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  • So crazy that they cast a vampire on that show. It's also nice to see David Boreanaz getting work.

  • What qualities do you consider to be most important in good worldbuilding?
  • The hook.

    What is the thing that makes the built details worth caring about? Is there a single big novel concept or a bunch of interesting stories, or just anything worth sinking into?

    Pages upon pages of how a magic system works is like disconnected rambling if it isn't in service of something interesting.

    I much prefer broad stroke worldbuilding that initially starts by creating a theme or an atmosphere, touches on details in passing as they come up to be of interest, and only after establishing these broad foundations gets into the nitty gritty, and even then only if going into the ultra micro detail level is needed to be explained for some other purpose.

  • "The Acolyte" bait and switch angered some, but many more kept watching. That's why it works
  • Often these media analysis have the same energy as a kid trying to hit the word count on an essay. Just babbling for the sake of it because Salon needs a Star Wars article this week.

  • DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
  • He still is, but as he's become a kind of mythical figure in gaming history he has also become so in universe.

  • Doom: The Dark Ages is an origin story for the Doom Slayer's rage
  • It's my understanding that he is the DOOM64 Doomguy. Is that still valid?

  • andromeda tapes.
  • Amazing, an entire society run by Kevin Sorbo.

  • Anon turns on the charm
  • Ankylosaurus is the correct answer.

  • Into the Breach
  • It's fun. It's a puzzle game disguised as a strategy game, so you need to slightly adjust your thinking if you go in and have trouble.

  • Nobody messes with the Picard
  • Say what you will about the Borg collective, but at least it's an ethos.

  • When did a movie or a show misrepresent the country or city you live in?
  • Are you suggesting the show was all some sort of extended Twilight Zone bit where Fraiser had the consciousnesses of everyone else trapped inside of a world where he was essentially a god, and forced them to play out petty interactions, never letting the facade slip lest they incur his wrath?

    Is Maris a living example of what happens when Fraiser is angered to the point of punishment? Is that why we never see her? Is her visage as a being that has no mouth but must scream so horrific that it must be hidden from the viewing audience at all costs?

  • What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • The course to be certified on a police department bomb squad is six weeks long. I have always found that to be quite short for all the information and skills needed.

  • When did a movie or a show misrepresent the country or city you live in?
  • Any movie that depicts the pyramids of Giza as being in the middle of pristine deep desert is kind of funny. I mean, when you look up pictures online they are always angled to give the impression. It adds mystique to think the pyramids are at least a little difficult to reach. The reality is that the city goes basically right up to them. You can take a taxi from the city and get within American walking distance.

    The pyramids are of course flooded with tourists, so any daring adventurer would in reality have to push their way past a family of six from Iowa to get to the hidden chamber of the pyramid.

  • Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • Popsci article.

    TLDR solar panels have a lot of inefficiencies, which makes them more of a detriment to mounting on standard commuter cars when you take into account the effects of the added weight.

  • Trench Crusade's Principality of New Antioch - Lore and History (video by scannerbarkly. The channel has a lot of Trench Crusade lore videos)
  • It is his work, which I believe he was doing for quite a while without coherent lore to connect the thematically linked pictures. I think only since the game started actually being worked on he has been making art specifically for the lore.

  • Demonstration of a German stick-grenade, 1946
  • It does indeed rupture, but with the light weight it doesn't have much force behind it. You get possibly one or two pieces of metal detaching, rather than a fanned out fragmentation spread, with a large surface area but lightweight piece rather than small dense pieces that will go further and faster. Hence words like "minimal" rather than "none".

  • Space Wolves

    This squad was kind of a rush job, so it's got plenty of flaws that bug me, but I'm happy to have it chopped through so I can get on with my other projects.

    (Article by Mutant Reviewers) Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) — A final crack of the whip Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) — A final crack of the whip

    “Give ’em hell, Indiana Jones!” Justin’s rating: I have not been through many bug caves in my life, and I am not looking forward to finding one Justin’s review: Believ…

    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) — A final crack of the whip
    Book Review: The Fold by Peter Clines Book Review: The Fold by Peter Clines

    The Fold is a sci-fi novel by Peter Clines. It was published by Crown Publishers in 2015. It is the second book in Clines’ Threshold series, following on from 14. This review is intended to b…

    Book Review: The Fold by Peter Clines
    Fort Moore Loses 31 SIGs, Offers $5,000 Reward Fort Moore Loses 31 SIGs, Offers $5,000 Reward -

    Fort Moore in Georgia has lost 31 SIG-Sauer M17 pistols and is offering a $5,000 reward for info that helps them apprehend the thieves.

    Fort Moore Loses 31 SIGs, Offers $5,000 Reward -
    TFB Review: PX4 Storm Compact Carry II TFB Review: Beretta/LLT PX4 Storm Compact Carry II -

    I had the chance to shoot the PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2 at Beretta’s Range Day in Vegas, and asked to send me the Langdon-customized versions for review.

    TFB Review: Beretta/LLT PX4 Storm Compact Carry II -
    Battle of Drax Hall Plantation (all three parts linked in body of post) - Battle report by Corvus Cluster blog Battle of Drax Hall Plantation – Part 1

    “Victory comes not from the handgun, the bayonet, nor the tank. It is won by the courage of the ordinary guardsman. If they are determined to win, then victory will be ours.”—Major Stev…

    Battle of Drax Hall Plantation – Part 1
    Black Templar Fanatics / Cawdor Gangers - by McMattilaminis blog Black Templar Fanatics / Cawdor Gangers

    These guys have been a long time coming, but I’ve finally finished some of my Cawdor models! I spent pretty much all of April on sick leave after a minor surgery. During that time, I made it …

    Black Templar Fanatics / Cawdor Gangers
    Hillbilly car

    (This wasn't in my other thread because it was a commission I don't have in hand anymore. Oops.)

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