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current best HDD-model choice
  • Red 8TB+ are CMR, OP said they're using 14TB drives, they're fine

  • This shit is getting ridiculous
  • I'm a homeowner and can say this meme is extremely accurate. Up zone cities!

  • current best HDD-model choice
  • WD Red has always been my go-to, and in the last 8 years of homelabbing I haven't had a single one fail. Blues and Greens are not build for NAS operations, and you'll see them fail. Toshibas I haven't had a single one make it past a year, except for their gaming drives.

    If you want the shortcut, the WD Elements usually go on sale at Best Buy regularly, and they're always a WD Red or White, which will also work. All of my drives have been one of those. You just shuck the internal drive out of the enclosure

  • The meaning of life
  • You exist because we allow it - you will end, because we demand it

    Sovereign Nature

  • Locked
    Don’t expect Fallout 1 and 2 remakes from Bethesda any time soon - Todd wouldn’t want to “paste over” their charm
  • Yeah really the biggest selling point of a remaster wouldn't be graphics, but "it's one click to run on your machine, no patches, no fixes, no widescreen bugs".

    Mass Effect legendary was less of a remaster for me and more of a "you don't need to do 4 hours of mods before each game anymore" buy.

  • Gladiator II will have some of the biggest action sequences ever put on film, as claimed by Paramount Exec
  • It's all done by committee now, with marketers and lawyers in there cutting back anything that might remotely shy away the most tamest of movie goer.

    Can't have that plot! You might upset them! Can't go that route, that's untested, we don't know how audiences might take it.

    So we get these boring bland flat characters and storylines because there was zero risk taken in making the film. Nothing risked, nothing gained, movie industry. Then they wonder why no one cares about going to the movies anymore.

  • People are dying on West Midlands streets - if we care, we have a funny way of showing it
  • Watch out, my Brit friends. The language here in the states takes hold subtly. If you post that to other sites you'll get these (serious) reponses

    • Why were they in the street?
    • Where were the parents?
    • The driver can't help it if they run in front of it

    There is zero remorse or compassion from drivers - and it's well known the larger the car the less compassion they have for a vehicle death. They see it as unavoidable that if a child is in the road that they are in an accident. They shouldn't have been there. There's nothing that could be done. The parents should have been there to stop it. This rhetoric is coming for your country too. After all, the car companies love these arguments.

  • BioWare's Mark Darrah thinks Veilguard is the first Dragon Age where "the combat's actually fun"
  • That's the hard thing there bud, fun is an extremely subjective term

  • what Lemmy communities don't exist but you wish they did?
  • has a few for the midwestern states

  • Lemmy v0.19.5 Release - A Few Bugfixes
  • Unfortunately both 0.19.4 and 0.19.5 are hanging for me when spinning up my containers, getting some weird issue with inbox timeouts. Opened a bug here

  • "Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy [...] The software is downright frustrating to work with" - Can any other instance admins relate to this?
  • This is what excites me the most. There are huge potentials for plugins, and I think it'll ease some of the strain from the core engineers. Most of the "ideas" I see posted really could be plugins. Things like badges on posts, verification of links, etc etc could all be plugins that individuals could make. The problem with developing against the core repo is that you have to learn and understand the core repo, so you don't fuck up something else in some other place accidentally. Plugins are a neat way where we can say "I'm a function that does one thing, just do the thing here, and then do what you need to with that data"

  • "Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy [...] The software is downright frustrating to work with" - Can any other instance admins relate to this?
  • I fully understand that, and I explained it in my reply to nutomic. It's not that I wanted to just pile on, but rather at an emergency like that, an all-stop would have been justified in my opinion, to stop all work and go into emergency "What can we all do to stop this and prevent it". All other issues were secondary in that moment compared to stopping CSAM, and it didn't feel that way. They added it to the pile of issues, and I'm glad to see changes came out, but in that moment I didn't see much if any support from them

  • Start ups when that VC funding kicks in
  • Implication was that you stayed there overnight, and didn't have to worry about needing clean clothes

  • "Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy [...] The software is downright frustrating to work with" - Can any other instance admins relate to this?
  • I was not handling it fine, it was generally chaotic, and in the Matrix chats I remember it being chaotic, for both attacks. Luckily by the second one we had db0's tooling to help a bit more, but there still many of us who were exposed to the images. We lost a lot of instances during those two attacks from admins who justifiably didn't want to take on the risk.

    I completely understand how crazy it was, but the lack of response from you guys was disheartening, it really did make me wonder if I should continue hosting or if I should bail out. Ultimately, I decided to stay obviously, but had to do some hard extra steps, like reducing privacy and registering with the feds for CSAM.

    So like I said, I'm torn. I respect you guys for everything you do, but that was a moment where all other development should have stopped to immediately address a real problem, and while you think a roundtable would have just been feel good, I think we could have kept a lot of instances online if it had been done. Assurances that yes, new changes are coming, and official suggestions like "Here are the endpoints to delete the images", or nominating db0 or someone as the person in charge of the outbreak. It was honestly a scary time, and for us owners who accept a lot of risk, for many of them it was too much.

