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How's your apps performance with lower-end devices?
  • I test the apps in my company using a Tecno Pova 2, and the performance is far better thab my Samsung device.

    Our apps contains lots of features, for example we use lots of media streaming (video player, google cast, pip, airplay), we use webviews to display our content for better compability with our websites, and AdMob. The main problem is the number of Ads used, however these are requirements from the client.

  • How's your apps performance with lower-end devices?
  • Our company apps make use Platform Views a lot (Webviews, AdMob ...) Which are mainly the cause of the scroll lag.

  • Are there any forks for Eternity yet?

    I would fork it myself and maintain it, but I only have experience in developing mobile apps using Flutter and not Native.

    Israel Has Used White Phosphorus on 17 Towns in Lebanon Since October
  • Israel has been doing this forever, I can't even count the times in which they violated our airspace to bomb Syria.

  • How's your apps performance with lower-end devices?

    My phone (Samsung A14) is low-end, and lags while using an app made with Flutter.

    Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has passed away
  • Literally defined my whole childhood. I am still in contact with cousins and friends and we regurarly mention the good old days of watching DBZ and playing Tenkaichi 3 on the PS2.

    This man made a huge impact on my childhood and life, but also on millions of other lives.

    May his creations live on forever and bring as much joy for future generations as it brought ours, and may he rest eternally in peace ❤️

  • What were the consequences of you going to college? Do you think it helped you in life or did it only hold you back?
  • I want to believe it helped me but I don't really think it did. I enrolled into a small and generally not famous university in my country which decreases your chances of employment. I worked retail and rarely went to classes, I was majoring in Computer Science. I had 0 college debt and I also got a car.

    After graduating with an average GPA I thankfully got into an internship for Mobile Development thanks to a friend of mine. Since then I've learnt lots of things on the jobs and I still work as a Mobile App Dev. No one asked me about my degree or university because I can deliver fairly high quality apps.

    Of course my chances of getting into FAANGs or big name companies is slim compared to people who graduated top of their class in a top university, but I'm content with where my career is currently heading.

  • [Hyrpland] My first rice
  • Beautiful!

  • What do you want for Christmas?

    I'm thinking of gifting myself a Nintendo Switch and getting my Sister a Kindle.

    Does anyone here use Admob and the google_mobile_ads package?

    For context, I work as a Mobile App developer for a company and use Flutter. We implemented Ads for our clients, and they have implemented lots of ads (a minimum of 3 in each screen).

    After adding Ads, we noticed a small performance drop in Android devices. However, the performance on newer iOS devices is terrible.

    There is already an open issue on Github and it seems the conflict is because Flutter display Ads using Native Views.

    Did anyone here suffer from this and found a solution? We're currently debating if we will rewrite the app entirely in React Native.

    What's the main difference between the 13 inch MB Pro and 14 inch MB Pro?


    I work as a Mobile App Developer for a company, I have about 3 years experience. I have never owned a Mac but I think it's time for me to buy one in order to increase my skills and increase my freelance chances (since I need a Macbook to develop for iOS).

    What are the main differences between the 13 and the 14 inch? I will mainly use an IDE and the iOS simulator.

    Which one do you suggest? I have also heard great things about the Macbook Air, but the lack of fan kind of drives me out.

    Also, I have been reading that getting an M1 is still the cheapest and best option instead of M2 and M3.

    Thanks in advance!

    David's big break.
  • The audition must have been wild.

  • MF GHOST - Episode 8 discussion
  • So many overtakes, this episode was hype!

  • Why do most people refuse to accept that they are wrong
  • Sometimes an idea is so engraved in their heads that they cannot believe otherwise. Also, some people don't like to fact-check. They may hear a "fact" which is popular but is totally false, and they will never change their minds about it.

  • Have you tried Sea of Stars?
  • Their pixel art is also so amazing. The world feels so pretty and alive!

  • Have you tried Sea of Stars? Sea of Stars | A retro-inspired turn-based RPG

    Sea of Stars is an upcoming turn-based RPG for PC and console. A prequel story set in The Messenger’s universe, it tells the story of two Children of the Solstice who will combine the powers of the sun and moon to perform Eclipse Magic, the only force capable of fending off the monstrous creations o...

    Sea of Stars | A retro-inspired turn-based RPG

    I read about this game months ago, when it was released I was very glad to see that it was on PS Plus from Day 1. Since I am already subscribed to PS Plus, I have downloaded it and playing it right now. I really like the game up until now.

    I will probably try the studio's other games like The Messenger when I'm done!

    Sousou no Frieren • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End - Episode 11 discussion
  • After the recent fighting arc, this relaxing episode was very welcome.

  • Takehito Koyasu's voice is instantly recognizable for me, anyone else?

    After watching AoT and really liking the character Zeke, I can now instantly identify when Takehito Koyasu is voicing a character. It just happened while watching Frieren.

    It's always the same thing: a new character appears, I pause, tell myself "This is Zeke", I go to MAL and voilà!

    This man has such a unique voice.

    Which voice actor has this impact on you?

    Which distro do you believe deserves more recognition?

    For me it's PeppermintOS.

    I started my Linux adventure a few years ago, and haven't owned a Windows PC since.

    I currently use Arch on my main rig, and I wanted to install Linux on two old laptops that I found laying around in my house

    I then remembered the first distro I ever used, which is PeppermintOS, and I was amazed at the latest updates they released.

    They even have a mini ISO now to do a net-install with no bloat, with a Debian or Devuan base.

    Sadly, I believe the founder passed away a few years ago, which is why I was really happy to see the continuation of this amazing project.

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