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Too much of a good thing? Spain's green energy can exceed demand, country is looking at storing capacity or buyers to solve electricity oversupply
  • @0x815 well, if only there was a green deal or something forcing people to buy EVs to consume the extra energy... Oh, wait.

  • Good night - Nicolae Tonitza (1886-1940) 🇷🇴
  • @craftyindividual on Wikipedia the name seems written normally, with just a C 😁

  • Good night - Nicolae Tonitza (1886-1940) 🇷🇴
  • @craftyindividual I get why you're using the tz as that's how he was signing. But why are you calling him Nikolae instead of Nicolae with a normal C?

  • LGBT soldiers in Ukraine hope their service is changing attitudes as they rally for legal rights
  • There is none, indeed, but the mentalities change hard. And we are also struggling with issues that you have already dealt with long ago, such as corruption or trains that go slower than snails.

  • Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software
  • For political issues, you should petition governments directly on issues.

    Not sure if this is a great alternative. This is a thing that is totally dependent from country to country. In my country, there is no such platform that I'm aware of (on the local or national level at least. Ok, I may petition the EU, but they may just have no responsibility into my matters).

    Many institutions do have email addresses though, and if, for example, you have a website, you can write an email template and point to an institution where people could send that email. Even that I don't know how feasible it could be, but it could be more doable in more parts of the world, I think.

    Otherwise, for Romania there is, a platform owned by an NGO who relies solely on donations to run it, and also runs its own campaigns.

  • LGBT soldiers in Ukraine hope their service is changing attitudes as they rally for legal rights
  • @Enkrod I see where you are going, but Eastern Europe generally has a lot to go in order to get inclusion right. Like, right now, one of the two larger far right parties in here (yes, we have two and we sent them both to Brussels) are heavily promoting an initiative to add into constitution the fact that a family can only be composed of a man and a woman, as well as the right to pay with cash (yes, I know how crazy that sounds, it doesn't matter what happens in reality). And we're already in both the EU and NATO.


  • Do you take the train to travel to other countries? (By Night)
  • @anzo This is the only possible/feasible way I could take an international train. Never did so far, because I would have to spare a couple of days for the train route, and it is also a bit pricey for me to travel abroad. I think I would start off with an internal route, from my corner of this country to a different one, just so I can get accustomed to sleeping in a night train.

  • Europeans, do you take the train to travel to other countries?
  • @Servais I'd love to do this once, but this is not practical at all where I live in order to do it more often, because I live in one of the countries marked with a shade of red on this map (in S-E Europe). And that is not taking into account various incidents that can occur with the locomotive and/or other rolling stock.

    Train travels inside the country are indeed doable, and many people take them, but the speed is so low that for longer distances it is rather more feasible to travel by plane in a couple of hours than take one full day for each trip.

  • Go out and vote, this is your final warning.
  • @hsr I voted as well. Kinda sad that my favorite party didn't make it to the parliament, but it seems the vote was stolen. People will go out and protest on this, and ask for the votes to be counted again.

  • Go out and vote, this is your final warning.
  • @Barbarian Instructions unclear. Your vote was stolen and not just AUR but SOS as well is in the EU Parliament.

    Muie PSD forever and ever!


  • Calcutta Trams!
  • @Mr_Mofu they are kinda nice, but, my god! Whenever people complain about our trams I show them this. I remember there was a photo with the driver seat, which was nothing more than a kitchen stool.

    Also, the trams in Cairo look god damn awful. Old GT8 Duewag trams that look like they've been through war or something and passenger doors that no longer shut.

    As a commuter, I think it would be a terrible experience to ride them.

  • Did you know that Trams can also fly?
  • Unidentified Rail Object

  • Hungary agrees not to veto NATO support to Ukraine as long as it's not forced to help out
  • I think it's the better option, I guess...

    I mean, this wasn't even asked so far afaik, and for a landlocked country this small there's little it could do to help it, especially if it doesn't really want that like now. It would be actually less beneficial for Hungary if Ukraine falls, but for the Putler simp in Budapest, this doesn't really seem to be a problem.

    OTOH, how can the EU help Ukraine if its member states (including Hungary) don't help?

  • Can I like pictures on Pixelfed from Beehaw?
  • @hedge Right now, most Fediverse projects are analogies of their centralized counterparts, albeit with some differences (e.g. you can add a title to Friendica posts, but not on the Facebook ones. You can add inline media to Friendica posts and comments, on Facebook you can't etc.), so you can take that in a way. A short answer to your question would be the one in the first comment of the post:

    Interaction between Lemmy and Mastodon doesn’t work well because the two services structure their content differently. Lemmy is community based and Mastodon is user based. Lemmy doesn’t have a mechanism to follow an individual user, and Mastodon doesn’t have an analog to communities (afaik).

