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OnePlus 12 WiFi Mystery! Why is my phone connecting to an #OPTIMUM Network? OnePlus 12 WiFi Mystery! Why is my phone connecting to an #OPTIMUM Network?

TEAM SGG PATREON ONEPLUS 12 CONTROVERSY! It's a little concerning. My phone keeps trying to connect to a mystery networ...

OnePlus 12 WiFi Mystery! Why is my phone connecting to an #OPTIMUM Network?

ONEPLUS 12 CONTROVERSY! It's a little concerning. My phone keeps trying to connect to a mystery network, listed as an ISP WiFi that (to my knowledge) doesn't do business here in California. Has anyone else seen something like this? What's going on?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 CPU and GPU clocks revealed by new rumour
  • Balancing performance against power draw is tough. You'll find diminishing returns on adding more cores when a bigger core might complete a task faster and use less power overall. Tensor 3 is also a nona-core, but in general, i think we'll probably see companies stick with symmetrical big/little core counts.

  • Xiaomi 14: My Camera Lens Fogs Up Too! Xiaomi 14: My Camera Lens Fogs Up Too!

    TEAM SGG PATREON A quick check in on the Xiaomi 14, and while this is an awesome camera system, it turns out I TOO have...

    Xiaomi 14: My Camera Lens Fogs Up Too!

    Yup. It happens to mine too. I'm just mad I didn't think of testing it like this first.

    TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro: A Small Refresh to a Nice Wear OS Watch

    The newest Wear OS watch from Mobvoi is not a radical hardware change. Where Xiaomi, Oppo, and Google are only just catching the tech in the Pro 5, the Enduro is a move towards slightly better efficiency and fancier build materials. It's still a TicWatch though, and while some of the software situation has improved, we still need to chat about updates...

    Older patient gamers: what is your preferred gaming platform?
  • I used to game a lot on a desktop, but now that I work at home, I kinda hate sitting in front of a PC. I wasnt playing a lot, but then got a steam deck at launch, and now I'm gaming a ton again.

    I like the switch, but I really like how backwards compatible PC gaming is.

  • Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus: A New Premium Look for a Budget Phone
  • I REALLY wish these companies would drop the extra sensors. It's just for the look, to make it LOOK more expensive. It's better than when cheap brands would put fake lenses on the back of a phone, but not by much.

  • Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus: A New Premium Look for a Budget Phone

    A new look for Infinix, but this design looks kinda familiar...

    Why I refuse to upgrade - 8 minutes video explaining why it's not that interesting to upgrade phones nowadays
  • I try to tell people to "upgrade in place" and save money, unless they WANT to try new things on their phones. If you WANT to try playing more graphics intense games or edit video/podcasts from a phone (and you werent don't that already on your current phone) it makes sense to shop a more powerful replacement. Otherwise, let's say you have a three to four years old premium phone, and you want to keep doing the same things with it, then replacing it with a mid-ranger should still be a slight performance upgrade, move you down a price tier.

  • First Android considering an S22. I have some questions.
  • If you can skip premium phones from this year, you'll get noticably better battery life. The Samsung fabbed Snapdragon 8Gen1 is kind of a dog. 8+Gen1 and 8Gen2 were fabbed by TSMC, and deliver a significantly better performance per watt.

  • Galaxy S24 sales surpass 1 million mark in South Korea, beating Galaxy S8
  • We keep seeing these "record breaking" articles about Samsung selling more phones than some previous high watermark, but increasingly, Samsung can't seem to sustain interest in their products past the first surge of pre-orders.

    The S8 and S8+ went on to sell 41 million units according to analysts. That doesn't include a Note.

    I'll lay the prediction out that Samsung will sell fewer Galaxy S phones with three models this year than they did with two models back in 2017.

  • Looking for a REALLY simple video editor for win10, nothing fancy please! [E: already solved. Amazing, thanks!]
  • Always worth mentioning the free version of davinci resolve. It's feature complete for your described needs, doesn't hassle with things like watermarks, and the tools are great if you ever need to step up to something a little more robust.

  • Remember when Google made their assistant worse and we all predicted they were planning on bringing the same features back but using AI bullshit?
  • We saw a glimpse of some great mobile awareness in Cortana. Contacts and location reminders were amazing on windows phones.

    "Next time I talk to my wife, remind me to ask bout the dogs medication." Phone call, text, or email, I'd get a reminder.

    "Next time I'm at the store, remind me to buy bread." "Which store?" "Any grocery store."

    Phone assistants have basically been going down hill since windows 10.

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: How PetaPixel (and Other Photographers) Keep Getting Android Cameras Wrong...

    I feel a lot of the photography enthusiasts out there are starting to miss some really exciting mobile cameras. Also, we only ever seem to have these kinds of "worth it" concerns after an Android launch... Never after an iPhone launch...

    Does the OnePlus 12 have a Stacked Camera Sensor? Is the Open Camera Better? CONTROVERSY!
  • I think it's going to be HIGHLY cost dependent. It makes sense that a foldable, with space constraints, and a MUCH higher price tag can incorporate some more expensive bits. You use THAT sensor when the price makes sense, and it helps the Open catch up to the 12. If you don't have that price buffer, then a larger camera bulge and a faster aperture can match that newer sensor tech. Moving this tech to other sensors will likely be staged as premium tier manufacturers start asking for those capabilities, and the prices on the devices can buffer the increased component costs. It makes more sense for the sensor on a telephoto camera, maybe less so for the sensor on an ultra-wide.

  • Does the OnePlus 12 have a Stacked Camera Sensor? Is the Open Camera Better? CONTROVERSY!

    What's going on with the OnePlus 12 camera? I've gotten a number of questions from folks concerned about the new camera sensor in the OnePlus 12, and how it might be different from the OnePlus Open. Is OnePlus trying to pull a fast one? Should folks expect poorer camera performance on the less expensive phone? Why did Sony give these sensors different names?

    Vivo X100 Pro vs X90 Pro: A Worthy One-Year Upgrade?

    It's the highest praise I can deliver, that a new phone is so good, it's worth flipping a year-old phone to get it. The Vivo X100 Pro is a monster, but can it entice you away from an X90 Pro?

    Can a Five Year Old Phone Compete Today? How Far has Android Come Since the LG V50?

    Well sure, a 5 year old phone will lose most of these performance comparisons against modern phones, but will it lose badly enough for consumers to care?

    Interview: Dimensity 9300 - Is Generative AI the Future of Smartphones?

    I sat down with two MediaTek executives to chat about their new chip, their relationships with OEMs (chasing benchmark scores), and an aggressive shift towards mobile AI.

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