    Anyway, I have a habitual case of foot in mouth disease, so it was immediately after posting that comment that I heard about 0.19.4, and immediately felt stupid. I tried it last night but I kept getting timeout errors and something about "Could not get user's /inbox" or something, I'll try 0.19.5 today. Thank you for bringing additional mod tools, they've been hugely needed. I know they're not glamorous to make, but they keep the communities healthy and strong.

    Edit: 0.19.5 also failed. I wrote up a github bug on it, until then I unfortunately have to stay on 0.19.3

  • Paradox is closing its Tectonic studio following Life by You’s cancellation
  • Hey here's a game a lot of people are excited for, near unlimited potential for dlc, and you just have to do better than the only existing alternative.

    Oh, it's only going to be wildly profitable instead of insanely? Shut it down.

  • ‘Spaceballs’ Sequel in Development at Amazon MGM With Josh Gad Starring, Mel Brooks Producing
  • Boooooo.

    Also if it's not called "The quest for more money" than they should all be ashamed. More than they already are.

  • Removed Deleted
    How come the KKK went from being left wing to being right wing?
  • Goddamn do republicans love to forget history. They hear "They used to be left" and then think that's the end of the story.

    Republicans and Democrats switched sides during Lincoln's time. So anything that was "Left" around that time is now the right. Republicans love saying now they were the party that freed the slaves because of Lincoln, but really the democrats then have flipped.

    So, to say "Weren't they left wing" is a bad notion, because those "wings" meant completely different things back then. The fact is that the KKK and racists have always been on the wrong side of history. Right now they label themselves Republicans. In Civil War era they called themselves Democrats, who at the time were anti-big government, pro-slavery, and dominated most of the south.

  • "Moderation tools are nonexistent on here. It also eats up storage like crazy [...] The software is downright frustrating to work with" - Can any other instance admins relate to this?
  • (instance admin here, but for a small one) woof well, for me, I agree, but I wouldn't use that wording.

    Lemmy for sure isn't a plug and play site. Setting it up took leaps and bounds, learning way more about nginx than I ever really cared to, and figuring out documentation that was very clearly out of date. Very little logging or error messaging exists to help with that problem.

    Very little errors exist at all, it's very much a "happy path" project. That's why we get constant spinners everywhere, because when an HTTP error occurs there's no actual error message. (Come on guys, just add it to your standard HTTP messages, if statusCode < 200 || >= 300 then show a toast message).

    But yeah, the moderation tools have to be the worst. Lemmy has an amazing development group that's separate from the main developers who have patched together a good set of tools, from automods to CSAM and illegal scanning, huge props to them - but these issues are routinely ignored by the main devs. I was shocked, honestly shocked that when we were under CSAM attacks that there was not an immediate roundtable of the head devs to try to solve the problem officially. Here was a problem that 99% of countries would immediately and gladly throw us, the instance admins, in jail over and they just handwaved it away. In fact, I don't know that there was ever an official post about it, or even that there are things coming to help with it.

    I love Lemmy and being here, and the devs have done a great job at building this platform for us, but we're at a critical point right now. It's no longer software that is just fun side projects and building stuff that looks cool, it has some real issues now that it has a real userbase. I'm definitely one to say "But it's FOSS, and other people can pick up and submit a PR" - but it also says something when the head devs just completely ignore a massively huge issue with it.

    Bugs and caches and that sort of thing I can overlook. Those I can wait on and see them get smoothed out over time. Actual issues that could land me in jail or get the feds to beat down my door? Those I kind of expect a fast response.

    So, I'll say I'm extremely conflicted. I want to host lemmy long term, and I'm happy to bring the fediverse to a few more people, but the csam attacks really altered my view of the devs.

    Edit - because my favorite manager said "Bring me solutions, not problems" a few things that would really help immediately -

    • Integrate db0's CSAM checker natively, more or less a plug and play option, or a checkbox. His checker sits at an endpoint. The admin page of lemmy could easily have you plop in the endpoint and it would start checking
    • Have an image management portal, with capabilities to:
      • Auto remove images after X time (to help with ballooning storage costs)
      • Perma-delete images and users (maybe blurred too if the CSAM checker flagged it, so I don't need eye bleach) (Edit again, 0.19.4 might have fixed this, I need to upgrade so I'll see)
      • Federating image purges, so one purge on one server will force purge it on everyone else's
      • ~~Disabling of caching other server's images ~~ (Edit again, I see 0.19.4 just dropped which has this, so this is good). This way I'm only responsible for my own users.
      • View images that are not related to a post (DM'd messages that I'm hosting, or people just uploading images to my site)
    • Bring in a logging system into the UI itself, so I can keep tabs on the error logs. I can pipe them somewhere, but this would be a major plus as an admin
  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • Fully agree with it, but they're still extremely popular, and people will gladly keep handing over their money.

    For me, I say "Ok" to them wanting us to get used to not owning our content - followed with "Then I'll pay rental prices. Which means I'm not buying at $60+ dollars, if all I get to do is rent it then I'll pay <$15 going forward."

