What a classic.

    I loved most of the game but I also experienced a TON of bugs. Although for me Act 1 was pretty much fine and the bugs slowly ramped up as I went through the game. I can give some of them a pass for how big the game is, but for others it is baffling they released the game in such a state.

    Just look at the dozens of patches that have come out for it. Those wouldn't exist if the game was actually polished before it launched.

  • Anon catches feelings
  • I'm in the same boat. People who had loving parents will never understand this. While I'm sure some exist, the vast majority of people are not going to put in the twice as much effort to date someone who's been deprived of affection their entire life. There is zero reason to go for that over a normal, healthy, emotionally secure person.

  • Piracy was NEVER stealing
  • So following your argument further, if we all did this no one would produce anything because they'd never get paid.

    You are literally saying this on Lemmy. A piece of software that is developed for free using other software/tools that are free, and run on servers that are hosted by others for free. Most open source projects work this way. People are fully capable of doing things because they want to. Not everything needs to be profit-driven.

    If we all did this, what would happen is there would be way less slop and lazy cash-grabs. Because the only people left making things would be the ones who are actually passionate and believe in what they do.

  • all AMD-PC do I need the proprietary drivers
  • Yeah I had to double check as well. It actually does elaborate.

    "AMDGPU PRO OpenCL - used because Mesa OpenCL is not fully complete. Proprietary component only for Polaris GPUs. The onward GPUs use the open ROCm OpenCL."

    So for anything newer than the RX 500 series (anything after 2017) it doesn't matter for OpenCL it seems.

    From what I can gather the OpenCL stack used to be proprietary, but they decided to open source it when ROCm came along. So the Pro driver used to be more important and now it's really only necessary for AMF since the Vulkan and OpenGL portions are straight up worse than mesa.

  • all AMD-PC do I need the proprietary drivers
  • if you need some OpenCL improvements

    As far as I can tell mesa and the proprietary drivers both use the ROCm packages for OpenCL. I don't think there's actually a difference on that front.

  • temperature
  • I mean I never said it wasn't stupid, just that it's intuitive for Americans. 5/10 should be average.

    But I'm not even sure that's purely an American thing. Go to a rating website like IMDB or MyAnimeList, 7/10 is considered average. I'm genuinely surprised that you're surprised by this.

  • temperature
  • How? The average American already has 70 as a reference point for average. What part do you disagree with?

  • temperature
  • The freezing point of water is also a great place to zero the scale

    I disagree. Realistically the scale shouldn't be able to be negative at all. It doesn't really make any sense for something have a negative temperature.

    Imagine if other scales worked that way. An object can't be negative centimeters long. Light can't be negative lumens. You can't score negative % on a test. If you are measuring something you can't have less than nothing.

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