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One More Lane
  • I still too socialist. better make the cars have to drive around in pointless circles

  • Teen GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in a secure hospital
  • Sounds like they have Rick Sanchez is custody over there

  • Teen GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in a secure hospital
  • Don't feel too bad. I didn't pick up on it either

  • Teen GTA VI hacker sentenced to life in a secure hospital
  • I've been around for this kind of thing. Similar to grants. When the money is flowing, management just goes around and earmarks various things on the budget sheets and asks the data folks for reports to back it up. Some of it could be true. Most of it is a stretch.

  • Substack says it will not remove or demonetize Nazi content
  • I mean even if it made them more money to platform confirmed shitheads, it's still the wrong thing to do. Like ethically. It doesn't also have to be wrong from a business or even legal perspective.

    If a company can't take that kind of stand I don't want anything to do with them.

    I am actually kind of thrilled that I have substack subscriptions, including paid, that I can pull as my little protest to this platform. Luckily my paid subscriptions have both confirmed that they're ditching substack as well, so my support will follow them wherever they land.

    I really hope that substack lets writers have access to their email lists, so they can easily take them with them.

  • Pardon [jhallcomics]
  • Yo this artist rules. I just binged their back catalogue, and it's really cool to see their (jheir?) progression over the years.

  • I knew it all along!
  • If a Man cannot tear a page
    from the marshmallow and burn it -
    then he cannot be a scientist

    so true 😔

  • I knew it all along!
  • pretty much

  • Weed farmer outraged over cops throwing pizza party after raid
  • Wowww really hope these guys face consequences. Totally inappropriate behaviour.

  • Oh so that's what its for rule
  • It did? On desktop browser it looks like it has it

  • RPGs for people who don't like RPGs
  • Do you like cool lore? Detailed item descriptions? What about esoteric oddities that you interact with through text? How do you feel about choose-your-own-adventure books? Torment: Tides of Numenera might be the game for you.

    Also highly, highly recommend Disco Elysium, but someone already suggested that. I think you would love it.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • It was nice crawling different dungeons and then… “Fresh meat” That was the first time in the game where I started to frantically try to just… get the fuck out.

    Thanks for the memories. I remember taking turns playing this with my sister and freaking out when we first saw the butcher. Like just being able to use the mouse and keyboard was a challenge it was so scary.

  • Self Portrait at 13 - Albrecht Dürer (1484) silverpoint drawing
  • I love this. Very relatable. It's something I can totally picture myself drawing.

  • Pardon [jhallcomics]
  • I'm in love with these lines. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rule
  • no no it's authentic it's great

  • Gastronomical Masterpiece
  • Can't believe no one's said spritz of lemon juice yet. That was my go to as a kid.

  • Do you ever question your life?
  • Yeah I like to come for air like every few years or so

  • Removed
    I achieved a negative inbox
  • keep...going

  • Rule
  • no it's good I like it
    keep playing

  • Fuzzy Treat

    A lady Björk smiling in an extremely frilly, downright fuzzy, brown dress. Bottom text reads "Bonjour"

    Sexy Bowse(rule)

    A comics style picture of Jack Black against a background of flames and smoke. He is wearing a Bowsette costume in the goth style, including horns, black nail polish, tight fitting shoulderless dress, and a pink crown. His hand is raised in a casual "Love you" hand signal, and he is sporting a triumphant/rebellious expression.

    Do you understand pain? Death? Leave this place before she finds you

    A still from the TNG episode "Masks" picturing Lt cmdr Data wearing a sunburst mask of Masaka. Text reads "Mariah is Waking"

    I don't know what I would to without you 💓

    Two scruffy middle aged white men, one is helping the other get off the ground and has the label "FRIDAY AFTERNOON." The man who is being lifted off the ground looks nonplussed and resigned to being helped, and has the label "MY WILL TO LIVE."

    Context: I'm actually fine, don't @ me with self harm resources, it's a meme. Happy Friday fuckos

    coming home on friday when I have 0 responsibilities all weekend

    A VHS still of a white mustachioed person dressed as a vampire. Top text: "coming up" bottom text: "goblin time"

    Found an old notebook doodle

    Lined notepad with the date "13/09/16" (sorry about the format) and some todo notes cut off. The subject is a pile of shaded rocks, with a small bird atop one, tweeting. This is echoed by a rock with a vague mouth shape, that is shown to be emitting a cry also.

    Me when I hear someone is on lemmy

    Red poster of Karl Marx pointing at viewer with large text "are you a COMMUNIST? Then get organized"

    Cheese Binar(ule)y

    Label of plant-based, soya-free, vegan, non-dairy simulated cheese product called "SHEESE" (gouda style / style gouda!)

    pomodoro_longbreak pomodoro_longbreak

    Here on break

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