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Ashton Kutcher is trending on Twitter because he defends his Scientologist rapist buddy from that 70s Show. Twitter is not happy
  • I got murdered in another post about Danny because I compared his sentence to the sentence of the raiders defensive player who got a DUI and killed a woman going 156 mph. 30 years for rape vs 3-10 for killing someone. Danny's sentence doesn't fit his crimes, 3-10 seems fair.

  • [OC] picture from Gojira's last song on the last day of tour in Denver
  • Mastodon, I enjoyed their set more, and I wish Lorna shore would have gotten a full hour..

    Amazing stage show special effects or whatever you want to call it, I was on shrooms for that show..

  • Redd's really going to put his foot up Hyde's ass for this one
  • Not saying he's innocent anything like that but 30 years for a little date rape is kinda extreme when you consider the Raiders DB who killed a woman while driving 150+ mph while drunk, he is serving 3-10.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Whale drunks, I watched a bar tender at a concert make a killing on tips because most people use a credit card and the payment process gives you only so many options, easy to click options besides no tip. 18-22% tip on top on drinks that cost 3 times more than they should. When I use cash and buy drinks you get a dollar if that from me, less than ,10% tip.

  • Metal with soft or no vocals?
  • I use Amazon music HD, the paid one. It works for me. I don't really look for new metal that much. Usually my music choices are influenced by whatever concerts I'm going to see in the future. But the options are unlimited and I could play a different album forever on Amazon and not have to repeat them ever.

    Death core bands, a few of them will release their albums with singing and full instrumentals. Shadow of intent, Lorna shore.

    Body count just released an instrumental version of their newer album.

    Oceans are Alaska

    Wet Ass Plutonium - Nuclear Power Trip ๐Ÿ‘ˆ these aren't metal but something worth checking out on YouTube.

  • [POLL] Do you use/require a headphone jack on your phone?
  • I hate Bluetooth and refuse to use it whenever possible.

    One plus nord CE 2 lite, 250 bucks, headphone jack And memory card.

  • Bunch of other empty parking spots and this jerk chooses to park there.
  • Handicap parking, it's the extra space meant for a side loading ramp.

  • Bunch of other empty parking spots and this jerk chooses to park there.
  • I dislike bikes but my guess is it's more stable than a 2 wheel bike, slightly safer death trap.

  • Bunch of other empty parking spots and this jerk chooses to park there.
  • I love when people double park in front of a business but if you drive up the street a block or park of the other side of the road there's plenty of spots, but instead flashes hazard lights and parks in the fucking road/way.

  • Eat a magic mushroom, grow a little higher.
  • LSD is great for the sex drive, shrooms not so much

  • The Third Manningcast Host
  • Especially with PM Show show going to ESPN, great way to advertise it.

  • The Third Manningcast Host
  • It's either Pat McAfee or the same format.

  • My car defeated me today.
  • Something I learned as I got a little bit older. It's worth paying for things to save yourself the pain in the ass. I trade a dude weed to mow my lawn.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Meh not really, I don't want to have conversations with strangers but I will at least look at you and acknowledge your existence, guy nod, crack a fake smile and sit my ass down in the waiting room.

  • What's your favorite music trope?
  • Yellowcard with the violin, not metal exactly but 3 guitars and a violin sound good.

  • What's your favorite music trope?
  • BLEGH whenever the Singer in a hardcore show says BLEGH sucker punch yo neighborhood. See Hatebreed, Terror for examples of BLEGH

  • Concert Hacks? Photo for Attention - Worcester Palladium

    What do y'all do for concerts any tips?

    What I do is I research the set list on this makes the show it's way better knowing exactly what the bands are going to play.

    Ear plugs are a must have.

    I will try my best to buy tickets in person, tonight I avoided a 17 dollar fee. While waiting in line to buy my ticket the person in front of me bought his ticket from a 3rd party website and was counterfeit.......

    Ive found if you try walking down the sides or near the walls you can sneak towards the front easier sometimes.

    Merch, check Amazon first because the $40 shirt is $20 there.

    Element Eighty - Mercury Man [ Metal ]

    They released a new album a few weeks ago.

    I need more buttons to click on...

    Just random ideas, not sure where the best place to put this is, I read something about on GitHub but it's whooshing over my head.

    Buttons like a down vote or up vote but a "meh vote" or a button for "seen it" before...

    Optional button like nsfw when creating a Post for original content vs resharing memes. Original vs reshare