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TIL about exploding head syndrome, which causes patients to hear a loud, frightening noise when falling asleep or waking up. Up to 10% of people may have it, but cases often go undiagnosed
  • When I was deployed in Afghanistan, everyone I knew had the same reoccurring dream- some other dream is happening, and then out of nowhere, you hear a gunshot/explosion, and wake in a cold sweat, absolutely certain that you just got shot or blown up. And the certainty persists for about five seconds after you wake, as you shakily pat yourself down for blood. Good times.

  • If Inheritance is so bad, why does everyone use it?
  • Obviously, it's not absolutely bad. I think the reason why it became very popular was because it allows you to reuse and extend functionality that already exists. This gives you a higher development velocity, which is obviously something that companies prioritize, and developers want to provide.

  • Line. Go. Up.
  • Maybe not for shows, but for film, I think it has. More films are released simultaneously to theaters and a streaming service, or available for streaming shortly after the theater release. I don't watch nearly asany cam rips as I used to.

  • Line. Go. Up.
  • The difference is that it is now much easier for people to capture video from streaming services, which means torrents are always available a few hours after the film/show goes online.

  • Giant 'sand battery' holds a week's heat for a whole town
  • They didn't say, but I'm wondering what the loss is when you convert the heat back into electricity. I assume they're boiling water and turning turbines with it- I can't imagine they're losing too much.

  • RAID setup for Ubuntu media server
  • I'm mainly concerned about:

    1. Not losing data if one drive dies on me.
    2. Fast reads
    3. Easy plug and play expansion

    Since I'll have 8 drives (or 6, if I use the smaller server, it would be nice if I could swap out one of them without losing data and add a larger one, which would then get used automatically. Is that something that RAID is good for?

    I'm hesitant to set up backups because it's going to be a lot of data.

  • RAID setup for Ubuntu media server

    I recently acquired two used blade servers and a short rack to put them in. I'm planning to use one or the other as the replacement for a media server that died on me a bit ago. The old media server was just a little refurb dell workstation, with a single SSD in it, but the servers have 6 and 8 bays, respectively.

    I would like to RAID them so that one drive dying doesn't lose any of my media, and I was leaning towards Ubuntu server as an OS. I'm not sure how to do that, and I'm kind of poking around for info and advice. Hit me with it.

    Political Memes blackstampede
    I'm just assuming this is true
    Share your projects

    I'm working on a parsing library for mil-std-1553 messages. It's a fun, minimal project that doesn't currently exist as far as I can tell.

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