    With the addition that you can follow Fediverse groups on Mastodon, but you cannot create Fediverse groups on Mastodon (as Mastodon itself doesn't have any group feature). If you're not looking into creating and admining groups yourself, then you can safely consider Mastodon. Otherwise, you can pick Friendica, Kbin, Mbin or Hubzilla (among others). In fact, this is how I see this very post on Friendica.

    Also, btw, Pixelfed is also adding support for groups.


  • Japan forces Apple and Google to open their mobile platforms • The Register
  • I think this means allowing the listing of third party app stores inside the Google Play Store - so you could search for F-Droid in Google Play for example instead of downloading and installing the .apk manually.

  • I have an important announcement to make!

    Sorry if I disturb your regular schedule, I just want to remind you if you're an European citizen like me to go out there and vote for your representative in the European Parliament. If you're Romanian as well, like me, go out there and vote in the local elections as well so we can kick those comassed corrupt assholes in the but. They can't steal as much as we can vote!

    Muie PSD! Muie PNL! Muie AUR! Muie SOS!

    RSS and OPML

    Can somebody explain me how OPML works for RSS? Are these files usually imported into the RSS reader apps or are they used where they are? If I import multiple OPML files with multiple feeds, will the feeds from the first OPML be overwritten by those in the second one or will they add up? Will article read/unread status be synced to multiple devices if I use the same OPML file or not?

    I want to settle on a browser independent bookmark solution. What do you suggest?

    I got inspired by this article to look into such a solution. I tend to use different browsers on different devices, so using one browser vendor everywhere is not the solution. Main reasons are storage space available, device performance and basically general opinion about a certain browser or another, that might change or not. I previously used the browser's native bookmarks importer tools, but I always ended messing up their structure, then switching back to a certain browser and re-exporting the same bookmarks and ending up with duplicates.

    So I got into using third party services, but I'm unsure what to choose. Here's what I tried:

    • - I actually had an account here since when I tried Palemoon once. It's a really complete solution, that I can use to replace other services as well. You end up with a customizable web page, where you can add not only bookmarks, but also RSS feeds, notes, tasks, weather and whatever you can find on the web and embedd there. And since it's a start page (hence the name), you can easily access all these if you set your page as the home page of your browser. You can also create up to 3 start pages with a free account, so I can have one page as home page for desktop browsers, one the phone ones and maybe one for a tablet when/if I'm going to have one. This should sound like heaven, right? Problem solved. Well, not exactly. There's no way I can set up 2FA on my account there, and they are not so private - they collect user data to show you ads (especially if you're a non-paying customer).
    • Courtesy of my Fedi server, I also have a small Nextcloud account, with the Bookmarks app installed. I think this option is the most private option I have available, as I do not think my server admin would sell my data to a third party or whatever 😁. It's also the most limiting one, being able to only save up to 200 bookmarks, but since I am not using bookmarks as a reading list, only for saving interesting websites or apps, I think I am fine. However, I need the Floccus app installed on my phone (not sure if the UI of the Bookmarks app is manageable enough on mobile) to access the bookmarks. I did not find any way to display these bookmarks in an overview of some sort on the web, that I can set as a home page, similar to how functions (even without all the extra stuff that is non-bookmark related). Maybe there is something that I am missing?
    • I was also eyeing as an option. It has lots of features and integrations, add-ons for basically every mainstream browser, 2FA (just like Nextcloud). I do not have an account there, unlike the other options, however. And I also don't see a way to see these bookmarks as a dashboard or something that can be set as a home page. Am I missing something? I also see they are heavily advertising their smartphone app, so if there's no integration that I can set on IFTTT or the likes, I don't think I have any solution for this.

    So, if you were me, which solution would you choose? Is there anything that does what at least one of these options does, minus the drawbacks mentioned?

    Edit: I am also okay with using my personal cloud storage accounts for something like this.

    Is there any online service that I could use in order to have a private Debian repository?

    Or maybe a way to use existing cloud services like Google Drive or OneDrive or Dropbox for this purpose?

    I just have a bunch of .deb files and I think this could be really useful. Plus I will be offloading some of my storage 😁



    Cartography Anarchy petrescatraian
    Map of Australian-Hungarian Empire
    🔴 Live | M.C.N. Podcast | Episodul 10 - Întâlnirea anuală a cetățenilor cu primarii

    Din ce am înțeles doar Nicușor Dan, Clotilde Armand, Ciprian Ciucu și Radu Mihaiu au răspuns invitației. Csf, ncsf, aia e.\_TusQ

    Even Graffiti was better under Romans


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