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Denmark recalls South Korean Samyang noodles for being too spicy - CNA
  • The level in a single packet of the noodles was "so high that they pose a risk of the consumer developing acute poisoning", the Danish body said.

    What should I do with my bottle of Pepper X hot sauce?

  • Which 4K HDR movies do you recommend?
  • Recently got Batman Returns and Ghost in the Shell in 4K HDR and they are really well done. Best in my collection despite being movies released in the early 90s. will give you ratings on the audio/visual quality.

  • my Searches in duckduckgo seem affected by my IP address
  • Just checked your vacation search and I'm getting a best of lists from different websites. So far it looks like the usual places people would want to visit and nothing specific to where I'm located.

  • Has anyone here used the international version of a Galaxy S22 or 23 in the US? If so, were there any problems or missing functionality?

    Using international here as a stand-in for non US or Canada models. Specifically looking for use cases of the Europe / Africa / Middle East / Oceania model.

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