  • People who still wear masks (and aren't immunocompromised)...
  • Yeughh, I'm sorry, it's the absolute worst. I begudgingly understand if you need to fly when you're sick, after all - what if you get sick while on vacation? Most people can't just not go to work for an additional 2 weeks while you recover, and buy a hotel room for that long. At the very least though get a mask and just keep it contained.

    Sure I have an immune system, it doesn't mean I want to use it when I'm going on vacation!

  • Back in the factory, building up for Tier 8

    After a brief haitus I'm back in the factory! Currently working on our first big nuclear power plant again, and the resources needed for it. Today will probably be building a new quickwire factory to help that, and finishing automating turbomotors.

    Shameless self promotion, you can watch (and subscribe on the fediverse) here: Owncast Link

    "Designed to better support our users"

    Not that I use them anymore anyway, cancelling my old account, but name and shame any companies who conveniently can't support their free base. Also - it's VNC. It's a protocol. There's a dozen free clients out there.

    I made this

    cross-posted from:

    > Forgive the hastily made meme. All too common with us engineers.

    I made this

    Forgive the hastily made meme. All too common with us engineers.

    I forgot Awards existed

    I just got this email from Reddit, and I just realized it's been a year now since I swapped over here, and I haven't thought about awards once. I always thought they were gimmicky and a way for people to throw away money. It's just really nice not worrying about them.

    (I also have participated more in BuyMeACoffee and Patreon over here now, and I think my money is better spent that way)

    Also, what is with that exponential scale, so screw you if you're a big time user apparently? And the expiration? The whole thing has corpo stink on it

    Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h

    TL;DR: We've been on the Cloudflare Business plan ($250/month) for years. They suddenly contacted us and asked us to either pay them $120k up front for one year of Enterprise within 24 hours or they would take down all of our domains. While this escalated up our business we had 3 sales calls with th...

    Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h

    Always call out Cloudflare for their bullshit. For those working for companies in devops, share this with your teams...

    Why aren't people having kids anymore? Why aren't people having kids anymore?

    View Why aren't people having kids anymore? on Odysee

    Why aren't people having kids anymore?

    I don't always love his videos, but this one hits home.

    I'm childfree for many reasons, but there are so many obvious ones - no one should be wondering why millennials are choosing not to have kids.

    How do you handle family requests that you disagree with?

    Interesting problem here. So I self host jellyfin, happy to share my (owned) movies with my family. Well, my mother has asked me to digitize her collection too and have me host it. Originally, fine, you give your movies to me, I host them, same thing.

    However, what I didn't bet on was the amount of garbage, terrible movies she would give me. There's a few that are fine, but the vast majority are, well I'll just put it bluntly, christian propaganda. I don't think any of them are as terrible as some of the worst case, but think "My life was horrible until I found god now look and see how fulfilled I am" type propaganda - and they make for horrible plots. Left Behind with Kirk Cameron is a good example. Even removing the blatent boring christian plots - it's just a horribly made movie. Cheap, not thought out well, and honestly I read the book decades ago, it's a horrible adaptation too.

    Not that I keep only top tier movies in my libraries, but these are, well they just bring a pit to my stomach.

    What would you do in my situation? (And I'm going to go ahead and say the pure atheist comments aren't needed, yes of course I could burn them, or dance around them, but I'm not looking to just burn the bridge between my mother and myself over a lifetime of her indoctrination and bad taste in movies). I'm more looking for generic, how do you handle your users asking you to put content you don't find appealing on your server?

    Training Loras - Is SDXL still the best?

    Hey folks, I've been training Loras now for a while, and have some scripts I really like that I've been working with. However, I realized I haven't been keeping up lately, so, is SDXL still the best for Loras? And by that I mean before with 1.5 and standard SDXL is the most accurate quality I've received.

    My Loras seem to work fine with Lightning and Turbo models, but is there anything else I should look into? Any major things that you've changed in the last 6 months to your trainings? Is sdxl_base the best basemodel to train off of?

    How Stan Culture Keeps You Poor

    I've followed Cara Nicole for a while now, she does a great job at explaining finance in easy and non-judgemental ways.

    This episode came out yesterday, and it highlights everything about what I've disliked about Taylor's latest rollouts, and how our fandom loses such large amounts of money.

    And hey, I'm guilty of it myself, I won 4 copies of Midnights - but TPD I only have 1 coming.

    Don't worry she's not hating on Taylor, but she does bring up a lot of very good points.

    Windows users don't want copilot on their taskbar Windows users don’t want Copilot on their taskbar; they want it in the bin.

    “Get it the **** off my system” and “in the trash where it belongs” were common refrains as users voiced their displeasure at having Copilot forced upon them. Numerous reports emerged of people imm…

    Windows users don’t want Copilot on their taskbar; they want it in the bin.
    Dedicated Servers have LEVELED UP!

    Oh I'm excited for this one!


    The HTTP API?! Oh I am building so many integrations with this. First up, discord webhooks to notify me when friends are playing!