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  • Brontosaurus because Land Before Time was the shit

  • You saved the children!
  • Click here to donate to the Mines for Ukraine Foundation

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I recently started a new Stardew playthrough after leaving it for a couple years. Damn that game is so good. It's like a perfect little dose of relaxation.

  • It's almost the week-end, what are you guys going to play?
  • I'm about to leave town for the weekend so missing out on most of the new patch. Hope you dispense some liberty on my behalf!

  • You saved the children!
  • Nice job everyone! Who needs mines anyways?

  • this is what peak web traffic looks like
  • The problem I ran into was the response returned a JSON body, but then had an "error" attribute that was returned in it that had the error details. So we were parsing the JSON and loading elements into our database. We were hitting the API passing in a datetime of when the last success job was run, so basically saying "give me everything that's changed since I last called you."

    So yeah, eventually we noticed we were missing small chunks of data. It turned out that every time the API errored out, we'd get a valid JSON response that contained the error message, but it didn't have the attributes we were looking for. So didn't load anything, but updated our timestamp to say when our last successful call was.

    Huge pain in the ass to troubleshoot, because the missing data was scattered with no distinguiable pattern.

  • Roaming bands of Shriekers AND Automaton gunship patrols have been observed.
  • The gunships are tough because even one patrol requires 3 Anti-Tank shots to wipe them out. You can also use the Scorcher, but it's like a full mag per ship.

    I like it though!

  • You saved the children!

    Message from the Helldiver's Discord:

    #You saved the children!

    We have received a very special message for everyone from the children of Super Citizen Anne's:

    > Dear Helldivers, > Thank you so much for saving us. They told us you made a lot of sacrifices (mines/lives) to help us. We'll always be grateful. Now, we can grow up to become Helldivers too. > > With Liberty, > The Very Sick Children of Super Citizen Anne's


    Just trying to get a late night snack
  • That's a thicc tomato

  • Amazing app ideas
  • I would destroy my television and burn the house down before I yell McDonald's to keep watching something.

  • Lauren Boebert complains media attention is turning public against her
  • I guess I should have put "hand" and "balls" in bold or something.

  • Looking pretty good
  • Is the community saving the children?

  • marule
  • This looks like a Stardew Valley comic. Harvey is a doctor and I'm assuming the other character is Maru, who works at the clinic with Harvey.

    My guess is the joke is something about how businesses celebrate Pride Month, but Harvey is like "what do you want to do, practice gay medicine?" Because it makes no sense for a clinic to change their business practices.

    But yeah, that's just my guess. I don't really get it either.

  • I don't remember the last time I've watched the theatrical version at this point.
  • I saw Fellowship at AMC last week. I didn't realize it was the extended version when I bought the tickets. But it started EXACTLY on time with no previews, which was amazing in itself, then I noticed it was the extended version and was soooo happy. One of the best theater experiences in my life.

  • Art should be a conversation starter
  • How'd I do?

  • Looking pretty good
  • Having to work on patch day is the worst!

  • New patch is live
  • Yeah that's the one problem I had with running a Blitzer and grenade pistol - I had nothing good to shoot the lights with!

  • Looking pretty good
  • Awesome, I'm excited to give it a shot after work. So many buffed stratagems that I can't decide what to try first!

  • Looking pretty good
  • If you haven't picked up the Orbital Precision Strike since you were a noob, it might be worth giving it another shot. It could already one-shot Bile Titans and tanks, but was hard to use due to the long call-in time. But with that time being reduced to 2 seconds and the cooldown being buffed to 90 seconds (as opposed to 210 for the Railcannon) it should be much more usable now.

  • New patch is live
  • Artificial light sources have had their intensity rebalanced and reduced across the board to fix situations of lights completely blinding the player.

    Oh thank God

  • Political Memes jballs
    Hope it was worth it
    Political Memes jballs
    Verdict is in
    Trump hired a tech firm to juice his ranking as 'most famous businessman in last century' Trump hired a tech firm to juice his ranking as 'most famous businessman in last century'

    Ex-Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday elaborated on efforts to boost his one-time boss's ego by hiring a tech company to artificially inflate his fame on a CNBC poll.Speaking under oath on Monday, Cohen was asked about a tech company named Red Finch that Trump had tried to stiff when he was...

    Trump hired a tech firm to juice his ranking as 'most famous businessman in last century'
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